5.7 kW 3-Phase Switched PDU, 208V Outlets (21
C13 & 3 C19), L15-20P, 10ft Cord, 0U Vertical
Switched 5.7kW 3 Phase 208V
PDU; 70 in. / 178cm 0U vertical
Reports voltage, frequency &
load per-outlet or phase via
ethernet interface
Visual current meter; Toolless
button-mount installation
NEMA L15-20P 20A (3P+E) 208V
3 phase input; 10 ft. / 3m line
21 C13 & 3 C19 single phase
switched outlets with cord
retention brackets
Temperature, humidity and
contact closure monitoring options
Tripp Lite 3 phase Switched PDU / Power Distribution Unit offers advanced network control and monitoring with
the ability to turn on, turn off, recycle or lock-out power to each individual receptacle, monitor site electrical
conditions and remotely monitor output power consumption per-phase or per-receptacle. PowerAlert interface
supports remote control and custom notification of user-specified conditions via email, secure web, SNMP,
Telnet or SSH interface. Individually switched outlets can be controlled in real-time to remotely reboot
Ideal for 3 phase network
configurations in datacenters and
heavily configured equipment
Package Includes
unresponsive network hardware, or be custom programmed for user-defined power-up and power-down
Switched rackmount PDU with
sequences to ensure proper startup of interdependent IT systems and prevent inrush-related overloads as
pre-installed mounting buttons
network equipment is first energized. Unused PDU outlets can be electronically locked off to prevent the
Cord retention brackets
connection of unauthorized hardware. PDU output current consumption in amps per-phase or per-receptacle can
Spare installation buttons (2
be displayed locally via visual meter or remotely via web/network interface to warn of potential overloads before
9mm / 4 6mm)
critical IT mains or branch breakers trip.
Rack mounting brackets
Owner's manual
5.7kW 3 phase 208V Switched Power Distribution Unit / PDU with built-in web/network interface
Attached NEMA L15-20P 20A(3P+E) 208V 3 phase input; 10 ft. / 3m cord
0U, 70 inch / 178cm vertical form factor
24 switched 208V outlets(21 C13, 3 C19) in 3 single phase load banks
Supports power-on, power-off or reboot of each outlet on a real-time or programmable basis
Enables reboot of locked equipment, custom power-on/power-off sequences, load-shedding of optional loads and disabling unused outlets
Network interface provides PDU control and data regarding input voltage, per-outlet and per-phase load levels
Digital display with scroll-buttons supports per-outlet or per-phase load levels, IP-address self-identification and 180 degree display rotation
Supports user-specified alarm notification thresholds
In-rack environmental reporting with optional ENVIROSENSE temperature / humidity sensor and rack access notification with up to 4 optional
SRSWITCH door sensors
DHCP/Manual configuration support
10/100 Mbps auto-sensing
10/100 Mbps auto-sensing
Real-time clock backup maintains the time of day and date even if the PDU is unpowered
Tiered access privileges allow an administrator and a guest to login via web browser
Alert notifications via email or SNMP traps offer immediate event notification
Firmware upgrade ability supports future product enhancements
Supports HTTP, HTTPS, PowerAlert Network Management System, SMTP, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, Telnet, SSH, FTP, DHCP, BOOTP, NTP
Fully compatible with FREE PowerAlert Network Management System / NMS Software
Included cord retention brackets
Toolless mounting supported in button-mount compatible racks, plus nut-and-bolt mounting brackets for other mounting applications(set of 2 9mm buttons
pre-installed, 2 9mm and 4 6mm spare buttons included)
Nut-and-bolt mounting support for other racks
TAA Compliant Version Available - Order Tripp Lite PDU3VSR10L12TAA
PDU Type
Output Capacity Details
5.7kVA total; 9.2A per bank (balanced)
Frequency Compatibility
60 Hz
Output Receptacles
(21) C13; (3) C19
Output Nominal Voltage
208V single phase
Outlet Type
IEC-C13, IEC-C19
Customized Load Management
Each outlet is individually controllable via remote interface
Individual Outlet Switching
PDU Input Voltage
Maximum Input Amps
PDU Plug Type
NEMA L15-20P
Input Cord Length (ft.)
Input Cord Length (m)
Input Phase
Front Panel LCD Display
Digital display reports output load level in amps separately for each output phase and each individual output
receptacle; Can also be used to scroll the configured IP address
Reported Load Segments
Supports local monitoring of current for each output phase (9.2A max per L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1, balanced) and for
each output receptacle; BANK "L1" is powered by L1-L2 (outlets 1-8); BANK "L2" is powered by L2-L3 (outlets
9-16); BANK "L3" is powered by L3-L1 (outlets 17-24)
Front Panel LEDs
Set of 3 LEDs (L1, L2, L3) indicate the output load segment the digital current display is reporting; LEDs for L1, L2,
L3 will also flash to indicate that the display is reporting current level for one of the outlets in that load bank; One
additional LED per output receptacle indicates power ON/OFF status for that outlet
SELECT switch advances the digital display and LED to report power consumption for load segments L1, L2, L3 and
for each individual output receptacle (short press); SELECT switch also rotates the local display 90 degrees for
overhead power input (long press); SCROLL IP button scrolls the configured IP address (long press)
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)
75.4 x 6.6 x 9.3
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm)
191.5 x 16.8 x 23.6
Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Shipping Weight (kg)
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)
70 x 2.19 x 3.26
Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm)
177.8 x 5.6 x 8.3
Unit Weight (lbs.)
Unit Weight (kg)
Material of Construction
Form Factors Supported
Vertical rackmount installation supported with included mounting brackets; supports tooless mounting in
button-mount compatible racks
PDU Form Factor
Vertical (0U)
Storage Temperature Range
5 to 122F (-15 to 50C)
Relative Humidity
5 to 95% non-condensing
Operating Elevation (ft.)
Operating Elevation (m)
SNMP Compatibility
Yes, pre-installed SNMPWEBCARD provides remote monitoring via web, telnet, SSH and SNMP management
TAA Compliant Option
TAA Compliant Version Available - Order Tripp Lite PDU3VSR10L12TAA
Tested to UL 60950-1 (USA, Canada), Class A (Emissions), NOM (Mexico), RoHS compliant
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)
2-year limited warranty
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