How to fill out an Official Game Sheet

How to fill out an Official Game Sheet
The home team will start filling out the game sheet, they will hand this off to the visiting team for them
to complete their side.
Teams will need to make sure certain information is filled in properly, these are:
- Division, Level, Location, Times, Game Number, League/Tournament, Date (the entire top
row of the Ringette Alberta Official Game Sheet
- Team, Team Staff, and any Junior Coaches
- Colour of jersey
- Numbers and Player names (must have the last names in full at the least)
- Goalies (G), Captains (C), Assistant Captains (AC), Affiliate Players (AP), Injured Players (INJ)
- Only cross out players when using an affiliate (AP)
Officials during warm-up:
Officials will check the Officials Game Sheet against the players are on the ice. They count the players on
the ice, and as long as there are more on the Officials Game Sheet than on the ice, that is good. No need
to cross out players. They are also checking for the Coaches, Junior Coaches, Goalies, Captains, Assistant
Captains, Affiliate Players, Injured Players are filled in and marked.
During the game
Score-keepers are inputting the data that the officials are communicating to them; Goals and Penalties.
They are also doing the Goaltenders Record.
Everything on the sheet needs to be recorded top down, with all boxes used.
Inputting Goals:
- Always start at the top and fill in top down
- Listen to the official for 1, 2, or 3 numbers, then list them across the line, finishing with the
time of the goal
- There should never be ticks or checkmarks denoting goals
- Put a line after the first period (this will help you count at the bottom)
- Once the game is done, put another line to show that is the end of regulation time (if there
is OT, you continue this process)
- Tally the goals at the bottom in the black, do not forget the total
How to fill out an Official Game Sheet
Inputting Penalties:
- Always start at the top and fill in top down
- Reasons for penalties are listed in the Penalty Codes section at the bottom of the sheet
- Input all boxes, as some can be different
o If the player that is serving is different than that who got the penalty. This is why are
two spaces called No. and Served By
o Min might be 2 or 4, please listen to the official for that prompt
o Time off of the ice is the time that player came to the box
o Pen start time is when the penalty actually started
 This usually is different when there is a third penalty and the player comes
off the ice, but their penalty does not actually start until the first penalty
ends. Otherwise, they are typically the same most of the time.
o Pen finish time is when the penalty ends
o Time onto the ice is when that player is allowed to step onto the ice
 Again, this is typically the same, but when there are 3 penalties, a penalty
might expire, but that player is not allowed on the ice because there are still
2 players serving active penalties. In that situation, these last two boxes will
be different
- Between periods and at the end of the game, place a line.
o This line does NOT have to be in the same spot at the line between periods in the
goals section
- At the end of the game, it is helpful to tally the penalty minutes
- There is a small square for each team at the bottom of their section
o Fill in the period, time and check if used
o If there is one in OT, just add to this with a comma
Goaltenders Record:
- Please try to fill this out for U19 and below
- If you have a separate sheet, just keep a tally going there, or use a space on the Official
Game Sheet that isn`t being used
After the last whistle, the second top row must be filled out by the Minor Officials and Officials.
- Score Keeper, Time Keeper, Shot Clock Operator, and Referees must sign the Official Game
- Officials will check over the Official Game Sheet after the handshake, after that you can take
the Official Game Sheet and distribute. In League player, use the bottom legend to see who
gets what copy. In tournaments, you might do different.
Please consult the example version of an Official Game Sheet
Download PDF