SCF256/00 Philips Bottle warmer on the go

Philips Avent
Bottle warmer on the go
Warms milk on the go
Warms quickly
Protective beaker lid
Warms baby food too
Warms anywhere, anytime
For times when you need to feed your baby on the go, this bottle warmer makes it
possible to warm your milk anytime, anywhere. Boiled water in the thermos flask stays
hot for up to 6 hours and bottles can be warmed within 2.5minutes.
Warms milk on the go
• Thermal bottle warming for warm mik on the go
Ready in just 2.5 minutes
• Warm baby bottles in just 2.5 minutes
Easy and safe to use
• Easy pouring lid
• Protective beaker lid
• Easy to use
• Warming reference guide
• Warms multiple feeds
• Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and containers
Bottle warmer on the go
Warms milk on the go Warms quickly, Protective beaker lid, Warms baby food too
Thermal bottle warming
No power needed. This is the bottle warmer that
you can take anywhere with you. Boiled water in the
thermos flask stays hot for up to 6 hours and can be
used to warm multiple bottles.
Warms in just 2.5 minutes
Easy to use
Simply place the bottle in the beaker, pop open the
pouring lid of the pre-filled thermos flask and pour
the hot water into the beaker. Screw the lid on the
beaker for fast, easy and safe baby bottle warming.
Warming reference guide
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions: 200xø104.36 mm
• Retail pack dimensions: 105*105*207 mm
Country of origin
• Produced in: China
What is included
• Bottle warmer: 1 pcs
Product Material
• Product Material: stainless steel (flask), PP (beaker
and protective lid), PP/ABS (pouring lid)
The bottle warmer can warm 6oz milk in just 2.5
Easy pouring lid
On the beaker a warming reference guide is
included, which indicates for all Philips Avent bottle
sizes how long they should be warmed, depending on
the temperature of the milk.
Warms multiple feeds
The easy pouring lid is designed for no spills on the
go. It has clear open and close positions and is easy
to clean.
Protective beaker lid
Heat up multiple bottles with hot water from one
pre-filled thermal flask (500 ml).
Fully compatible
The bottle warmer is fully compatible with all Philips
Avent bottles and containers*. Use it to warm
bottles and baby food containers conveniently.
The protective lid on the beaker keeps the baby
bottle safely inside to ensure fast, safe warming.
Issue date 2016-11-11
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* In case of a 180 ml (6 oz) bottle with a temperature of 20ºC
* Philips Avent breast milk bags and 2oz/60ml bottles cannot be used
in this bottle warmer.
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