Keeping First Responders
Safe, Effective & Productive
Firecom 50 Series Wireless
The Firecom FHW-51 wireless headset with all-in-one design allows complete freedom of movement while maintaining hands-free,
full-duplex communication with your crew. Operating with a stand-alone intercom system or integrated with a mobile radio, the flexible
design brings all crew members into constant communication. Broad padded headband remains comfortable for hours of wear.
Water-resistant and comfortable ear seals, extended operating temperature, and robust design make this headset ready for action in
virtually any fireground environment.
1600' line-of-sight range
Over five times the distance and almost
30 times the area of Bluetooth
Extended-range operating temperature
Rated from -40° to +158°, this headset
works wherever you do
Completely wireless and antenna-free
No external antennas to break or beltpack wires to entangle the user
Long-life battery
Operates 24 hours on a 2-hour charge
with one-year charge retention, keeps
the headset ready for use at all times
DECT6 wireless technology
Crystal-clear, interference-free,
and secure communication
compared to Bluetooth
Memory foam ComLeather ear seals
Fit comfortably for hours while
delivering 24db noise reduction
PTT radio, Full-duplex intercom
Red push-to-talk over radio button;
full-duplex intercom and listen-only
radio when button not engaged
Three-way adjustable boom
Precise microphone placement,
comfort, and performance
Two-year warranty, extendable
to 5-year comprehensive service
Extend your two-year standard
warranty to five years with the
ComCare™ Service Program
AC battery charger and heavy-duty DC charging cable included.
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Keeping First Responders
Safe, Effective & Productive
Exceptional range and security
1600-foot line-of-sight range
DECT6 wireless encrypted (available in US and Canada only)
Audible out-of-range warning
Long-lasting power source
24-hour rechargeable battery with 2-hour full charge time
Energy-saver sleep mode: one year of shelf life without losing the charge
Simple on/off operation
Power-on battery capacity indicator with dual LED indication
Audible and visual 2-stage low battery warning
12v DC battery charger included
Heavy-duty charging cable included
State-of-the-art ear and hearing protection
ComLeather over memory foam ear seals for hours of comfortable use
Enhanced durability and comfort, designed to fit any head size
24dB noise reduction rating (NRR)
IP65 rating for dust/water protection when worn
Enhanced microphone
Flexible mic. boom with slide adjustment for accurate/secure positioning
Microphone boom rotates for left or right dress
Noise-cancelling electret microphone ensures optimal clarity
Programmable microphone gain
Microphone protected by a layer of waterproof material for outdoor use
Microphone muff improves clarity by eliminating wind noise
Total configurability
Full duplex intercom plus listen-only radio in intercom mode
Communicates over radio with push-and-hold transmit button
PTT button requires solid push, eliminating accidental transmissions
Fully programmable to user specifications
Simple maintenance
Black domes for easy cleaning
Black powder-coated headband for durability
Weight: 18 oz
Color: Black
Noise Reduction Rating: 24dB NRR
Range: 1600 feet open-field
Digital encoding for secure communications
Interference-free communications for up to 60 headsets per system
3.7V rechargeable lithium polymer battery
>24 hours battery life when operating @25°C
Over voltage, under voltage, over current and over temp. protection
AC Charge source: supplied 12v, 500mA wall charger
DC Charge source: 5v to16v, 1.5A minimum
Charge time: 2 hours
Conducted Transients per 7637-2
IP-65 rated, when worn
Operating temperature -40°F (-40°C) to +158°F (+70°C)
Storage temperature -40°F (-40°C) to +185°F (+85°C)
Charging Temperature 32°F (0°C) to +104°F (+40°C)
Humidity per MIL-STD 810F and 810G
Temperature Shock per MIL-STD 810F and 810G
Chemical Exposure per MIL-STD 810F and 810G
Salt Spray per J1455, Sec. 4.3
Vibration per J1455 Sec. 4.9
Conducted Immunity per J1113-11
Electrostatic Discharge per J1113-13
Radiated Emissions per J1113-41
Protect your investment for up to five years with ComCare™ Service Programs
Firecom offers unparalleled peace of mind with its exclusive ComCare Service Program. For less than the
cost of a single out-of-warranty repair, ComCare Service provides comprehensive support and extends
the warranty on your system for up to five years from the date of purchase. The benefits include priority status
on technical support, priority repair time and shipping, and discounts up to 50 percent on batteries and
non-warranty repairs. ComCare is available for purchase within 90 days of original equipment purchase date.
To learn more about the benefits of ComCare, talk to your local dealer, or visit
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