An overview of V-ZUG appliances.
Calling on innovation and traditional Swiss quality, we have been
developing and producing household appliances since 1913. Not only
do our products make everyday life easier, they also excite and inspire
our customers – for a whole lifetime of enjoyment.
Whether they are cooking, washing dishes or doing
laundry, people who expect their appliances to deliver
more than just the basics need look no further than
V-ZUG. As the Swiss market leader, we live by Swiss
values – and make it possible for people all over the
world to experience these with simple, tailor-made
solutions that provide lifelong inspiration and delight.
We develop and produce these products in the very
heart of Switzerland – on our site in Zug. Nowadays,
people all over the world value the innovative strength
so closely associated with Switzerland, the high level
of precision we deliver and the outstanding quality of
our premium products.
Premium Swiss quality means
Manufacturing with the utmost precision and pioneering techniques
Constant quality and final testing
1,400 highly-qualified employees
Major investments in the Zug work place
Spare parts guaranteed for up to 15 years
As a responsible player, we advocate
economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Consciously sustainable – from production to use
The environment matters to us, which is why we invest
our innovative capacity and technological expertise
in the field of energy efficiency. Household appliances
take up a large proportion of the energy and water
we use in our day-to-day lives. Anyone who has
­invested in a cutting-edge V-ZUG appliance saves
­valuable resources every day, which is also kinder to
the household budget.
O2-neutral production by 2020
Electricity from 100% renewable energy sources
The ZUGgate logistics centre has its own photovoltaic installation
Through EcoManagement, we promote a conscious choice of
­resource-saving programmes
Active member of FEA, the Swiss Professional Association for Electrical
Appliances in Household and Industry
By developing practical solutions, we want to enhance your daily life,
so that you have time for the really important things in life.
Is it the smell of freshly washed laundry, the attractive
design of your equipment or the aromas of delicious
food? Everyone’s needs differ and our well-being is
rooted in a wide range of things in life. We are
convinced that attractive surroundings with household
appliances offering you added value help you to feel
at home. We therefore want all our appliances to
support your well-being.
Feel at home with
Simple operation – for perfect results
Short and automatic programmes – so that you have time for your family
Vacuisine – to delight your guests
The Party programme – to keep you in a good mood when doing the dishes
The exclusive Pureness design line – for simple elegance
For design aficionados with a nose for clear,
stylish elegance, we have a new design line
in our product range. The handles are made
from high-quality anodised aluminium, creating
a slate-like effect. Sophisticated engraving on
the inside of the handle is reflected on the
mirror glass. If you order an oven with welcome
package, you will also receive the latest iPad
mini with a stylish wood holder. This allows
you to take advantage of the wide-ranging
functions of V-ZUG-Home.
For us, design is love at both first and second sight –
not only when you see it but also when you use it and clean it.
Design is the art of combining functionality and aesthetics. Consequently, we always design new appliances based on the desire to make your daily life
easier. A visually appealing design is the perfect finishing touch. For over 100 years, we have reduced
our appliances to the essentials, ensuring a modern
yet timeless appearance.
Inspiration across the entire range
Timeless elegance as standard
Clear lines and high-quality materials
Simple, modern operation
A range of different handles
From cutting-edge to tried-and-tested: Displays and plain text displays
Exclusive and stylish Pureness design line
Exclusive, timeless and puristic look
Sophisticated engraving on the
Semi-matt V-ZUG logo
Available for Combair SL and XSL,
Combi-Steam XSL, FullFlex hob and
Winecooler WC90
Send recipe settings to the
Take advantage of networked household appliances: for example, you can receive a start
message on your smartphone for a programmed delayed start or you can be notified
when the dish you are preparing is ready to
serve. The app now also offers you inspiration
with a wide range of recipes and you can send
the relevant programme directly to your appliance.
With V-ZUG-Home, you can network your household appliances so that
they can always benefit from
the very latest innovations.
Picture the scene: you are sitting comfortably on the
sofa with your guests and receive a message on your
smartphone when the entrecôte is ready to be served.
Or you are working in the garden and can quickly
check on your tablet how long the washing programme
has left to run. Thanks to V-ZUG-Home, selected appliances such as our modern ovens, combi-steam
cookers, hobs, washing machines, tumble dryers and
dishwashers are able to communicate and can easily
be networked.
