Infinite possibilities.
Designed and engineered to enhance the looks and capabilities of your new IONIQ,
our accessories are precision-made for a perfect fit. High-quality materials and
stringent attention to detail ensure that our accessories meet the rigorous manufacturing standards demanded of all Hyundai products. Your dealer is ready to
help you make your choice. Remember – only Hyundai Genuine Accessories and
your new IONIQ are made for each other.
The accessories in this brochure are applicable for both IONIQ Hybrid (HEV) and
IONIQ Electric (EV) unless specified otherwise.
Inspiring emotions. Individual style.
Light is what makes the car’s character shine, magically attracting all eyes. With individual LED options,
you can make your IONIQ your very own highlight.
LED door projectors, Hyundai logo
Make a stylish entrance in the darkness – with subtle yet sharp beams
for ­gorgeous ambient ground lighting, featuring the Hyundai logo.
Automatically activated when the front doors are opened. Only for
vehicles with smart key.
LED puddle lights
The spotlight is on whenever you open the car door. These LED
puddle lights add a distinctive yet subtle glow for a unique
entrance – and increased visibility, especially in darkness. Only for
vehicles with smart key.
LED footwell illumination
Subtle yet sophisticated: enhance your cabin with this premium touch that bathes the front footwell
in exquisite ambient light whenever the doors are unlocked, fading out when the engine starts.
Available in cool blue and classic white. Second row can be installed only in combination with the first row.
1 Blue 1st row99650ADE20
3 Blue 2nd row99650ADE30
2White 1st row99650ADE20W
4White 2nd row99650ADE30W
Unique character.
Special twist.
This is all about an individual appearance. Classy alloy wheels specially attuned to the new
IONIQ’s design augment its exclusive looks and give the vehicle a particular dynamic touch.
Alloy wheel 15″
Alloy wheel kit 15″
Alloy wheel kit 16″
Alloy wheel kit 17″
15″ 5-spoke alloy wheel, grey, 6.0Jx 15, suitable for 195 /65 R15 tyres.
Ideal for complete winter wheel usage. Cap included, nuts not included.
G2400ADE05 (HEV)
This 15″ 5-spoke alloy wheel kit includes a full
set of alloy wheels and lightweight wheel
covers specially developed to reduce air resistance for improved fuel and driving efficiency. The high finishing quality plastic covers are designed in alloy wheel optic to
complement the vehicle’s look.
6.0Jx15, suitable for 195/65 R15 tyres. Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
G2F40AK100 (HEV)
This 16″ 5-spoke alloy wheel kit includes a full set of alloy wheels and
lightweight wheel covers specially developed to reduce air resistance
for improved fuel and driving efficiency. The high finishing quality plastic covers are designed in alloy wheel optic to complement the vehicle’s look.
6.5Jx16, suitable for 205/55 R16 tyres. Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
G7F40AK000 (White/EV)
G7F40AK100 (Silver/EV)
17″ 5-spoke alloy wheel with dark ­silver colour
inserts, 7.0Jx 17, suitable for 225 /45 R17 tyres.
Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
G2F40AK300 (HEV)
Alloy wheel 16″
16″ 5-spoke alloy wheel, grey, 6.5Jx 16, suitable for 205 /55 R16 tyres.
Ideal for complete winter wheel usage. Cap included, nuts not included.
TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Locking wheel nuts and key
Why Genuine?
Always stay on the safe side – with genuine sensors for ­optimum tyre
functionality. This TPMS kit lets you keep checks on the air pressure in
your tyres at all times.
These locking wheel nuts provide reliable protection against theft.
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your alloy wheels are staying
right where they belong.
99490ADE50 (set of 4)
•Developed according to the Original
Equipment (OE) requirement
•Structural integrity guaranteed by intensive testing
•In line with Hyundai OE specifications
Comfort in
detail. Ease in
Make every day a perfect one! Useful and individual ideas for your
car’s interior make life with your new IONIQ most comfortable and
easy for you and your passengers.
