Water Communication Module The 100W ERT® communication

Water Communication Module
The 100W ERT® communication module is the latest addition to Itron’s portfolio of
advanced metering devices for water utilities. Featuring a compact design, industryleading battery life and technology designed to adapt and grow with your business, the
100W module can help you streamline your operations and maximize your resources
today and into the future.
100W ERT modules are available in
two housing designs, supporting both
water pit and remote installations. The
different 100W ERT modules are identified
as follows:
»» 100W is to be utilized with encoder
registers in a pit environment
»» 100WP for pulser registers in a
pit environment
• All new 100W ERT modules for pit
applications will come standard with
a red integral connector port to utilize
the optional 100W Through-The-Lid
(TTL) antenna
»» 100W-R for encoder registers in
remote applications
»» 100WP-R for with pulser registers in
remote applications
These modules offer advanced two-way
meter data collection designed specifically
for Itron collection systems using handheld,
mobile, fixed network and combination
hybrid solutions. 100W ERT modules
differentiate themselves from other devices
on the market by providing true two-way
communications capabilities. Engineered
from the ground up to leverage the benefits
of ChoiceConnect™ collection systems,
100W ERT modules enable easy migration
from mobile to fixed network operations
as your business needs evolve. With
Itron’s complementary communications
technology, fixed and mobile network
systems can be deployed side-by-side in
hybrid configurations to ensure maximum
efficiency and reliability in both high and
low-density meter populations.
Superior Performance
Leak Management
The 100W ERT module utilizes 120 radio
channels in Fixed Network and 50 radio
channels in mobile and handheld modes,
randomly selecting one channel for
each data message. This multi-channel
approach delivers higher read integrity
over competing products by reducing the
effect of interfering signals from other radio
frequency (RF) signals in the area. The
100W ERT module will transmit the Fixed
Network consumption messages at peak
radiated power greater than 1 Watt.
Water loss management is critical to any
water utility’s success. 100 Series modules
can be paired with Itron’s advanced
acoustic Leak Sensor. The Leak Sensor
collects and analyzes changes in pipe
acoustics that indicate probable leaks in
the distribution system environment to
detect both new and pre-existing leaks
automatically. Leak Sensor technology,
coupled with the module’s internal
customer-side leak detection algorithm
and the option to use data from groups
of 100W ERT modules (District Metering)
provide the utility with a highly accurate
picture of the overall health of the water
distribution system.
Water Meter Compatibility
The 100W ERT module is compatible
with industry-leading water meters from
Itron—as well as those from all major
manufacturers such as Badger, Elster
AMCO, Hersey, Master Meter, Neptune
and Sensus—enabling water utilities to
consolidate all their water meters under
a single reading system. Powered
by proven, advanced lithium battery
technology; the module is designed for 20
years of battery life in both fixed network
and mobile modes.
Data Logging
The 100W ERT module stores 40 days of
hourly consumption information, which can
be collected by the fixed network system to
leverage real time data collection or can be
read by mobile or handheld systems. This
data is presented in four basic use cases:
»» Any hourly reading within the last 40 days
»» A set of 24 consecutive hourly readings
»» A set of 40 daily readings
»» A set of 40 days of hourly interval data
are available even in mobile mode
100W ERT modules feature a circuit
assembly and battery pack that are
fully encapsulated within a speciallyformulated potting material to completely
protect internal components from
water, contaminants, corrosion, rough
handling and temperature cycling. With
their straight forward, rugged design,
100W ERT modules use substantially
fewer components than most competing
products, resulting in greater reliability.
The advanced, integrated antenna
operates effectively in a wide range of
meter box installations. The 100W ERT
module offers peace of mind with a 20
year limited warranty.
Leak Data
The 100 Series collects and stores the
data from the Leak Sensor. The Leak
Sensor samples the pipe conditions every
22.5 minutes or 64 times daily. The 100
Series stores the 8 quietest analyses
daily and will hold 20 days worth of data.
This data is picked up during normal
meter reading operations and seamlessly
transfers the data to our hosted web based
solution (mlogonline).
Lower Cost of Ownership
100W ERT module devices feature
industry-leading battery life , ensuring your
meter data collection investment achieves
substantially better financial returns than
competing products with batteries that
typically last only ten or twelve years. When
one considers the advancements in leak,
reverse flow (absolute encoder version
only) and tamper detection, 100W modules
necessitate fewer field investigations
and substantially lower expenditures
for installation, meter reading, customer
service and field service. And with a low
battery alarm, these modules help utilities
better plan and manage the replacement of
units in the field.
100W ERT Module Specifications
»» Power Source: Two “A” cell lithium
batteries warranted for 20 years
»» Maximum meter register pulse frequency
(pulse version only): 4 Hertz
»» Operating temperature:
• -40°C to +70°C for remote applications
• -20°C to +60°C for pit applications
»» Storage temperature: -40°C to + 75°C for
maximum of 1,000 hours
»» Humidity limits: 0 to 100% (submersible)
»» Maximum register cable dimension:
300 feet with Itron-approved cable
and splice connectors
»» Meter compatibility: See Water
Module Meter Compatibility Guide
Transmission Parameters
»» Data message:
Multiple RF channel transmissions of
meter register value, cut cable and
or communication error tamper(s),
reverse flow (encoder version only) and
system leak status messages, as well
as low battery indicator is transmitted
every nine seconds in mobile mode.
