POS Keyboard with Build-in MagStripe Reader
Versatile, full function Keyboard
ID TECH’s VersaKey features the enhanced 105/106 keys layout
maximizing the user’s productivity. The included MagStripe reader with
many country specific layouts provides added flexibility.
Versatile MagStripe Reader
VersaKey’s integrated MagStripe reader is developed with configurability
in mind. Reader output can be transformed to fit your specific application
with the included configuration software, such as the format of the output
or the selection of specific tracks on the ISO 7811 compliant cards.
Intelligent Interface Options
VersaKey either comes in USB or PS/2 depending on the user’s needs.
For added convenience, the USB version also comes with a USB Hub.
Whether it’s the PS/2 or the USB version, the communication is shared
between the keyboard and the MagStripe reader meaning a reduction of
cabling for the user.
Durable Keyboard and Card Reader Combination
VersaKey is designed to provide the reliability needed to meet the demend
of high use environment. The unit is proven to endure more than 10 million key operations and 1 million swipes. Standard warranty of 3 years
provides confidence that the unit is built to last.
Features and Benifits
Full-Function POS ready Keyboard with Card Readers
3 or 2 Tracks Magnetic Strip Reader, full data editing capability
USB-KB or PS/2 KB interface
1,000,000 swipes guaranteed
20,000,000 key operations strokes guaranteed
Single cable convenience between the keyboard and PC
Full-size standard Microsoft Keyboard layout with LED indicators
Plug-n-Play with Windows operation systems
Extra two-port USB hub for USB version
Brazil, Japanese, Korean, and UK, keyboard layout available with
minimum order quantity
w w w . i d t e c hp r o d uc t s . c o m
Power Requirement:
Industry Requirements:
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
+5.0 VDC ±10%, 60ma Max.
FCC class B and CE.
610 mm (24”) Drop: 1 corner, 2-sidelines, 3-sides.
60 Hz/sec 3 mm amplitude X,Y,Z each axis at 2 hours.
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
-20°C to 40°C (- 4°F to 104°F).
Total Travel:
Operating Force:
Cable Information
Jacket Material:
PC Connector:
Operating Life:
ESD Immunity:
4.0 + 0.5 mm.
50 + 7g.
Black or Beige.
469.9 mm (L) x 203.9 mm (W) x 42.8 mm (H).
18.5 inches (L) x 8.03 inches (W) x 1.69 inches (H)
High Impact PS, Meets flammability spec. UL94HB.
PVC jacket with Aluminum Shielding.
1.5 M (5ft.) Overall.
PS/2 or USB.
10,000,000 keystrokes.
0KV to 8 kV min, without data loss.
8KV to 15 kV min, will function after reset.
More than 60,000 hours.
©2006 International Technologies & Systems Corporation. ID TECH is a registered trademark of International Technologies & Systems Corporation.
VersaKey- and Value through Innovation are trademarks of International Technologies & Systems Corporation. All specifications subject to change without notice.
80074501-001 R08/06
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