Unidirectional Battery Powered Approach Light

Unidirectional Battery Powered Approach Light
Unidirectional Battery Powered Approach Light
A battery powered, portable, unidirectional approach
light providing three pre-set levels of light intensity.
The UAL is based on the COREL and uses many common components,
namely the polycarbonate body mouldings, lamp base, electronic control
and switches. The lower section houses the batteries. The adjustable lamp
housing is secured to the body assembly via a pivot arrangement which
allows setting of the lamp in elevation between 2° and 8°.
The upper and lower body sections are injection moulded from a colour
impregnated high strength polycarbonate material. The design includes
features to provide electromagnetic compatibility. All fittings are fully
corrosion protected. The lens is manufactured from borosilicate glass.
The light source is a tungsten halogen bi-pin lamp with an average life of
2000 hours. The base can be fitted with rubber as standard or optionally
with a high grade ‘Velcro’ covering which, when used in conjunction with
a fixed base plate, provides extremely good adhesion and hence stability.
The freestanding battery charger comprises a custom designed all steel
enclosure, with drop down trays to enable compact storage, protection
and transportation of the unit. When the trays are unlocked and lowered,
charging outlets are available for recharging up to 16 UALs simultaneously.
Each ‘nest’ location is fitted with an individual charging outlet module,
providing the facility for maintaining all the UALs in a fully charged
operational state. Battery charging is simple and easy to achieve by dropping
the UAL onto a mating charging outlet connector located in each ‘nest’.
Within a few seconds of switching on the UAL, a tricolour LED mounted
between the switches indicates the status of the battery.
The indications are:
GREEN More than 70%
ORANGE 40% - 70%
RED Less than 40%
This indication goes out after a short period. In addition, when the unit is
operating but has less than one hour of battery capacity, the LED indicates
flashing red until the unit cuts off. When the UAL is in its nest and being
charged the LED will give a continuous indication of charge status as follows:
ORANGE 0% - 70%
GREEN 70% - 90%
The UAL produces white light at three pre-set levels of intensity through
20º in azimuth:
Level 1 200 cds
Level 2 400 cds
Level 3 600 cds
Power is supplied from two 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries (SLAB). The
full photometric performance can be achieved at the end of sixteen hours
of operation at the maximum level of light output. The batteries are fixed in
the unit and need only be removed when replacement is required.
The UAL family of products has successfully completed a full and
comprehensive schedule of environmental and type testing designed to
meet rugged and exacting standards. These include:
Climatic conditions
Corrosion and salt resistance
Mould growth
Fluid contamination
Vibration and shock
Reliability and maintainability
The UAL can be supplied with either manual or radio control. With the
radio version of the UAL, control is achieved either manually or by using
the Master Switching Unit (MSU). A selector switch on the control panel
of the UAL enables either mode to be selected by the operator during
deployment. Radio control is via a coded VHF receiver module mounted
inside the electronics enclosure. The coding of the radio signal ensures a
high rejection of radio interference from other transmissions and protects
the unit from unauthorised operation, either by accident or intent.
The number employed and the pattern of deployment of the UALs can
be set to meet particular requirements. They can be used to provide a
back-up to a permanent system or for stand alone operation with regular
or occasional use. Elevation of the lamp can be adjusted between 2° and 8°
by setting the desired approach angle on the scale and adjusting
the spirit level. Where used, aluminium base plates can be fixed to the
ground using hammer screws or metal anchor pins depending upon the
type of surface encountered. The base plates have a ‘Velcro’ covering as
does the bottom of the UAL. The use of base plates allows deployment to
pre-positioned bases for semi-permanent and emergency lighting
Height 300mm
Width 195mm
Length 198mm
Weight 8kgs (including batteries)
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