High performance
Professional Series
½ Inch
The KR3H capsule is a 1/2 inch design with a
hypercardioid polar pattern. The measured frequency
response is 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
This capsule is recommended for recording situations
were it is necessary to attenuate off-axis sounds,
particularly in areas/situations susceptible to acoustic
The KR-3H can be used for vocal dialogue, stringed or
solo instruments, percussion and even overhead
recording where off-axis rejection (and pulling the sound
"forward") is key to the desired effect.
Many engineers use KR-3H capsules in boom-mounted
dialogue mic (Film/TV) applications and then turn with
ease to use them as an articulate, close-sounding mics
for music or sound effects.
This capsule is at home in the music studio as well as
on stage and location. It is equally flattering to voice,
music and foley effects.
The microphone capsule design is a "true condenser"
type and the self-noise is measured at 15 dBA
(A-weighted). The maximum capsule SPL is measured at
132 dB.
As always, we suggest regular use of a good shockmount for the microphone body, creating immunity
to floor vibrations and other mechanical rumble and
The KR-3H is also available as matched pairs for stereo
NOTE: All capsules are shown mounted over the KA-04 Preamp.
Art of Sound
Technical Specifications
½¨ Hypercardioid Capsule Specifications
Directional pattern
Operational principle (transducer)
Frequency response range
Equivalent SPL Noise rated at CCIR 468-3
at dIN / IEC 651
S/N ratio rated at DIN / IEC at 1 Pa.
Max SPL for 0.5% THD
Head Size
10 mV/Pa
40 - 20,000 Hz
28 dB
15 dB-A
79 dB-A
132 dB SPL
Ø 21.5 x 25 mm
High Performance
Preamplifier Electronics
This is a true "state-of-THE-art" patented design and is generations ahead of most pre-amp
assemblies. Construction utilizes hand-selected and matched components, low-noise metal film
resistors and low-loss polyester capacitors with no electrolytics in the audio path path yielding
amazingly low THD, low IMD and outstanding dynamic range. The electronics and actual PCB
design include "Guard Ring Shielding", ensuring extremely low input load, high stability, low noise
and a symmetrical transformerless high-capability Class "A" output as well as low dynamic output
This pre-amp body offers a true dynamic range from 1 µV to up to 18 Vpp into 10 K ohms 1 µV
(input referred 20 to 20.000 Hz BW, RMS noise). This allows a lower input gain, reducing input
noise, which makes the KA-04 electronics, the perfect match for even the most discerning digital
microphone preamplifiers. The low noise and high gain will simply amaze you, pulling the MOST
from your existing recording chain, whether analog or digital.
The assembly is made with THE finest materials, using Teflon, Delrin and 24K gold plating where
needed. Each one is rigorously is tested through multiple functional, burn-in and quality checks,
before leaving our factory.
KA-04 PreAmp Specifications
Powering (Phantom)
Power Consumption
Input Impedance
Input Capacitance
Frequency Response
Output Impedance
(5 Hz to 30 Khz)
Equivalent Input Noise
Capsule Polarizing Voltage
Maximum Output Drive (differential)
Maximum Dynamic Range
All THE specifications are subject to change or improvements without notice.
48 Vdc (4)
2.5 mA
500 Mohms
< 1 pF (3)
5 Hz to 30 Khz +/- 0.5 dB
< 80 Ohms
< 2 µV RMS (2)
+ 40 Vdc
18 Vpp (1)
> 132 dB (1)
20.5 mm
95 mm
85 gr.
(1) Z. Load = 10 Kohms, resistive.
(2) B.W. = 20Hz - 20 Khz & Zin = 50 pF
(3) Internal & External Active Guard Ring.
(4) According to DIN45596 & IEC 815.
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