McAfee Web Protection
Web security your way—cloud, on premises, or a hybrid combination
From web filtering and anti-malware scanning to deep content inspection and granular
control over how cloud applications are used, McAfee® Web Protection delivers the security,
controls, and deployment flexibility needed for enterprise security. Whether you are looking
for the control of an on-premises solution, the unlimited scale and low cost of a cloud
service, or a hybrid combination of the two, McAfee Web Protection empowers you to
deploy web security the way that best fits your current and changing needs.
As the web continues to grow and evolve, web-borne
malware attacks grow and evolve as well, threatening
endpoints and critical data. As the level of risk continues
to increase, organizations are demanding the best
web security available to battle such growth. McAfee
understands the security needs of today’s cloudconnected world and offers comprehensive web security
for the threat-defense oriented enterprise.
On Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid
For the ultimate in deployment flexibility and to
help future-proof your investment, McAfee offers all
features of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Web
Gateway Cloud Service in a single solution: McAfee
Web Protection. Deploy on premises with a scalable
McAfee Web Protection
family of dedicated hardware or virtual appliances,
deploy as a cloud service, or combine both options for
enterprise-class flexibility and availability. For example,
organizations can use hardware or virtual appliances to
protect employees at corporate headquarters and the
cloud service to protect remote or traveling employees.
Branch offices can also route their entire site’s traffic
to the cloud service, reducing the cost of multiprotocol
label switching (MPLS) networks that typically backhaul
all public-facing web traffic to a central location for
processing. You’ll get award-winning McAfee antimalware protection and comprehensive web filtering
with every option. Synchronized policy management
from on premises to cloud ensures consistent rulesbased policy across all platforms.
Key Advantages
Ultimate flexibility
All the features of McAfee Web
Gateway appliance software
and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud
Service in a single subscription.
Address current needs today,
with the freedom to change in the
Predictable user-based
subscription pricing, regardless of
deployment method.
Advanced security
McAfee Web Protection uses the
McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware
Engine to stop zero-day malware
in real time, which includes a
patented approach to behavioral
Integration to McAfee Endpoint
Security, McAfee Advanced
Threat Defense, McAfee Cloud
Threat Detection, McAfee Threat
Intelligence Exchange, McAfee
Cloud Data Protection, and McAfee
Cloud Visibility—Community
Cloud Infrastructure
Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology, such
as Amazon Web Services (AWS), provide dynamic
enterprise scalability and nearly unlimited resources.
Security professionals need to ensure their web security
can both run in that environment and secure cloud
workloads. McAfee Web Gateway customers have the
flexibility of deploying within AWS as a forward proxy,
reverse proxy, or even as an Internet Content Adaptation
Protocol (ICAP) server to protect endpoints, data, and
applications. This allows organizations to route higher
risk traffic to advanced anti-malware engines. It also
provides the ability to check data flows for potentially
sensitive information—either with the McAfee Web
Gateway Data Loss Protection capability or by leveraging
an existing data protection solution.
virus detection and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
(McAfee GTI) file reputation with real-time look-up
capabilities allows us to close the gap between virus
discovery and system protection.
Advanced Security
McAfee Web Protection layers numerous threat
detection technologies to provide advanced protection
from zero-day and known threats. This enables McAfee
Web Protection to optimize security on a single platform
with multiple complementary technologies—something
many organizations want for their layered security
approaches. Deep content inspection even scans Zip
files, PDFs, and graphics, looking for hidden malware.
Independent researchers have awarded McAfee web
security solutions top scores for accurately detecting
and blocking up to 99% of malware.
