TT2021/36 Philips Body groomer

Philips Bodygroom series
Body groomer
for all body zones
Trim and shave all body zones
Worlds No. 1 Bodygroom
The all-in-one body-grooming system, exclusively for men, trims and shaves all body
zones. It's safe and easy.
Best performance that feels great
• Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body grooming
• Trim and shave all body zones
Provides maximum ease of use
• Wet and dry use; for use in shower and easy cleaning
Create the look you want
• 3 combs for different hair lengths
Provides optimal power
• Charging stand for convenient storage
Body groomer
for all body zones
3 combs included
Trim and shave
Cutting system
• Cutter width: 32 mm
• Number of length settings: 3
• Shaving element: Foil with two pre-trimmers
Ease of use
• Maintenance free - No Oil need
• Cordless
• Wet and Dry: Shower use and easy cleaning
Power system
• Charging time: 8 hours
• Running time: 50 minutes
• Usage: Cordless only
3 combs provide different fixed length settings of 3,
5 and 7 mm for safe and easy trimming of all body
Safe and less irritation
This Philips bodygroom can both trim and shave all
body zones.
Wet and dry use
• Store and charge stand
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Create the look you want
• Styles: Shave and trim your body
Trimming and shaving performance
• Shaving system: Shaving foil for close shave
• Skin comfort: Skin friendly shaving head
Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body
100% waterproof Philips shaver makes it convenient
to trim and shave your body in the shower and is
easy to clean.
Store and charge stand
Charging stand provides convenient storage and
ensures the appliance is fully charged and ready to
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