F90-series Colorwheel Change

F90-series Colorwheel Change
Replacement Procedure
The F90-series has two (2) colorwheel variants: COLOR (shipped with the projector) and BRIGHTNESS (installed).
COLOR delivers great depth of color and a broad gamut. BRIGHTNESS provides an extra boost to white segments and very good primary and
secondary colors. Choice of colorwheel depends on the application and the user’s perception of the image.
The F90 design enables users quickly and easily to change the colorwheel on site. You do not need any special tool for this operation. The
projector detects which colorwheel installed, and will automatically compensate the colorwheel index in the software to a standard value.
For optimal rendering, perform an index adjustment after every colorwheel change. See procedure at the end of this guide.
If necessary to order a colorwheel, the article numbers are:
1: Place the projector on it’s right side on a
flat surface. Release the seven captive
screws securing the projector bottom cover,
indicated by the arrows. Carefully remove
the cover.
2: When the bottom cover is removed, the
color wheel module is visible. Release the
tree captive screws (indicated by the red
circles), and carefully remove the
colorwheel cover.
The CW assembly contains no serviceable parts, and further de-assembly should
not be attempted.
The bottom of the projector shipping box may be used for docking the projector
during the colorwheel replacement process.
Remove the middle longitude spacer in the container bottom in order to release
this cutout.
A video illustration of the complete colorwheel change process is available on
“MyBarco” support web. (F90)
CAUTION: Projector weight is 44,5kg. Two person lift is always required.
CAUTION: This procedure shall be carried out on a flat, clear surface. Always
secure the projector properly before starting the replacement procedure.
Failure to do this may result in damage to personnel and equipment.
Printed on FSC certified paper (www.fsc.org)
3: Release the three captive screws
(indicated by the red circles) which hold
the color wheel module. Carefully lift out
the module, and simultaneously disconnect the connector, indicated by the
purple color.
4: Replace with the new color wheel, and
reassemble the projector in reverse order.
5: If necessary, adjust the colorwheel
index as described on the next page.
F90-series Colorwheel Change
Colorwheel index adjustment procedure
Perform the calibration of the colorwheel via the implemented service menu in the projector.
Enter the menu by this path: Home/System Settings/Service/Color wheel.
Enter the Service Menu code when prompted. Use the code 292920.
To avoid visual disturbances, disable the OSD during the process, and use only the LCD panel on the projector.
Home / System Settings / Service / Color Wheel
Clean Up Wheel
NOTE: Ensure NOT, by mistake, to enable and adjust
the Phosphor Wheel sliders.
Index adjustment menu. Use the Clean Up Wheel slider during the
calibrating process.
Illustration of the picture disturbance
In order to calibrate the projector you will need a pure red test image (255,0,0,) from an external source that can be displayed at high resoluton
at full screen.
1: In the menu enable the Clean up Wheel slider, and use the arrow keys on the projector keypad to move the slider to the left step by step,
until a slight disturbance occurs on the screen. Horizontal orange /yellow lines on the screen identify this disturbance.
2: To find the exact point where the distortion starts to be visible, move the slider back and forth around the observed distortion start point.
Find the exact point where the disturbance is visible, and note the value that appears to the right of the Clean up Wheel slider.
3: Move the slider to the right, until the distortion in the picture occurs again, typically approximately 15 steps. This is the same type of distortion as described above, but the orange/yellow lines appear to be wider. Repeat the same process for this point, and note also this value.
4: Find the average value by adding the two values, and divide by two (A+B)/2. Move the slider until the value on the right side of the slider
indicates the calculated value.
Exit the menu.
The calibration of the colorwheel index is now completed.
Printed on FSC certified paper (www.fsc.org)
Article No.
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