All this information and last 7 time
synchronized consumption intervals is
transmitted every five minutes along
with a contingency SCM (Standard
Consumption Message) every 60
seconds in fixed network mode
»» Transmitter frequencies:
• 908 - 924 MHz (Standard Power) in
mobile mode
• 903 – 926.8 MHz (High Power) in fixed
network mode
»» Operates in bubble-up mode and does
not require a license from the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) or
Industry Canada (IC)
• FCC Part 15.247
• Industry Canada RSS-210
Approved Reading Devices for
Collecting Datalogging Reads
»» Network system: Itron Fixed Network 100
Collectors and Repeaters (CCU 100 and
Repeater 100) which offer full two-way
communication capability.
»» Drive-by system:
• MC3 with MV-RS v8.0 or higher and
FCS with v2.2 or higher
• MC Lite with MV-RS v8.1 or higher and
FCS with v2.3 or higher
»» Walk-by system:
• FC300 with SRead handheld
computers with MV-RS v8.1 or higher
and FCS with v2.3 or higher
• FC200SR (part number FC2-0005004 or FC2-0006-004 will support
datalogging) handheld computer with
MV-RS v8.1 or higher and FCS with
v2.3 or higher
Approved Reading Applications
»» Multi Vendor Reading System (MV-RS)
v8.1 or higher or FCS v2.2 or higher
software can read the 100W ERT module
Standard Consumption Message (SCM)
and Datalogging with the following
reading devices: MC3 v3.3 or higher
»» Multi Vendor Reading System (MV-RS)
v8.2 or higher can read the 100W ERT
module Standard Consumption Message
(SCM) and Datalogging with the following
reading devices: MC3 v3.3 or higher,
FC300SR, FC200SR, and MCLite
Approved Programming Devices
»» FC200SR with Field Deployment
Manager (FDM) version 1.1 or
higher software
Programmable Mode Options
»» Mobile/Handheld Mode
• This is the standard mode in which all
100W ERT modules will be shipped.
This mode should be utilized when
mobile or handheld meter reading will
be the primary method of collecting
the Standard Consumption Message
(SCM) or datalogging reads.
• The SCM will bubble-up in this
mode every 9 sec. at standard
power optimized for mobile read
rate performance.
• The battery life for this mode is
20 years
»» Fixed Network (FN) Mode
• This mode is to be utilized when fixed
network will be the method of meter
data collection
• A high power Network Interval
Message (NIM) will be transmitted
every 5 minutes with a contingency
SCM message transmitted every
minute at standard power
• FN mode can be programmed at
the factory, during installation with
an approved handheld device or
through mobile application after initial
installation and programming
• The battery life for this mode is
20 years
»» Hard-to-Read Mobile/Handheld Mode
• This mode should only be used when
communication modules are installed
in difficult to read locations where
standard mobile mode is not sufficient
for satisfactory reading performance
»» FC300SR with Field Deployment
Manager (FDM) version 1.1 or
higher software
• This mode will bubble-up an SCM
at 30 seconds with high power output
to optimize performance of these
unique applications
»» 900 MHz Belt Clip Radio Field
Deployment Manager (FDM) version 1.1
or higher software
• The battery life of this mode is greater
than 10 years
The 100W encoder version does not
require any programming—it automatically
detects the register type within one hour of
being connected. 100W ERT modules do
not require a FCC license.
»» High Power Mobile Mode
• This mode should be used when
communication modules are installed
in difficult to read environments
where there is a high concentration
of unfriendly RF and where standard
mobile mode is not sufficient for
satisfactory reading performance
• This mode will bubble-up and SCM
at 60 seconds with a higher power
output to optimize performance of
these unique applications
• Battery life for this mode is 20 years
100W & 100WP Pit Dimensions
»» Height: 4.5 inches
»» Maximum diameter:
• Lower: 3.90 inches
• Upper: Approx. 1.70 inches
»» Weight: Approx. 9.6 oz.
»» Module cable length without integral
connector: 5 feet and 20 inches (for
register direct mounting)
»» In-line connector register cables: 5 feet
and 25 feet (ordered separately)
»» Pit models can be installed up to 300 ft.
from meter
100WR & 100WP-R Remote Dimensions
»» Height: 4.5 inches
»» Width: 5.05 inches
»» Shelf-mount for pit lid manufactures that
contain recessed cavity on the underside
of the pit lid
»» Through-the-lid mounting with a
pre-drilled 1.75 inch hole and up to
2.5-inch maximum lid thickness
»» Direct-mount to any flat surface with
screw kit
»» Depth: 1.47 inches
The 100W-R and 100WP-R models are
designed for remote mounting applications
»» Module cable length 10 inches
»» Wall-mount for installation to the side of
residence or building using screw kit
»» Weight: Approx. 9.6 oz.
»» Remote models can be installed up to
300 ft. from meter
Mounting Options
The 100W and 100WP models have a
compact housing and features specifically
designed for water pit mounting options
»» Direct-mount for Badger, Elster and
Hersey meters
»» Rod-mount on a ½ inch diameter
fiberglass or other non-metallic rods
At Itron, we’re dedicated to delivering end-to-end smart grid and smart
distribution solutions to electric, gas and water utilities around the globe. Our
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and utility software systems, with over 8,000 utilities worldwide relying on our
technology to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water.
To realize your smarter energy and water future, start here: www.itron.com
»» Pipe-mount for installation on pipe sizes
from ¾ inch up to 4 inch
»» Direct-mount for Badger and
Elster meters
Regulatory and Standards
»» FCC Part 15.247
»» Industry Canada RSS-210
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