Yellow wood tree
Cladrastis kentukea
Height: 30-40’
Width: 40-50’
Yellow wood is a native tree to
parts of Illinois. It is a rounded
tree that has white, fragrant
blooms in May and yellow fall
European Hornbeam
Carpinus betulus
Height: 40-60’
Width: 30-40’
A tidy, moderate to slow
growing tree with no
serious insect or disease
Silver Linden
Tilia tomentosa
Width: 25-35’
This Shade tree has gray, smooth
bark and leaves that are green on
top and silver on the bottom.
Fragrant blooms appear in late
June . Fall color is a mat yellow.
Chinkapin Oak
Height: 40-70’
Width :40-50’
Native to Illinois this oak grows well in urban settings. Very small
acorns attract wild life and are usually eaten before they can fall to
the ground. Nice fall color and interesting serrated leaves.
Shingle Oak
Quercus imbricaria
Height: 40-60’
Width: 40-50’
Thick Smooth leaves are glossy
green in summer and yellow
orange in the fall. Small acorns
less than 1 inch in length. This is a
native tree to Illinois and was used
to make wood shingles .
Northern Red Oak
Quercus rubra
Height: 60-75’
Width: 45-50’
A fast grower with early growth rate of up to 2’ per
year for the first 20 years. Dark green pointed lobed
leaves turn red in the fall. Native to Illinois.
Swamp White Oak
Quercus bicolor
Width: 50-60’
A medium sized tree native to Illinois. This tree has
some insect and disease problems but is generally
long lived possibly living 300-350 years. The coarse
branch structure give the tree winter interest.
Ginkgo biloba
Height: 30-50’
Width: 25-35’
Ginkgo is an ancient tree with no significant disease or
insect problems. Only Male cultivars may be planted in
Village parkways to avoid problems with fruit production.
Slow growth rate.
Miyabe State Street Maple
Acer miyabei ‘Morton’
Height: 40-50’
Width: 30-35’
This maple species is native to northern Japan but performs very
well in Illinois. Introduced by the Morton Arboretum, the original
planted in 1929 is still growing on site today.
Sugar Maple
Acer saccharum
Height: 60-80’
A large shade tree with oval growth habit and good fall color
sugar maples can be beautiful. Although the tree is a native of
Illinois it may have some difficulties in new parkways due to
soil compaction , reflected heat, high pH and drought. Proper
mulching and supplemental watering during dry period will
improve the performance of this tree. Growth rate is moderate
to slow.
Japanese Tree lilac
Syringa reticulata
Width: 15’
Fragrant creamy white flowers in June and smooth bark are
some of the unique characteristics of this moderately sized
oval shaped tree. This tree has insignificant (slight yellow/
purple) fall color.
Tulip Tree
Lirrodendron tulipifera
Height: 70-90’
Width: 40’
This is a fast growing oval shaped tree with leaves that are
shaped like a tulip profile. Excellent yellow fall color and
greenish yellow flowers are other interesting characteristics
of the tulip tree.
This tree is native to southern and southeastern IL.
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Gymnocladus dioicus
Height: 60-75’
Width: 40-50’
A native of Illinois the Kentucky Coffee Tree is a
moderate to slow grower. The Cultivar ‘Espresso’
Is a male (seedless) selection that may be used in the
parkway. Course branching gives a unique winter
interest to the tree.
Male Flower
American Elm
Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’ or
‘Valley Forge’
Height 60-90’
Width: 60’
Native Illinois elm tree selections with strong resistance to
Dutch Elm Disease.
Large vase shaped shade trees that turn yellow in the fall.
Hybrid elm
Ulmus ‘Morton’
Height: 50-60’
Width: 4o’
Vase shaped elm highly resistant to
Dutch Elm Disease. Developed at
the Morton Arboretum. Yellow fall
Apple Serviceberry
Amelanchier grandiflora
Height: 25’
Width: 15’
Intermediate ornamental street tree. White flowers
appear in early spring. Edible berry like fruit attracts
birds. The fruit is no staining and ripens over a
period of time. The fall color is orange red and the
attractive bark adds winter interest.
Manchurian Alder
“Prairie Horizon
Alnus hirsuta ‘Harbin
Width: 20-30’
Drought resistant, Fast growing.
Beech like bark.
Common Hackberry
Celtis occidentalis
Width: 40-50’
This native tree of Illinois can live From 100200 years. Somewhat of an ugly duckling in
youth the trees are beautiful in maturity. Light
green leaves, attractive silver, bumpy bark.
Green yellow fall color.
American Redbud
Cercis canadensis
Height: 25-30’
Width: 15-20’
This native tree does best in
protected, moist sites. Suitable for
the older parkways in town.
Lavender pink flowers in spring
prior to the emergence of its glossy
heart shaped leaves are a good
Soft yellow fall color.
Ornamental Pear
Pyrus calleryana
Height: 25-30’
Width: 15-20’
An attractive street tree in youth, tidy in appearance, with impressive white
spring blooms and often good fall color.
The leaves are persistent, dropping very late, often in after leaf collection
service has ended. Trees have a relatively short life span as compared to other
street trees. Fire blight disease has been damaging most of the pears in our
parkways and is difficult to control. Wind damage is also a common
detriment to ornamental pear trees.
London Planetree
Platanus x acerfolia
Height: 80-100’
Width: 80
A cross between the native sycamore and an Asian sycamore
To produce a cleaner more disease resistant variety. Reddish
brown outer bark flakes to reveal white inner bark that gives
a impressive show against a clear blue sky. Maple like leaves
provide good shade. Pyramidal growth habit in youth
changes to broadly rounded tree in maturity.