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Improving quality across the
healthcare value chain
Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor
In response to rising healthcare costs, medical professionals today feel increased pressure to
reduce operating expenses. But while trying to keep costs down, they can’t compromise on
quality. So they’re looking to achieve the important balance of managing costs while
improving efficiency, boosting productivity and delivering exceptional patient care.
Deploying a single-vendor solution is one of the best and often-overlooked answers.
How can a single-vendor solution address multiple
(and often competing) healthcare requirements?
A single-vendor solution:
■ Means you sign and manage one contract
■ Shortens the procurement process
■ Keeps your backup inventory lean and mean
■ Simplifies training, increasing time-to-productivity
■ Minimizes compatibility issues
■ Eliminates the blame game; if there’s a problem, you know where to go
At the end of the day, a single vendor frees you up to focus on what’s important: your patients.
So, what’s in the way?
Many healthcare providers use multiple vendors, often for the same technology. Sometimes it’s because a staff member
requests it. Sometimes it’s because one vendor provides the best solution in one area but not in another. Sometimes it’s
because there’s no strategy in place to help plan ahead and prevent multiple vendor purchases.
Fujitsu is uniquely equipped to deliver a single-vendor solution
With more than 20 years of experience providing healthcare solutions, Fujitsu offers a broad range of systems and
services to meet your computing needs from end-to-end. Fujitsu mobile solutions, including tablets, notebooks
and 2-in-1s (convertible PCs and hybrids) in a variety of configurations, screen sizes and grades of durability,
offer a diverse range of features especially designed for healthcare professionals.
Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor
2 IN 1
Convertible with
Folder Hinge
Detachable keyboard
• 11.6-inch
• 13.3-inch
• 12.5-inch
• Dual digitizer
• Attachable
keyboard cover
and cradle option
• Dual digitizer
• Attachable
keyboard cover
and cradle option
• Capacitive touch
panel (10-point
multi-touch) with
active pen
• Optional 4G/LTE with • Slim magnetic
keyboard option
• Optional 4G/LTE with GPS, WLA and NFC
GPS, WLAN and NFC • High Security
tablet stand
• High Security
Cradle option
• Shell concept with • Optional NFC
reader, TPM)
optional Smart
• Shell concept with
Card Reader, palm
optional Smart
vein sensor
Card Reader
Convertible with
Swivel Hinge
• 12.5-inch
• From 1.96 lbs.
• From 2.2 lbs.
• From 2.9 lbs
• From 1.71 lbs.
(without keyboard) • Folder Hinge
(without keyboard)
(without keyboard)
• Full HD anti• Fanless design
• Full HD anti• Full HD Bright
glare display
glare display
• Full HD antidisplay
glare display
For Business and
Private Use
• 12.5-inch
• 13.3-inch
• 8.3-inch
• From 3.84 lbs.
• From 3 lbs.
• From 1.2 lbs.
• Convertible
• Swivle Hinge
• Anti-glare display
• Swivel Convertible
Tablet PC
• Rugged (water-dust- and
drop-resistant, disinfectable)
• Dual digitizer
• WUXGA resolution
• Full HD Bright display • Capacitive touch panel
• Capacitive touch
• Optional 4G/LTE
panel with Wacom® with GPS, WLAN
(10-point multi-touch)
• Capacitive touch
AES pen (2048
• Backlit keyboard
pressure levels)
AES pen (2048
High security
• Modular bay concept pressure levels)
• Backlit keyboard
(optional SmartCard reader)
• Bridge battery
for warm swap
• Optional Smart
Card Reader and
palm vein sensor
• USB Type-C™ Dock
• Magnesium housing • Cradle option
• Optional Intel®
• Shell Concept for
Iris™ Plus Graphics
• Bridge battery
for hot swap
• Optional 4G/LTE
with GPS, WLAN
• Security
• Backlit keyboard
• Optional palm
vein sensor
• USB Type-C™ Dock
* on project basis
for direct sales and
value-added resellers
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Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor
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