3 RCA Component Video Mini High−Resolution Cable
Kramer's C−R3VM/R3VM is constructed of
28AWG high resolution mini coax cables in a
single jacket with male RCA connectors at
each end. It offers outstanding quality,
durability, and high−performance and is
designed for home theater applications.
Quality Construction - Molded male 15-pin HD connector installed on one end, and the corresponding RGBHV
coaxes exposed and pre stripped and tinned at the other end. - Constructed using rugged and flexible 28AWG cable
containing 3 mini coaxes.
Easy Installation - Pre-stripped and tinned conductors at the bare end provides the easiest possible installation of a
15-pin HD connector, or to the back side of a Kramer wall plate with terminal blocks. For typical 5 BNC installation,
just cut and prep the coaxes as usual for crimp or compression connectors on 26/28 gauge mini coax. - Coaxes are
contained in a single round jacket, and are terminated with premium quality gold−plated, color−coded RCA
Cable Specs - See Kramer BC-5X for detailed cable specs. - This cable is compatible with any standard or high
definition analog component video signal including YUV, Y B−Y R−Y, YPbPr and YCbCr.
Attenuation (dB/100 ft.): - -0.6dB @ 1MHz.
-1.4 dB @ 5 MHz.
-2.1 dB @ 10 MHz.
-4.7 dB @ 50 MHz.
-6.8 dB @ 100 MHz.
-9.2 dB @ 180 MHz.
-14.2 dB @ 400MHz.
-20.1 dB @ 750MHz.
-23.8 dB @ 1000MHz.
Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150 foot lengths (4.5 to 45 meters). - For
detailed cable specs, see Kramer BC−3X specs.