HD8650/05 Philips Super-automatic espresso machine

Philips 2000 series
Super-automatic espresso
Taste the flavors of your favorite coffee beans
1 Beverage
100% ceramic grinders for long-lasting performance
Whatever blend of coffee you like, you can grind the beans fresh on the spot extracting
maximum flavors thanks to the ceramic grinders that don't overheat the beans.
A variety of coffees customized to your taste
• Enjoy 1 beverage at your fingertips
• Adjust the length and 5 grinder settings
• Enjoy 2 cups at the same time with Double Cup function
• Adjust and store your personal user profile
Your fresh coffee experience
• 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
• Always the right strength in cup, no matters which beans
• Coffee at the perfect temperature with our Quick Heat Boiler
Enjoy your coffees every day with no hassle
• Visible hygiene thanks to fully removable brewing group
• Fits any kitchen thanks to the small size and frontal access
• Enjoy a great coffee with Auto-Rinse & guided descaling
Super-automatic espresso machine
1 Beverage Black
1 beverages
Enjoy a great espresso or coffee from fresh
Gusto perfetto
Small size and frontal access
100% ceramic grinders
Our grinders are 100% pure ceramic:
extremely hard and precise, so you can enjoy
fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20.000 cups.
cleaned regularly. The fully removable brewing
group allows you to clean it thoroughly just by
rinsing it under the tap
Gusto Perfetto is self learning technology that
tracks constantly the beans you use to prepare
your drinks. If it detects a change in the type of
beans used, it automatically adjust the dosing in
the brew chamber to always ensure a
consistent result in cup
Quick Heat Boiler
Customize your coffees
It doesn't matter how big your kitchen is: this
machine fits even the smallest spaces, and it is
extremely convenient as you can access the
water and waste containers from the front.
Designed for making your coffee enjoyment
User Profiles
Adjust the length and 5 grinder settings
Double Cup
Enjoy and share your favorite coffee thanks to
the double cup function
The Quick heat boiler ensures a hot coffee and
cappuccino for your family always at the
perfect temperature. The secret is in its light
aluminum and stainless steel body, which can
reach hot temperatures, fast.
Removable brew group
The brewing group is the heart of every superautomatic coffee machine, and should be
Store the length of any coffee beverage
according to your personal taste. You will be
able to drink espresso, coffee and all other
beverages always as you prefer, at the touch of
a button.
Super-automatic espresso machine
1 Beverage Black
Technical specifications
Cord length: <100 cm
Frequency: 60 Hz
Voltage: 220 V
Capacity waste container: 8 servings
Capacity water tank: 1 L
Coffee bean capacity: 180 g
Color & Finishing: Black
Filter compatibility: Brita Intenza
Max. cup height: 95 mm
Product dimensions: 295 x 325 x 420 mm
Waste container: Frontal access
Weight of product: 7 kg
Water tank: Frontal access
• Aroma Strength Settings: No
Coffee Length: Adjustable
Grinder Settings: 5
Pre Brew Aroma control: No
User Profiles: 1
Other features
Gusto perfetto
Main Switch ON / OFF button
Quick Heat Boiler
Removable brew group
Auto-Rinse & Guided descaling
Beverages: Espresso
Coffee Powder Option: No
Double Cup
Milk Double Cup: No
Issue date 2018-02-08
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