Rear seat entertainment cradle for iPad®
Business suit hanger
Take-away hook
Crease-free, stress-free. This business suit hanger is easy to attach to the front seat
and just as quick to detach and use elsewhere – like in your office or at the hotel room.
Must be removed if the rear seat is occupied.
Simple yet effective: avoid leaks and spillages when
transporting take-away food and drinks with this discrete hook. Mounted on the lower passenger side of
the centre console. Reference picture.
TV shows, movies, games – now your passengers can enjoy them all
on the road and pass the time quicker on long journeys. Rotate and
tilt for the best possible viewing experience. Fits for iPad® 1, 2, 3 and 4
and iPad®Air 1 and 2. Charging feature and iPad® not included. Must
be removed if the rear seat is occupied.
Beautifully protected.
Simply perfect.
Look forward to a long life with your new IONIQ. Simply protect it from day 1 against smudges, damp and scratches with tailored
and durable Genuine Accessories that match the interior design perfectly.
1. Textile floor mats, premium
2. Textile floor mats, velour
3. All weather mats,
with colour accent
Add the finishing touch to the high-end look of your interior with
premium floor coverings that feel luxurious. These threaded pearl
velour mats are tailor-made to fit the footwells of your IONIQ
perfectly. The noticeably thick mats are embellished with a tasteful
black and silver metal cast Hyundai logo in the front row and are
held in place with fixing points and anti-slip backing.
Keep your cabin unblemished for longer. These high-­quality velour
floor mats will protect your car’s interior from everyday dirt and enhance its look at the same time. Tailor-made to fit the footwells perfectly, they feature the IONIQ logo and refined double stitching in the
same colour in the front row. The mats are held in place with fixing
points and anti-slip backing.
G2143ADE00 (LHD/set of 4/HEV)
G2143ADE10 (RHD/set of 4/HEV)
G7143ADE10 (RHD/set of 4/EV)
Whatever adventure you’ve been on, don’t
worry about wet, muddy or sandy shoes
when you get back in the car. These durable
and easy-to-clean floor mats protect the
whole of your cabin floor. With a customized
shape, vehicle logo in IONIQ accent colour
and fixing points to hold them firmly in place.
G2144ADE00 (LHD/set of 4/HEV)
G2131ADE00 (LHD/set of 4/HEV)
Why Genuine?
•Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
specified and tested materials
•Designed for a perfect fit
•Durable safe fixation ring and anti-slip backing
1. Trunk liner, with blue accent
However wet, muddy or grimy things get, this custom-made liner will protect
your trunk area. It is durable, anti-slip and waterproof with raised edges. The
textured anti-slip surface helps prevent loads moving around. Custom-made
and designed to complement the interior of your car. It features the IONIQ
logo and carries a blue colour accent along the side edges.
2. Trunk mat
Whether you’re transporting your pet, your weekly shopping or your family’s
luggage – this made-to-measure mat with IONIQ accent colour double
stitching will keep your trunk looking clean, new and stylish in the long run.
Made from high-quality ­velour and featuring the vehicle logo.
3. Door handle recess protection foils
High-contact zone: door handle recesses are particularly prone to potential
wear over time. These foils counter this issue, keeping your paintwork here
looking like new and free of any fingernail or key scratches.
99272ADE00 (set of 4)
4. Rear bumper protection foil, black
Enjoy peace of mind when loading and unloading frequently – knowing that
the top surface of your rear bumper is reliably protected from possible
scrapes and scuffs.
5. Rear bumper protection foil, transparent
The more you transport, the more your rear bumper is at risk of being scuffed
and scraped. This discrete transparent foil gives you an added layer to protect
your paintwork from possible damage.
Good care. Better feeling.
Your allnew IONIQ is designed and engineered to look after you in the most extreme circumstances.