Households with the app –
even more comfortable and
Households with the app – even more comfortable and efficient
otification when a programme ends
Information about the current status
Easy to configure and install
Latest software updates systematically uploaded
For more information, visit home.vzug.com
Networked, cutting-edge, innovative
More than 200 recipes offering
Send recipe steps to the appliance
Shopping list directly on your mobile
EasyCook settings sent to the
Updates at the push of a button
Steam functions for every need
With their simple yet varied applications, our steam
and combi-steam cookers make both cooking
and dining more enjoyable.
What you eat can have a major impact on
your vitality, energy and general well-being – and that
matters to us. A V-ZUG steam cooker is the perfect
tool to help you to cultivate a healthy and modern
lifestyle. After all, unpressurised cooking with steam
is the gentlest method of preparing food. A V-ZUG
combi-steam cooker makes cooking easier, saves time
and is a reliable companion throughout the entire day.
Practical presettings with EasyCook
Complex cooking procedures at the push of a button with
the GourmetGuide
Succulently tender meat thanks to the patented soft roasting
Fully-automatic preparation with BakeOmatic
Vacuisine – sous-vide cooking at home
MSLQ Combi-Steam – even quicker top-quality steaming
The large range of ovens offers you a whole host of new possibilities.
With the wide range of functions available, you can take your cooking
and baking to a whole new level – for maximum pleasure.
From hot air through top and bottom heat to a grill
with recirculation air – our appliances offer the right
operating mode for whatever need. And thanks to the
exquisite material, the entire cooking and baking
process is fun, even cleaning up afterwards.
Delicious possibilities
Crispy pizza with PizzaPlus
The perfect gratin thanks to BakeOmatic
Mouth-watering stews with hot air humid
Meat cooked to perfection with soft roasting
Our vacuum, warming and system drawers are the ideal addition
to ovens and steam cookers and offer you a whole host
of ingenious applications.
Warming drawer for increased comfort
Our warming drawers are a perfect match for our
other appliances and offer a certain luxury in your
daily cooking. The new functions offer you a wide
range of possibilities while the vacuum drawer brings
a technical innovation into your very home, promising
culinary highlights.
Vacuum cooking – for daily meals or special occasions
Optimised heating concept
Practical touch control
Favourite applications at the push of a button
Warm cups for perfect coffee enjoyment
Good visibility thanks to new interior lighting
Divide vegetables from your own garden into portions
Vacuum seal preserving and jam jars
Preparation for Vacuisine
Liquid foodstuffs can also be hermetically sealed
Preserves vitamins, flavours, minerals and colours
Thanks to cutting-edge inductors, this hob automatically recognises the position and size of
the pans. This allows you to place 6 pans
wherever you want on the glass ceramic sheet.
The FullFlex hob promises a unique cooking
experience and makes cooking even more
You have the choice of three different types of hob: induction hobs for
an ultra-modern lifestyle, Toptronic for convenient glass solutions,
or Quicklight in combination with a cooker.
Cooking with induction equipment allows you to take
advantage of state-of-the-art technology along with
all the conveniences that go with it. When it comes to
speed, energy efficiency and safety, induction hobs
are infinitely superior to their conventional counterparts. If you want a tried-and-tested hob, the Toptronic
and Quicklight options are the ideal choice.
Maximum flexibility
on the hob
utting-edge technology, safe and energy-saving
Heating in record time
Heat is only generated in the base of the pan
No burning and easy to clean
Self-sustaining hobs
Simple operation on the glass ceramic sheet
Offers lots of cooking space in combination with a cooker
Roaster, warming zone and residual heat indicator display
48 inductors automatically
recognise the position and size of
the pans
Full-colour graphic display with
inspiring background images
Equipped with V-ZUG-Home
The new Fusion hob includes an integrated
range hood ensuring plenty of headroom.
This hob makes cooking so much easier so that
you can happily focus all your attention on
preparing your meals. The built-in range hood
draws fumes downwards from beside the pans
and even communicates with the hob.
Our range hoods boast outstanding quality
that you can see, feel and smell.
Whether you want a designer hood to reflect your
good taste or for the built-in appliances for more
practical purposes: our product range offers a range
of aesthetic and functional solutions tailored to your
One appliance –two functions
A range of possibilities for extracting fumes
Island and ceiling range hoods for island cooking units
Integrated range hood to be built into the wall unit
Hob hoods built directly into the kitchen worktop
Downdraft with extendible hood structure
Wall hoods for hobs set against a wall
Built-in range hoods for optimum use of space
Fusion, an appliance with two functions
Range hood integrated into the hob
Draws fumes downwards
OptiLink automatically regulates the
range hood
Intuitive touch control on the graphic
Our wide range of high-performance dishwashers make
your dishes sparkle and your eyes shine with delight.
