Ballistic Curves
Curve selection
EU 1
0 -2,1
EU 2
0 -2,9
EU 5
EU 6
0 EU 3
EU 4
Distance in meters
Bullet Drop in cm
Table: Bullet drop for 100 m sight-in distance.
Determination of the Holdover Value using BIS™
blue sight line > holdover value H according to the ­
Ballistic Information System (BIS™): optimal aiming point
red sight line > without aiming point correction T: low shot
200 m
100 m
The Ultimate
Visual Experience
Ballistic Programs
With the SET button the user selects one of the six ballistic pro-
Premium Cordura pouch, carry-strap, eyepiece cover and
grams, depending upon his ammunition. A key advantage is
battery are included.
the option to select the sight-in distance independently of the
ballistic curve. Thus, all options for a 100 m sight-in distance, as
well as for a sight-in distance within the most favorable ­zeroing
range (GEE) are possible. For US, adjustments between 100 and
200 yards can be selected.
Technical Specifications Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF
Effective Lens Diameter
8 x
26 mm
Laser Rangefinder Technical Specifications
Exit Pupil Diameter
Laser Class
Class 1M
Twilight Factor
904 nm
Field of View at 1,000 m / yd
110 m / yd.
10 –1,200 m, 10 –1,300 yd.
Diopter Adjustment Range
+ / – 3.5 dptr
Measurement Range*
± 1 m to 600 m
± 0.5 % above 600 m
Exit Pupil Spacing
Measuring time approx.
1.5 sec., max.
Water Resistance
Beam Divergence
4.0 x 2.0 mrad
Height x Width
Measurement Accuracy
Battery Life at +20° C
Lens Type
1 x 3 V Type CR 2
Weight incl. battery
> 2,000 measurements
Product No.
*The measuring range is influenced by the size and degree of reflection
from the object as well as the atmospheric conditions.
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics
17,5 mm
2 lens Achromat
yes, 100 mbar
approx. 130 x 98 mm
approx. 310 g
52 45 60
T* = Carl Zeiss T* Multi Coating
NEW: Victory PRF Rangefinder
Gloelstraße 3 – 5 · 35576 Wetzlar · Germany ·
1515-203 Printed in Germany HO-05/2008
Laser Wavelength
3.25 mm
Three in One:
– 8 x Magnification
– Laser Rangefinder
– Ballistic Information System BIS™
Precision On Demand
Solid Construction, Comfortable Handling
The comfortable eyecup can be screwed out to
The waterproof synthetic body with its rugged
several settings and securely locked in place again.
rubber coating protects against shock and pro-
Thanks to the integrated diopter compensation
vides a secure grip.
and the special eyepiece, the PRF can be used
Victory PRF
Versatile Functions and Compact Design
comfortably with or without glasses.
Rangefinder Control: the “One Touch” Principle
When the Rangefinder button is pressed, the reticle lights
up so that the target can be sighted. After releasing the
button, the distance is displayed immediately in meters or
Knowing the distance from the target and the exact tra-
With the new Victory PRF, Carl Zeiss has created a com-
in yards. When the Ballistic Information System (BIS™) is
jectory, significantly increases the chances of a successful
pact, lightweight instrument that provides a real advan-
activated the holdover value is shown right after the dis-
shot, particularly when hunting in vast terrain.
tage in the field.
tance. The “One Touch” Principle ­reduces any movement
to a minimum when rangefinding.
Set Button: Three Functions
Many Functions
in a Compact Size
Accuracy at the Push
of a Button
1. Powerful 8×26 optics
Ergonomics and Ease of Use
2. Laser Rangefinder
During the development of the Victory PRF, the goal was to
3. Ballistic Information System BIS™
keep the rangefinding feature, as well as the calculation and
The monocular Victory PRF features three key functions in a
display of accurate holdover information as easy, fast and com-
compact unit. This high-performance Rangefinder increases ac-
fortable as possible. The result is a design that is lightning fast
curacy and is compact enough to be stored comfortably in a
and intuitive to use – a Rangefinder of exceptional optical qual-
ity, speed and accuracy. With the gentle push of a button, the
Strong Performance
With the SET button,
With the 8x magnification, targets can be precise-
• the Ballistic Information System (BIS™) can be activated
ly located at long distances. The lens diameter of
or deactivated
26 mm ensures a bright image, even in twilight.
• the ballistic program to match your load’s trajectory can
be selected
• the desired unit of measurement (yards / inches or
meters / centimeters) can be selected
distance and holdover value is measured and displayed.
Victory 8 x 26 T* PRF
BIS™ – Ballistic Information System
Laser Rangefinder with integrated Ballistic Information System
Once the distance has been measured, the correct sighting
(BIS™) – this sophisticated combination comes in a compact
point will ensure the success of the hunt. Thanks to the inte-
grated electronic ballistic calculator, the hunter does not have
to estimate how far below or above the target to aim: this in-
The combination of speed and accuracy is unique. Pressing the
novative program calculates the holdover value according to
Rangefinder button once measures distances up to 1,200 me-
the selected trajectory and the measured distance. The com-
ters (1,300 yards). Position the reticle on the target, release the
bination of an extremely fast operating Laser Rangefinder and
button, and the measured distance appears in the center of the
the ballistic calculator will have an astonishing impact on your
field. Self-illuminating LEDs give the sharpest readout possible.
Hold the button down for more than 3 seconds and the RF
Display of 237 meters
in the field of view.
After the distance is displayed, H 23
­appears. The hunter must aim 23 cm
over the aiming point on the target.
enters Scan Mode, for continuous measurement of distance to
small or moving targets.