These warranty terms and conditions are applicable to New Zealand.
TT Plastics (manufacturer) warrants that this water tank will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and
materials and perform the function for which it is designed, namely holding drinking water at ambient temperatures (i.e.
23 degrees Celsius), for the applicable warranty period. This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser
of the product when purchased and originally installed within the boundaries of New Zealand and terminates upon the
transfer of ownership by the original purchaser prior to the expiration of the warranty period.
Should any fault occur within the warranty period as the result of a manufacturing defect, subject to the terms and
conditions of this warranty, the manufacturer will, in its discretion:
a. Reimburse the purchaser on a pro-rata basis (calculated with reference to the time since purchase of
the tank) up to the value of the tank (tank price only excluding freight) at the time of purchase; or
b. Replace the tank with the same or a similar tank (as determined by the manufacturer). The purchaser
must pay freight costs for replacement tank; or
c. Replace the tank with a new tank. In such case, the purchaser must pay the difference between the
current price of the replacement tank less the amount determined under paragraph (a). The purchaser
must pay the freight costs for the replacement tank; or
d. Repair the tank. There will be no charge for parts, labour or the freight costs to repair the tank.
If applicable, the purchaser will be liable for the costs of removal of any permanent deck or other fixture supporting or
surrounding the product. Under no circumstances shall the Manufacturer or any of its representatives be held liable
e. Injury to any person or damage to any property; or
f. The costs of replacement of water stored in the product; or
g. The costs of installation or reinstallation of products.
however arising in respect of the products or their use.
You may have other rights. This warranty is independent of, and does not exclude or limit, any non-excludable
statutory warranties by legislation.
This manufacturer warranty is valid for 20 years in the case of cylindrical tanks. The warranty period commences on
the date of purchase. Repairs and replacements made under this warranty do not alter this warranty period.
This warranty applies to the Manufacturer products which:
a. Have been purchased from a Manufacturer agent, or an authorised dealer in New Zealand.
b. Have been properly installed by a Manufacturer service agent or qualified tradesperson in New
Zealand; and
c. Have not been purchased for re-sale.
The Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect and test the product for the purpose of determining the extent of any
defect and the validity of any claim made under this warranty. All defective parts replaced by the Manufacturer under
this warranty will be deemed to be the property of the Manufacturer.
The Manufacturer warranty will not apply if the water tank:
a. Has been used to store goods other than drinkable water at ambient temperatures without obtaining
written approval of the Manufacturer;
b. Has been damaged through misuse, neglect, accident or ordinary wear and tear;
c. Has been used commercially;
d. Has not been used or installed in accordance with the Manufacturers installation instructions;
e. Has been damaged through freight, transportation or handling in transit;
f. Has been damaged through exposure to chemicals, excessive heat, atmospheric conditions or other
forces outside the Manufacturers control;
g. Has been repaired, modified whatsoever or tampered with by the purchaser or any person other than
an authorised service agent;
h. Contains or otherwise uses parts or accessories which have not been supplied by or specifically
approved by the Manufacturer; or
i. Damage caused by an act of God, including floods, bushfires, earthquakes, landslides, ozone
depletion, other natural disasters, or vermin (or the effects thereof).
This warranty terminates upon the transfer of ownership of the product prior to the expiration of the warranty period.
For the avoidance of doubt, only the original purchaser is entitled to the benefits of this warranty.
To obtain service contact the Manufacturer direct.
To obtain your remedy under this warranty:
a. You must contact the Manufacturer within 10 days of discovering the defect:
i. By telephone on 07 868 6191 or facsimile on 07 868 3094; or
ii. In writing at PO Box 479, Thames 3540, New Zealand; or
iii. Email
b. Provide a copy of your dated purchase receipt, your address and telephone number, and any other
information the Manufacturer requests as part of the claims authorization process.
The purchaser will assume all risk of loss and/or damage to the product until it arrives at the address the purchaser
specifies. The Manufacturer may require payment of freight costs before providing a replacement tank to you.