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HP thermal inkjet technology
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HP: the pioneer in TIJ
Today, competition for direct-mail customers is intense.
Companies are seeking new and better ways to
improve mail-processing productivity and enable mail
personalization—all in a quest to achieve higher
response rates on the promotional mail they’re sending
to customers. Already inundated by incoming mail, these
customers need to be motivated to open the outer
package, or they may never see the material inside.
That’s why, to do its job, direct-mail printing must be
dynamic, colorful, and eye-catching.
For more than 25 years, HP has provided worldrenowned, high-performing, reliable, and affordable
inkjet printing technology, and we have more than 300
million inkjet printers installed worldwide. HP brings this
trusted technology to mail printing by licensing our TIJ
technology to partners who develop and market mailprinting solutions.
At the same time, businesses need to do more with less
by lowering costs and reducing maintenance time,
meeting corporate demands for achieving more agility
and a better return on investment.
HP’s world-class thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology is the
logical choice for:
• Cost-effective, high-resolution printing capability for
personalized mail pieces
• Improving mail-processing productivity
• Customizing content, including spot colors, to achieve
high response rates
TIJ-based printers are at the forefront of mailing’s digital
revolution. They are a cost-effective way to print sharp,
clear addresses, company logos, and messages. HP TIJ
technology is ideal for personalization and security
purposes, and it also makes it easy to include targeted
ads, company logos, or messages directly on the
envelope. The reliable, high-quality printing that HP TIJ
technology delivers is especially important in today’s
highly competitive direct-mail environment. Research
shows that consumers respond positively to print quality
and color—two “open-me” factors that are hallmarks
of the technology.
Inside the TIJ cartridge
Not all printing technologies are equal. HP’s inkjet
cartridges contain more than just specially formulated
inks. They also house the printhead itself—an integrated
circuit, precisely routing signals that create thousands
of vapor blasts per second, pushing up to 12,000
droplets of ink from each of the 300 ink nozzles. These
nozzles are several times smaller than the width of a
hair, which attests to the precision science behind HP
printing systems. The result is precise dot placement that
produces crisp images, vivid colors, sharp blacks, and
reliable output.
HP’s investment in ink development is substantial:
we’ve introduced dozens of inks over the past 20+
years. And now we are leveraging this leadership and
HP ink products
Resolution: 600 dpi
Nozzle count: 300
Print swath: .5 inch
HP offers a range of ink
products that fit a wide
range of applications. These
inks provide high-resolution
printing of 600 dpi for sharp
text, bar codes, and graphics.
Drop-on-demand technology
enables low-cost, efficient
ink usage. And replacing
ink takes seconds with easy
snap-in cartridges.
HP inks are water-based and
do not produce harmful
fumes. There is no need to
buy special chemical cleaners
or hire service technicians
qualified to handle volatile
New! Versatile Black—
Bulk ink system
Q2320A – Printhead
Q2321A – Ink Supply
technological know-how by providing specialty inks for
the mail printing industry—including pigmented black,
fast-dry black, and spot color inks. Direct-marketing
industry research shows that color sells products up to
80% more effectively than monochrome because it
improves consumers’ comprehension and recall.
With print resolutions up to 600 dots per inch (dpi),
addresses and personalized marketing messages look
clean and crisp. UV/IR invisible ink can print machinereadable control codes and has the unique capability of
printing over visible text areas. This enables production
flexibility, document authentication, increased document
security, and improved document appearance—all
while freeing valuable document real estate.
Bulk Black ink system
Easy mounting of ink supplies, reliable ink delivery, electronic
interfacing to the bulk ink supply
• Black pigmented aqueous ink
Low-cost delivery, superior print quality, and minimal
• Pigment-based ink
• Water-fast
Versatile Black print cartridge
Fast Dry Black print cartridge
High-speed, high-quality printing on porous and coated
• Pigment-based ink
• Light-fast and water-fast
Dry times of less than one second on porous substrates
• Pigment-based ink
• Water-fast
HP bulk ink delivery system
The benefits of HP TIJ technology
HP’s versatile bulk ink delivery system meets the needs
of high-volume print applications in terms of superior
print quality, low cost per copy, and low user
intervention. Bulk ink supply system components enable
the easy mounting of ink supplies and provide reliable
ink delivery. In addition:
HP TIJ technology offers production-line advantages that
match your production priorities—and contribute to a
company’s success and profitability. HP TIJ-based systems
use modular components that are easy to operate and
service. Printheads are inexpensive, reducing initial
capital cost and providing for consistent low-cost
maintenance—which, in turn, reduces unplanned
• Advanced electronic functions enable designers to
build in ink level monitors and signals for practically
uninterrupted printing during longer print runs.
• Printheads and ink supplies can be changed
independently, reducing replacement costs.
• The modular design enables multiple configurations of
printheads and ink supplies to achieve a wide range
of print speeds or swath.
With the modular design of TIJ, systems can be set up
quickly to support a wide variety of jobs. Equipment
operators don’t require special training, so operating
costs and production downtime decrease. In addition,
HP TIJ-based printing systems typically take up less
space than other products, making them a less-intrusive
presence on the production floor.
Spot Color print cartridges
Non-Fluorescent Red print cartridge
C6168A—Red, C6169A—Green,
C6170A—Blue, C6173A—Yellow
Low-cost, high-quality color applications for industrial printing
• Dye-based inks
Superior-quality printing on porous media and recycled fibers
• Pigment-based ink
• Water-fast
UV/IR Invisible ink system
High-speed control coding readable by UV light, laser scanner, or
camera system
• Invisible dye-based ink
HP TIJ technology advantages
Cost-effective: Your equipment requires no warm-up cycle and no
downtime. When it’s time to replace a print cartridge, you replace only
the one that’s needed. Drop-on-demand technology enables low-cost,
efficient ink usage.
Easy to use: Your employees need no special training to operate and
maintain thermal inkjet printers. Print cartridges simply snap in and out
for easy replacement.
Fast: Hundreds of tiny nozzles firing at high frequency support highquality, high-speed printing.
Flexible: HP TIJ technology supports a wide variety of media, increasing
your range of choice and ability to satisfy customer needs.
High quality: HP TIJ technology places ink with a high degree of
accuracy, producing superb image and text quality.
Environmentally friendly: HP inks are clean and water-based.
Lower cost of ownership: A thermal inkjet printer can cost significantly
less than other printing equipment—dramatically lowering your capital
equipment cost.
Reliable: HP TIJ technology is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing
chamber than other printing technologies, so it avoids the print quality
problems and delays that can be caused by trapped air.
HP TIJ technology uses environmentally friendly inks that
contribute to a healthier workplace environment. This
lowers costs because of reduced disposal and airventing requirements.
When you choose HP TIJ technology, you choose low
maintenance, minimal upkeep, and consistently crisp,
clean results.
Why HP TIJ solutions?
HP is rooted in invention. As a pioneer of thermal inkjet
printing, HP knows the technology inside and out. We
work with designers, OEM partners, and engineers to
integrate our technology with your systems. With a focus
on printing solutions, relationships, and service—
combined with HP technology, quality, reliability, and
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create solutions designed to deliver a competitive
Because it was originally developed for desktop printers,
TIJ technology was designed to be inexpensive and easy
to use. The cost of a TIJ printer is dramatically lower than
many other types of printing equipment, and changing
ink is as simple as snapping in a new cartridge. The
same standards apply to HP TIJ-based mail-printing
solutions, which offer high-quality printing at an
affordable price, delivering a better return on investment.
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