But there could be occasions when these extras could prove their worth.
Safety bag
Warning triangle
Safety vest
This convenient collection of safety items includes a first aid kit, two safety vests and a
warning triangle. Complies with DIN
13164:2014 standard and is a legal requirement in several European countries.
To provide advance warning of a stranded
vehicle, this high-visibility triangle is lightweight but stable and can be folded to save
space. It complies with ECE-R27 standard
and is a legal requirement in most European
A high-visibility neon vest with reflective
strips for maximum visibility both day and
night. This “one-size-fits-all” vest complies with EN 20471 standard and is a legal
­requirement in most European countries.
Touch-up paints
Battery and Wiper blades
Protect against corrosion and maintain your
vehicle appearance. Scratches, stone chips
and blemishes can be repaired with touchup paint. Please consult your dealer for part
number and availability.
Protects exterior surfaces from the effects
of pollution, solvents, road salt, car washes
and bird deposits. Waxing no longer required.
Interior Glasscoat treatment coats carpets
and upholstery with effective hypoallergenic
PTFE protection from everyday dirt and stains.
Bronze packLP982APE1BROH
Silver packLP982APE1SILH
Gold packLP982APE1GOLH
Featuring the latest technologies, Genuine
Hyundai batteries deliver dependable performance over an exceptionally long life.
The high-quality premium wiper blades are
designed specifically to perform perfectly
with your Hyundai.
1. Summer car care kit
2. Winter car care kit
This kit contains a bottle of concentrated summer screen wash (1a) to keep your view of the
road crystal-clear and smear-free by removing oily deposits, dead insects and other residues.
To remove really stubborn insect remains from the windscreen and headlights, there’s also an
insect remover spray (1c). Especially formulated for alloy wheels, the wheel rim cleaner spray
(1b) doubles up as a high-quality degreaser and simplifies the removal of brake dust and
grime. The extra sponge helps to wipe away tough blemishes from glass surfaces.
LP974APE102H (kit contains all the above mentioned products)
This kit contains a bottle of concentrated winter screen wash (2b) to ensure that your wipers
run smoothly over the windscreen and keep it clear and free from road dirt, freezing rain and
snow. Plus a windscreen de-icer pump spray (2a) helps to clear frozen windows and prevent
re-icing. An ice scraper (2f) speeds up the removal of ice and a sponge (2f) wipes away condensation from the windows.
LP973APE109H (kit contains all the above mentioned products)
The following products are also available individually:
1a Summer screen wash 1:100 concentrate (40 ml)LP974APE101H
1b Rim cleaner spray (500 ml)LP970APE101H
1c Insect remover spray (500 ml)LP970APE102H
The following products are also available individually:
2a Windscreen de-icer spray (500 ml)LP973APE110H
2b Winter screen wash concentrate (-60 °C, 1 l)LP973APE103H
2c Winter screen wash ready to use (-30 °C, 5 l)LP973APE104H
2d Winter screen wash concentrate (-60 °C, 500 ml)LP973APE102H
2e Winter screen wash concentrate (-60 °C, 250 ml)LP973APE101H
3. Ice scraper with glove
Keep your hand dry and warm while scraping ice from the windscreen.
LP950APE01H (not included in the kit)
Genuine Accessories developed by MOBIS
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All the information contained in this brochure is provisional and subject to change without notice and is
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due to the limitations of printing technology. The products shown correspond to the offer and the range of
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equipment at extra cost, and not all model versions are included in this brochure. Hyundai Motor Europe
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consult your Hyundai dealer for exact details. Hyundai provides a 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. *On the
IONIQ Lithium-Ion-Polymer battery Hyundai provides an 8 year or 200.000 km Battery Warranty, whichever
occurs first. For the 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty and Battery Warranty certain terms and exclusions
apply. For detailed information on these terms and exclusions, please refer to your local Hyundai website
or consult a Hyundai dealership.
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