AJ7030D/37 Philips Clock radio for iPod/iPhone

Clock radio for iPod/
MP3 Link
Wake up to your iPod/iPhone
Rise and shine to favorite tunes from your iPod/iPhone or FM with the dashing Philips
Clock radio that will brighten your room - and mornings! Its smart dock lets you charge
your devices without the need to remove its protective casing.
Enrich your sound experience
• Play and charge your iPod/iPhone simultaneously
• FM digital tuning with presets
• Neodymium speaker driver for rich and clear sound
• 6W RMS total output power
Easy to use
• Dock any iPod/iPhone, even in its case
• Auto clock synchronization with iPod/iPhone when docked
• MP3 Link for portable music playback
• Time and alarm backup for on-time wakeup even with power cut
• Sleep timer for easy falling asleep to your favorite music
Start the day your way
• Wake up to your iPod/ iPhone music or radio tunes
• Gentle wake for a pleasant wake up experience
• Dual alarm to wake you and your partner at different times
Clock radio for iPod/iPhone
MP3 Link
Dock iPod/iPhone in its case
the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in the
superior sound quality delivered by the audio
system, the MP3 link is also extremely convenient as
all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player
to the audio system.
Neodymium speaker driver
Neodymium speaker driver for rich and clear sound
Play & charge your iPod/iPhone
• Compatible with: iPod mini, iPod with color
display, iPod 5th Generation, iPod classic, iPod
nano 1st Generation, iPod nano 2nd Generation,
iPod nano 3rd Generation, iPod nano 4th
Generation, iPod touch, iPod touch 2nd
Generation, iPod nano, iPod nano 5th Generation,
iPod nano 6th generation, iPod touch 4th
Smartly designed spring-loaded docking port
effortlessly accommodates any iPod or iPhone,
without special adaptors. What’s more, it works
even when most protective cases are on – just dock
your iPod or iPhone as it is. Now you can truly have
fuss-free enjoyment of your music.
Tuner Bands: FM
Auto digital tuning
Station presets: 20
Antenna: FM Antenna
Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz
Audio Playback
• Cradle playback mode: Charging iPod, Charging
Gentle wake
Enjoy your favorite MP3 music while charging your
iPod/iPhone! The dock lets you connect your
portable device directly to the Docking
entertainment system so you can listen to your
favorite music in superb sound. It also charges your
iPod/iPhone while it plays so you can enjoy your
music and not have to worry about your portable
player battery running out. The Docking
entertainment system automatically charges your
portable device while it is docked.
Start your day right by waking up gently to a
gradually escalating alarm volume. Normal alarm
sounds with a preset volume are either too low to
wake you up or are so uncomfortably loud that you
are rudely jolted awake. Choose to wake up to your
favorite music, radio station or buzzer alarm. Gentle
wake's alarm volume gradually increases from subtly
low to reasonably high in order to gently rouse you.
iPod compatibility
Auto clock synchronization
• Clock/Version: Digital
• Alarms: 24 hour alarm reset, Buzzer Alarm, Radio
Alarm, Repeat alarm (snooze), Sleep timer, Dual
alarm time, iPod Alarm
• Display Enhancements: Brightness Control
• Sound System: Stereo
• Output power (RMS): 2x3W
• Volume Control: Volume Control up/down
• Built-in speakers: 2
• Neodynium magnet system
• MP3-Link: 3.5mm stereo input
MP3 Link
When connect and dock, this docking system will
automatically synchronize the clock with your iPod/
iPhone within a few seconds. With this convenient
feature, you do not need to set the time manually.
Packaging type: D-box
Packaging depth: 141 mm
Packaging height: 106 mm
Packaging width: 263 mm
Product dimensions (W x H x D):
198 x 71 x 111 mm
• Included accessories: AC-DC Adapter, Quick Use
Guide, User Manual, World Wide Warranty leaflet
iPhone compatibility
• Compatible with: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS,
iPhone 4
The MP3 link connectivity allows direct playback of
MP3 content from portable media players. Besides
• Backup battery: CR2032 (included)
• Mains power: 110V
• Number of batteries: 1
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