P420-M USB speakerphone
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Congratulations on purchasing your new Plantronics product. This guide contains instructions for setting up and using your Plantronics
P420-M USB speakerphone.
The P420-M is a high quality USB speakerphone that is optimised for use with Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007. By default,
the P420-M utilises its internal microphone and loudspeaker providing high quality communication for all your VoIP applications.
Please refer to the safety instructions in the Quick Start Guide for important product safety information prior to installation or use of
the product.
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
1 Package contents and features.................................... 4
1.1 P420-M USB speakerphone..................................... 4
1.2 P420-M USB speakerphone features....................... 4
2 Set-up........................................................................... 5
2.1 Connecting USB speakerphone to PC..................... 5
2.2 External speakers/headphones connection............. 5
2.3 Confirming P420-M is configured as Microsoft
Office Communicator 2007 speakerphone..................... 5
3 Using your P420-M USB speakerphone...................... 8
Volume up, volume down, mute..................................... 8
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
1 Package contents and features
1.1 P420-M USB speakerphone
USB cable
(mini B to A)
1.2 P420-M USB features
Mute key
Volume down
Volume up
3.5 mm stereo jack
(for external speakers
or headphones)
USB port
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
2 Setup
2.1 Connecting USB speakerphone to PC
1 Click the drop-down arrow on the upper left-hand corner.
1Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of
the speakerphone.
2 Select the “Tools” option
3 Select “Set up Audio and Video…”
2 Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB port
on your computer. A blue light will illuminate through the
buttons on the top of the unit indicating the speakerphone is
powered on and operating.
2.2External speakers/headphones
The P420-M is equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo headphones/
external speaker connector. Connecting your computer’s
loudspeakers (or headphones) to the P420-M will disable the
P420-M’s internal speaker. Your computer’s audio (music, VoIP
communication or any other) will be passed through to the
external speakers, maintaining the same sound quality your
computer can deliver. While the internal speaker is disabled when
using this connection, the P420-M’s internal microphone is still
2.3 Confirming P420-M is configured
as Microsoft Office Communicator
2007 speakerphone
The Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Audio and Video
Wizard will now guide you through three set-up steps:
A) In step A, you will set the handset or headset you want to use.
If the P420-M is the only Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
device connected to your PC, make sure P420-M is selected in
the drop-down menu or make sure the headset or handset you
wish to use is selected. Click Next.
The P420-M works plug-and-play with Microsoft Office
Communicator 2007 and requires no drivers or additional
software. For most computers, the P420-M should become the
default speakerphone device when connected to your computer.
To ensure the P420-M is configured properly as the Microsoft
Office Communicator 2007 speakerphone, follow these steps:
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
B) In step B, you will set the speakerphone you want to use.
Make sure the speakerphone is set for P420-M by default. If it
is not, then select P420-M in the drop-down lists under Speaker
and Microphone. Click Next.
At this point, you may click Test to play a tone through the
P420-M speaker and adjust the speaker volume. For Windows
XP, the speaker slider will not adjust the volume on the P420-M
(because of how the P420-M is required to enumerate to meet
Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 certification requirements)
so the volume must be adjusted using the P420-M controls on
the unit. The microphone can also be adjusted at this point using
the slider. Both sliders operate correctly with Windows Vista.
Note This step only controls Microsoft Office Communicator
2007 system sounds. Windows system sounds must be
managed through “Sounds and Audio Devices” in the Control
Panel. To make any further adjustments to Windows audio, do
the following:
For Windows XP, click on the following: “Start”, “Settings”,
“Control Panel” and select “Sound and Audio Devices”. From
there, select the audio tab and make any further adjustments
to the P420-M settings for Sound Playback (speaker) or Sound
Recording (microphone).
C) In step C, you will set the audio output location for your
Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 program sounds. It is
recommended that you use your PC speakers for this setting, if
you have a sound card and speakers available, because system
sounds can be distracting when played through the P420-M
during a call.
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
For Windows Vista, click on the following: “Start”, “Control Panel”,
“Hardware and Sound”, “Sound – Manage Audio Devices”. From
there, select the Playback tab and make any further adjustments
to the P420-M (speaker) settings. Then select the Recording tab
and make any further adjustments to the P420-M (microphone)
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
3 Using your P420-M USB speakerphone
Volume up, volume down and mute
1 Press the down arrow (left button) to decrease the
speaker volume.
2 Press the up arrow (right button) to increase the speaker
Note A prolonged press of the volume buttons will increase
or decrease the volume several levels until you stop pressing
the button. The P420-M will beep when a volume up button or
volume down button is pressed and a series of beeps when a
prolonged press is performed. Each beep signals one level of
volume increase or decrease.
3 Press the microphone icon (middle button) to mute
the microphone. A blue light will flash indicating that the
microphone is muted.
4 Press this button again to unmute. The blue light will
become solid indicating the microphone is unmuted.
Plantronics P420-M USB Speakerphone
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