Renter understands that they are fully responsible for anything that

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! Please call for current rates and availability.
Nieman's reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to rental client. Should Nieman's
not be able to provide confirmed motorcycle, a similar model will be provided to the client.
Helmets are included with all motorcycle rentals for operator and passenger. Clients are responsible
for the type of helmet they wear, whether it be DOT approved or not.
Leather coats and gloves are also available at no extra charge.
All motorcycles are passenger friendly. Operator is fully responsible for ANY liability to the
passenger. Passenger rides at own risk.
A $2,500.00 deposit is required. Cash deposits are not accepted. We accept Visa, MasterCard
and Discover. The entire amount will be forfeited if there is ANY damage to the motorcycle,
even if it is not your fault. Renter is fully responsible.
Renter understands that they are fully responsible for anything that happens when they rent
motorcycles from Nieman's Motorcycle Rentals, llc., and that they are not covered by any
medical insurance other than what they have.
If motorcycle is impounded for ANY reason, renter is responsible for all fees incurred, in addition
to the $2,500.00 deposit. Customer is responsible for all expenses that are incurred as a result of
operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Nieman's is not responsible for any illegal use of the motorcycle.
Nieman's is not responsible for any fraudulent information given at any time.
No refunds for early returns. You will be charged $60.00 per hour, or portion thereof, for LATE returns
starting 15 minutes after scheduled time of return. There are no cancellations. Gift certificates will
be offered in case of cancellation.
A full tank of gas is included in rental fee. A charge of $25.00 will be added if vehicle needs
refueling upon return.
The customer is responsible for checking engine oil levels after each refueling, and reporting
mechanical failures immediately. Renters may be held responsible for any mechanical damage due
to neglegence in motorcycle operation, or failure to provide normal maintenance.
Emergency roadside assistance is not provided for towing, jumpstarting, fuel delivery, etc.
Flat tire coverage is not included.
Nieman's rental motorcycles are not allowed on any gravel roads, beaches, "logging" or other
non-public roads.
All rallys subject to a $45.00 per day surcharge.
All credit card reversals are subject to administration fees.