Our advanced, layered protection includes:
Comprehensive signature-based antivirus
protection with real-time lookups: Leading-edge
McAfee Web Protection
McAfee GTI with web reputation and web
categorization: McAfee Web Protection delivers
enhanced web filtering functionality and security
through the powerful combination of both reputation
and category-based filtering. McAfee GTI powers
McAfee Web Protection filtering technologies and
creates a profile of all internet entities—websites,
email, and IP addresses—based on hundreds of
different attributes gathered from the massive, global
data collection capabilities of McAfee Labs. It then
assigns a reputation score based on the security risk
posed, enabling administrators to apply granular
rules about what to permit or deny—and continues
to monitor those entities over time. Dynamic content
categorization analyzes the content of a previously
unknown website and determines if it belongs to an
undesirable category (gambling, pornography, games,
and others).
Behavioral analysis that opens content in real
time for zero-day prevention: McAfee Web
Protection uses a patented approach to zero-day day
malware prevention that integrates machine learning
intelligence into real-time behavior emulation as web
traffic passes through. By scanning a web page’s active
content, emulating its behavior, and predicting its
intent, McAfee Web Protection proactively protects
against zero-day and targeted attacks before they
reach endpoint systems.
Complete inbound and outbound
Enforces an organization’s internet
use policy with an infinitely
customizable rule-based policy
Layered security provides
immediate, effective protection
against malware and other hidden
Mobile filtering for remote users,
including laptops, Apple iOS, and
Google Android devices.
Thousands of cloud application
The Growing Threat
Branch Office
Mobile Workers
Today’s web threats come in all
shapes and sizes and are delivered
in multiple ways—spam and
phishing email links, malvertising,
social media, and seemingly benign
files that your employees use every
day. McAfee Web Protection has you
covered from every angle.
70% to 90% of malware samples
are unique to an organization.
McAfee Labs identifies more than
300 new pieces of malware every
minute, or about 5 per second.1
Large Branch Office
Figure 1. McAfee Web Protection enables ultimate deployment flexibility. Deploy on premises with appliances or in a virtual environment, in the
cloud, or combine options for added deployment flexibility and high availability—the choice is yours.
Cloud Application Control
Protection Everywhere
One effect of the shift to cloud applications is the
increased potential for Shadow IT. Security professionals
that fail to track unapproved cloud applications risk
data leakage and potential financial loss. McAfee Web
Protection provides complete visibility into all web traffic
and includes thousands of cloud application controls
that can be used to manage or restrict access using
business criteria, such as application risk or user profile.
As the workforce becomes more distributed and
mobile, the need for web filtering and protection that
can seamlessly transition from the office to the road
becomes increasingly important. McAfee Web Protection
customers can take advantage of McAfee Client Proxy,
included with McAfee Web Protection and McAfee
Endpoint Security, to both protect and control web
access for off-network users. This integrated, gateway-
McAfee Web Protection
1. McAfee Labs
aware solution intelligently routes web traffic to a
McAfee Web Protection solution—either on premises
or in the cloud, depending on user location—for full
policy enforcement. Through integration with mobile
device management partners AirWatch and MobileIron,
enterprises can secure Apple iOS and Google Android
devices through the same web security policy as any
other device in their ecosystem.
Unified Reporting
The widely utilized and highly praised enterprise security
management platform, McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®
(McAfee ePO™) software, is the reporting solution
for McAfee Web Protection. As the single source for
consolidated information, the McAfee ePO platform
helps you quickly identify and mitigate problems and
improve compliance management. McAfee ePO software
provides detailed web reporting through the McAfee
Content Security Reporter extension.
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McAfee Web Protection
McAfee Content Security Reporter enables organizations
to aggregate data across on-premises and cloud McAfee
Web Protection delivery platforms for a unified reporting
infrastructure. It gives you the information and tools
you need to understand how your organization is using
the web and helps you comply with regulations, identify
trends, isolate problems, document inappropriate web
activity, and tailor your filtering settings to enforce
your web usage policies. It combines dashboard views
and drilldowns into web traffic with powerful offline
processing—everything you need in one easy-to-use
solution. McAfee Content Security Reporter offers an
external, stand-alone report server designed to offload
resource-intensive data processing and storage from the
existing McAfee ePO software server, enabling it to scale
to meet the reporting needs of even the largest global
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