One thing is certain: a dishwasher uses far less energy
and water than washing up by hand. This is particularly
true of our appliances – they are among the very best
when it comes to the environment. The Adora SL WP
even has a heat pump that helps to almost halve your
electricity consumption. Every one of our dishwashers
comes with the programmes you would expect from
a good appliance. The sophisticated programmes
installed in our dishwashers are an excellent argument
when it comes to picking a higher convenience level.
Washes all your cares away
Automatic programme for the optimum wash cycle
A wide range of special programmes such as fondue/raclette
Wash in record time with the Party programme
Sparkling results with SteamFinish
OptiStart delayed start function
Adaptive equipment
This stylish side-by-side solution warms the
heart: The combination of a single-door fridge
and a single-door freezer offers you even more
convenience in the kitchen. With its modern
features, the new Jumbo 60i fridge offers
plenty of space. Combined with the new Iglu
60i freezer, this solution is a design element
offering a high level of functionality.
Our fridges and freezers shine with economical
use, excellent performance and a high-quality
and attractive design.
Most of our fridges are fully-integrated appliances:
the front section is panelled using your kitchen unit
design, helping the appliance to blend elegantly into
the background. With its high-quality materials and
tasteful design, the inside is equally convincing. In all
our appliances, we attach great importance to practical and flexible equipment.
The Jumbo 60i premium fridge
Cutting-edge technology and qualitative design
High-quality LED lights
Smart rack system for a customised layout
Fully-extendible drawers
Anti-slam door closing with SoftClose
FreshControl zone just above 0°C
FreshBox, ideal for meat and fish
Cellar compartment for foodstuffs sensitive to the cold
301 litre net capacity
FreshControl zone with three
FlexBox for smaller foods
Fully-extendible drawers
The Iglu 60i premium freezer
E nergy-saving LED lighting
Flexible drawer system
No need to defrost it thanks to the
NoFrost function
Every detail of the V-ZUG wine coolers is designed to ensure
your finest wines are stored in ideal conditions.
With this model, our product range boasts
another stylish wine cooler that can be installed under the worktop. An absolute highlight is the fully-glazed door without handles
that opens at the gentlest of touches.
The taste sensation you get from a good wine not only
depends on its quality; temperature and the type of
glass used can also play a key role. We are sure that
these considerations are very important to you as a
host and that you want to enjoy your wine at home in
the perfect conditions. Our built-in wine coolers keep
your wines at the ideal temperature.
For floor-unit installation
Perfection you can enjoy
Two height-adjustable climate zones – one for white wine and one
for red wine
Precise temperature setting of the climate zones, from 5 to 18°C
Still, vibration-free wine storage
Exclusives design with stylish glass door
Anti-slam door closing with SoftClose
Modern LED lighting
Fully-extendible wooden shelves
Two temperature zones
Room for 32 wine bottles
An activated charcoal filter
TouchOpen function
These quality products make washing a pleasure – in your own
home, rented accommodation or in a small business.
The Adora and Adorina line appliances boast technical innovations that make your life easier. The Unimatic
is ideal for communal rooms and small businesses.
And they all have one thing in common: they are unbelievably economical in terms of water and energy
A premium appliance with the Adora
Ironing is almost a thing of the past thanks to the steam
anti-crease function
Anti-mite and skin protection
Gentle cleaning with WetClean
Hygiene recommendation and appliance hygiene programme
Economical operation thanks to EcoManagement
Swiss quality
Adorina for tried-and-tested use
Suitable for any home and every budget
Timeless design and simple to use
Wide range of programmes
The high-quality Unimatic product
Daily use in apartment buildings or small businesses
Robust with a long service life
Quiet and durable, thanks to the vibration absorbing system
Ingenious programmes such as steam anti-crease
Our dryers and fabric care systems bring a
breath of fresh air into your home.
Your clothes deserve the very best and gentlest care.
That is why all our dryers offer a wide range of
programmes for different types of fabric. The
­REFRESH-BUTLER function brings an exclusive fabric
expert into your very home.
Adora for luxurious drying
EcoManagement: even more economical drying on demand
Easy care suitable for all fabrics
An operating concept for every convenience level
Adorina for tried-and-tested use
Suitable for any home and every budget
Economical water and energy management
Wide range of programmes
Unimatic heat pump dryer
For use in apartment buildings or small businesses
Sprint – dry in 89 minutes
Large, reversing honeycomb drum for gentle drying
REFRESH-BUTLER for high-quality fabrics
Neutralise odours
Eliminate germs and bacteria
Energy-saving, gentle drying
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