Excellent safety, long life and rapid recharging
Rechargeable Battery SCiBTM
Product Features
Safety, Long Life
There is a very low risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, SCiB™ is suitable for
various applications. SCiB™ also requires low maintenance even when it is used in
applications that perform frequent charging and discharging. The long life
characteristic contributes in reducing the TCO*1.
*1 TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Rapid Charging, Low Temperature Operation
SCiB™ can conduct quick charging for automobiles and buses with large current.
SCiB™ exhibits low degradation and keeps its cycle life even when it is charged
and discharged at -30℃.
High Input & Output, Wide Effective SOC*2 Range
SCiB™ can be charged and discharged at high current rate. It exhibits
excellent input/output characteristics over a wide SOC range of 0 -100%.
*2 SOC (State of Charge)
Advantages for a Wide Range of Applications
Low Temperature Operation
Suitable for energy storage
systems for home use
and outdoor use.
Low risk of fire or explosion caused by
external pressure or other factors.
Suitable for various applications
such as automotive, industrial and
stationary systems.
Uses highly safe
lithium titanium
oxide (LTO)
Long Life
Long Life
Suitable for large-scale energy
storage systems that require
frequent charging/discharging.
Smart Battery Systems
Wide Effective SOC Range
Enables reduction of the
installed battery size.
Smart Battery Systems
More than 15,000
features are realized
by using Lithium Titanium
Oxide (LTO) in its anode
SOC Range
Provides a large
Provides sufficient
discharge capacity
at -30℃
High Input
& Output
Chargeable at large
current and provides
large current
Takes only 6
minutes to
LED solar
street lights
*3 20Ah cell level test result under fixed conditions
High Input & Output
Can accept a large amount of
regenerative energy, and can supply
large current to the motor during
vehicle start-up/acceleration.
Rapid Charging
Enables quick charging for
vehicles and buses, similar to
refiling a gasoline car.
Example of Applications
SCiBTM is used in the Emergency-Running
Battery System for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
• SCiBTM is used in the Emergency-Running Battery System
for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo’s oldest subway line.
• The 22 kWh SCiBTM Emergency-Running Battery System
ensures that trains can safely carry passengers to the
nearest station in the event of a total power loss.
• Presently, the battery systems are installed on 40 new Ginza
Line 1000 series trains that started service from April 2016.
SCiBTM will be used in an Innovative Series-Parallel
Hybrid Shunting Locomotive.
• Toshiba, led by Deutsche Bahn (DB)*4, will use the SCiB™ technology
in a Series-Parallel Hybrid Locomotive project called HELMS
(Hybrid ELectro-Mechanical Shunter).
This joint project is a significant innovation in the railway industry.
• In addition to achieving the same performances compared
to the existing diesel locomotives, the project aims to drastically
improve the life cycle cost and fuel consumption of locomotives.
*4 DB Cargo (Operator), DB Systemtechnik (Integration Engineering and EMS), DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (Assembly)
Product Lineup
Battery Cell
Battery Module
20 Ah SCiBTM Cell
TypeS-20 SCiBTM Module
Nominal capacity
20 Ah
Nominal capacity
40 Ah
Output voltage
2.3 V (nominal)
(Range: 1.5 V ∼ 2.7 V)
Output voltage
27.6 V (nominal)
(Range: 18 V ∼ 32.4 V)
Energy density
176 Wh/L
W187 D358 H129.8mm
W116 D22 H106mm
Approx. 515 g
Approx. 14.5 kg
Cell Voltage and Temperature
CAN Interface,
Ongoing Railway RAMS
SIL*5 Level 3
Certification Acquisition
*5 Safety Integrity Level
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