Integrated remote connections with MARS deployable functionality

RiO™ Reel
Integrated remote connections with MARS deployable functionality
Optical Cable Corporation introduces RiO™, an inherent
solution combining a multichannel fiber optic cable assembly
with an interconnect patch panel to form a unified deployable
solution. By incorporating the patch panel directly into the reel
housing, the RiO solution can provide significant cost savings by
reducing the amount of hardware needed to connect to multiple
devices. With a wide variety of cable assembly options and
built-in connector panel configurations, the RiO system offers
the flexibility to fit each application’s specific requirement. In
addition, the RiO offers the same great functionality as all OCC
MARS reels including storage efficiency, rapid deployment
and easy operation. Its unique approach to deployable
communications allows customers to simply Drop, Plug and
Features & Benefits
Ideal for deployable and remote broadcast applications,
emergency communication shelters, and military
communications systems with limited access to interconnect
panels, OCC’s RiO offers:
Rio Reel on Collapsible Tripod
An integrated fiber optic patch panel solution.
By uniting the fiber optic cable assembly with a
deployable patch panel, the RiO solution can connect
multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously and can
provide a quick solution that is as simple as Drop the reel
in place, Plug in the connectors, and hit Play. Drop, Plug
and Play.
Significant cost savings.
Utilizing the RiO reel allows for a single “trunk” line to
distribute service to various devices. This reduces the
number of additional hardware components required to
connect multiple devices. In addition, shorter, lowercosting jumpers from the RiO to standard equipment
provides an extra cost savings.
Custom design and flexibility.
The RiO solution is pre-configured to meet the exact specifications of its intended application – determined by the intended
user. With a multitude of fiber optic cable, connector types and recessed panel options, the configuration choices are
endless. OCC’s technical sales team is available to help specify the exact design needed to fit each unique application.
Easy operability and rapid deployment.
As a member of the patented MARS family of reels and accessories, the RiO benefits from the same great features. Similar
to MARS, the RiO has a lightweight rugged construction, a retractable handle for quick and easy deployment and the ability
to stack easily for storage and transit. Additionally, the RiO offers a distinct cable retention system that tethers cable to the
reel preventing accidental cable pullout.
For applications that demand efficiency and flexibility, the RiO system is an excellent choice.
Integrated remote connections with MARS deployable functionality
Mechanical and Environmental Performance
Operating temperature
MIL-STD-810C, method 501, 502
-0°C to +80°C
Storage temperature
MIL-STD-810C, method 501, 502
-45°C to +85°C
DOD-STD-1678, method 4030
+43°C, 98% humidity
Drop test
MIL-R-3241E, 3.5ft. drop, 6 sides, 2 in. firwood on concrete
1000M reel with cable, no degradation to operation
3 axis, 10 to 33Hz, Hor. 0.020A (in.), Ver., 0.030A (in.)
Temperature-humidity cycling
What to Know When Ordering
1. What type of cable do you require and what length? Various cable types
are available to meet any application and OCC can provision any assembly
to the specific length that meets your need. Contact OCC Sales for help
determining the best cable for your application. The length of the assembly
and cable O.D. determines the size RiO reel needed.
2. What type of connections do you require? RiO reels can be configured
with a variety of connector configurations including SMPTE 311 hybrid cable
assemblies. RiO can accommodate up to 24 channels and can be configured
with any OCC cylindrical or hermaphroditic plug or receptacle as well as
discrete connectors (LC, ST, SC). For detailed ordering information, contact
OCC Sales.
3. What is your application? How do you intend to install and use RiO? The RiO reel systems is compatible with all
MARS accessories to meet any application requirement. Tell us what the intended use is and we can recommend
options and accessories that will optimize your deployable communications solution.
Product Options for a Complete RiO Solution
Fiber Optic Patchcords - ST, SC, LC, MT
MARS Accessories
Connector Cleaning Kits
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