50120WOA Wilflex Oasis™ Retarder Gel Highlights Printing Tips

Product Information Bulletin
50120WOA Wilflex Oasis™ Retarder Gel
Recommended Parameters
Fabric Types
Wilflex™ Oasis Retarder Gel is an additive designed to extend the screen life of Oasis inks.
Refer to Oasis base PIB.
the screen life of Oasis inks helping to prevent ink drying in the screen.
Printing Tips
for use with Oasis inks at a rate of 1%, up to 3% max by weight. Additions above 3% may
reduce wash fastness of the print.
Counts: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Tension: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Durometer: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Edge: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Stroke: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Angle: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
*Do not use excess squeegee pressure.
ffFor compliance certifications, please visit www.wilflex.com/compliance.
substrates are suitable for printing; however, fibers which possess a low surface adhesion (e.g. polypropylene, silk,
polyamide or wool) will require special care during drying and cure processes. Test all fabrics for color fixation and wash
fastness before starting any production runs.
ffPerform fusion tests before production. Failure to cure ink properly may result in poor wash fastness, inferior
adhesion and unacceptable durability. Ink flash temperatures should be measured on the ink surface using an infrared
thermometer sensor. Ink cure temperatures should be measured using a Thermoprobe placed directly in the wet ink film
(printed) and verified on the production run substrate(s) and production equipment. It is the responsibility of the printer
to determine that the correct ink has been selected for a specific substrate and the application processes meet your
customer’s standards or specifications.
ffTo avoid ink interaction in the image area, verify that the screen mesh is clean of previous ghost images. The image area
must be clean and de-hazed.
ffExcess additions of Oasis additives into Oasis inks may adversely affect ink properties.
ffContainers must maintain air-tight seal when not in use.
ffNON-CONTAMINATION OF OASIS INKS: Do not add or mix non-Oasis inks, additives or extenders with Oasis inks. All
buckets, palette knives, stirring apparatus, squeegees, flood bars and screens must be cleaned properly and free of
phthalates and PVC containing inks. Non-phthalate emulsions and pallet adhesives must be used. Failure to follow these
precautions may cause phthalate contamination in violation of consumer protection laws and regulations.
ffAny application not referred in this product information bulletin should be pre-tested or consultation sought with
Wilflex Technical Services Department prior to printing.
ffEmail: techserviceswilflex@polyone.com
Water-Resistant Stencil
Direct: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Capillary/Thick Film: N/A
Off Contact: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Emulsion-over-Mesh: Refer to Oasis
base PIB.
Flash & Cure Temperatures
Flash: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Cure: Refer to Oasis base PIB.
Pigment Loading
*All percentages listed at % by weight.
Oasis Additives
Add into Oasis inks at a rate of 1%.
Do not exceed 3% max.
*All percentages listed at % by weight.
37-104°F (3-40°C)
Use within one year of manufacture date.
Keep containers sealed at all times.
Clean Up
Warm Soap Water (Tap)
Gentle Pressure
Health & Safety
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MSDS: www.polyone.com or
Contact your local CSR.
Wilflex™ inks by PolyOne.
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