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The Scrunch
The Scrunch is a famous 1980’s look made popular by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Madonna.
People will typically consider ‘The Scrunch’ as being ‘The Perm’, but in actual fact ‘The Scrunch’ is
not a perm technique but a drying method.
In the 1980’s a method called ‘Scrunch Drying’ was created by Trevor Sorbie, before this
point perms had been left to dry naturally in their curly state or set on rollers (as with the Dita
technique). Scrunch Drying, enabled a perm to be created on much bigger rods (without so much
curl) but the hair could be ‘scrunched’ to create extreme volume and texture. The technique
became so popular that by the end of the 1980’s most woman (under 40) were sporting it.
The perm foundation used as the basis of ‘The Scrunch’ is actually ‘The Beach’. You can also achieve
an extreme ‘Scrunch’ look by creating a perm with ‘The Dita’ wind technique but using Body and
Relax rods instead of the recommended Curl Rods. The key to ‘The Scrunch’ is using larger perm
rods. If you use smaller perm rods and try to ‘Scrunch Dry’ (as with the ‘Pretty Woman’ wind or ‘The
Dita’) the hair is will go very curly and big (as was Cher’s hair in the 1980’s). Another key point
about ‘The Scrunch’ is it requires the hair to have some layering, if the hair is one length the effect
will not work or look the same.
For the perfect foundation for ‘The Scrunch’ follow the guide for ‘The Beach’ perm and the
following points:
Once you have a perm foundation in the hair and after washing (when the hair is still wet),
apply a golf ball sized amount of volume mousse to the hair. Comb this thoroughly into the
Once you have combed the mousse into the hair, scrunch it to begin encouraging the perm
foundation to appear.
Using a hairdryer with either a nozzle (or ideally a diffuser) tip your head upside-down and
starting at the nape begin scrunching your hair in your palms and directing the airflow from
your dryer into your palms and onto your hair.
Use a warm medium setting on the dryer and keep directing the airflow, with your head
down and your palm taking small sections and scrunching them.
The key to the scrunch is to concentrate on directing the airflow into your roots. Using a
diffuser on the hair will create the scrunch effect without the necessity for your hands to do
the actual ‘scrunching’.
As you either work with the diffuser or your hands, scrunch upward along the head drying as
you go and keep directing the airflow into the roots.
With your head still upside-down, begin scrunching and working on the front and side
sections, ensuring your roots are drying as you scrunch the mid-lengths and ends.
Once you have scrunch dried the hair from the nape all the way to the front hairline section,
you can throw your head backward and sit in an upright position.
You will notice at this stage your hair has significant volume.
Continue scrunch drying the hair until it is 100% dry.
Before finishing, the head is once again tipped upside-down and the roots and mid-lengths
are covered in hairspray, this will again give you incredible volume.
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2010’s Glamour Hair – Using The Scrunch
‘The Scrunch’ Method is not only ideal for retro 1980’s looks but can also be used as a foundation to
create 2010’s ‘Big Glamour Hair’ without the need for extensions. All you need to do is apply ‘The
Beach’ perm as a foundation to your hair and dry with the scrunch method (as outlined above) using
both mousse and hairspray to get extreme root lift.
When the hair is 100% dry and you have achieved a large ‘volume’ scrunch effect, begin taking large
sections and wrapping around the biggest size heated roller. Ensure you comb the mid-lengths and
ends smooth as you wind these sections around the rollers, but leave the root areas ‘scrunched’.
Apply the large rollers to the whole hair across the head and leave to cool.
After the rollers have cooled, remove them and brush the hair through. You should discover you
have a ‘Big Glamour Hair’ effect which lasts between washes.
This same technique also works by replacing the heated rollers with a large barrel curling tong.
Simply take sections of ‘scrunched’ hair and wrap around the tong to smooth and shape the hair.
A Tip:
If you like Big Glamour Hair and want to follow this method (of using ‘The Beach’ perm foundation,
coupled with scrunch drying and roller setting), try washing your hair only twice a week and using
this technique. In between, just clean the hair using dry shampoo. This will keep the big hair intact,
but ensure your hair also remains and feels clean.
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