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Condensation Fog Generator
CFG 290
Special Advantages
Very short preparation time between fog
triggering and fog generation
Quick shut-off, no re-evaporation
Adjustable fog flow
Low output speed
Condensation Fog Generator CFG 290
The hand-held Condensation Fog Generator
CFG 290 has been designed for use in clean
rooms and for visualisation of air flows according to
ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 and VDI 2083-3.
Visualization of airflows in rooms and airconditioning systems
Particularly suitable for use in clean rooms
Visual leak tests of systems and components
General use as test aerosol or challenge
aerosol, e.g. for filter testing
The fog generation in the CFG 290 is based on the
evaporation of fog fluid at about 300°C and
subsequent condensation. The fluid consists of
polyhydric alcohol and ultrapure water. Because of
the hygroscopic effect of the alcohol droplets a part
of the surrounding humidity is absorbed and
stabilized as fog droplets.
The Condensation Fog Generator generates a very
dense, highly visible fog. This cloud of fog has a
longer life in rooms. Any deposition of fog droplets
on surfaces evaporate after some time without any
residue. According to the principle this kind of fog
is sterile, non-toxic and free of oil and grease.
The Condensation Fog Generator is designed for
mobile use. Power is supplied by a modern LiPo
The device can be equipped with various fog
distributing systems by means of a connection on
the outlet of the aerosol.
Adjusted fog output
from an injection probe of the CFG 290
Technical Data
The outstanding feature of the CFG is a special
evaporator ensuring the fog generation in a very
short time (few seconds only) after triggering the
fog output.
The heating power is applied only for the actual
time of generation. No stand-by heating is required
due to the short reaction time. This technology
provides a long battery life and a long period of use
in mobile operation.
Due to an innovative new solution (utility model
protection) it is possible to immediately stop the
production of fog, without re-evaporation.
The fog outlet of the injection probe is equipped
with a separator where the condensate droplets
from the injection probe as well as very large
droplets of the fog are deposited. Thus, an
unnecessarily high amount of fog fluid in the test
room is avoided.
In the fog distribution system the CFG 290 can
create sufficient overpressure to ensure uniform
outflow from several openings into the
approx. 300 °C
Tank capacity for the
fog fluid
80 ml
Consumption of fog
fluid (non-stop
approx. 1.5 ml/min
min. fog output
0.15 ml/min
max fog output
1.5 ml/min
Fog fluid “TopFog”
Mixture of a polyhydric
alcohol with ultrapure
Aerosol distributing rake
Power supply
LiPo battery;
11.2 V; 2.1 Ah
L 440 mm (without
injection probe);
T 70 mm; H 120 mm
1.2 kg
Aerosol distributing rake with outflowing aerosol
QMS certified to
DIN EN ISO 9001.
Turbulent output
via tube outlet
Laminar output
via porous surface
Specifications are subject to
change without notice.
12 100 11908 TMS
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