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Quick Install
D26 Dome
Mounting Options with Accessories
D26 Dome
Wall Mount
On-Wall Set
Vandalism Kit
Flush-Mount Set
Universal 6MP Dome Camera for
Ceiling, Wall and Pole Mounting
MOBOTIX 6MP camera for use in indoor and outdoor
applications. Can be used as day or night variant with
lenses MX-B036 to MX-B237. Can be extended flexibly
using various mounting sets. Optional Vandalism Kit for
surveillance at extremely critical locations.
• Weatherproof Dome camera for wall or ceiling mounting
• As day and night variant (6MP color or B/W sensor)
• Mx6 system platform with H.264 support
• Broad range of system accessories available
• Recording on internal MicroSD card (SDXC, SDHC installed)
• Sensor for temperature and shock detector(*) integrated
More information:
www.mobotix.com > Products > Outdoor Cameras > D26
*: with firmware version 5.0.1 and higher
Standard Delivery D26
Part Name
Camera housing
Lens (not with D26 Body)
Dome, transparent
microSD card (SDXC, SDHC pre-installed)
Ethernet cable CAT5 0,5 m/20" (pre-installed)
Hinged ferrite
Allen wrench 3 mm
Torx wrench TX20
Toothed wrench
Outer shell
Mounting ring
Stainless steel washers 5,3 mm dia.
Dowels 8 mm
Stainless steel Torx screws 4,5x60 mm
Stainless steel washers 4,3 mm dia.
Stainless steel Allen screws M4x16 mm
Connections and Initial Operation of the D26
You can find detailed information on the installation and connections of the D26 in the D25 Camera Manual (PDF, available on www.mobotix.com >
Support > Manuals).
Please note that the boot options of this camera have changed compared to its predecessor (see «Boot Options of the D26» on page 2) and the camera
only has one key ("R"). Regarding the rest of the initial operation of the D26, please see the D25 Camera Manual in Chapter 3, «Initial Operation».
connection (*)
Slot for microSD card
"R" key
* To suppress electromagnetic interference, attach the enclosed hinged ferrite (item 1.6) to the pre-installed Ethernet cable of the camera. The hinged
ferrite should be positioned as close as possible to the camera body.
Mounting Options of the D26
Preparing the camera for mounting
Remove the outer shell and unscrew the dome.
100 mm
Installation on Walls or Ceilings Without Accessoires
Ø 5,5 mm
100 mm
After drilling the holes for fixtures (see «Drilling Templates»), attach the
mounting ring of the D25 at the designated position using dowels and screws.
Next, connect the cabling, point the camera into the viewing direction and
adjust the focus of the lens (see «Initial Operation of the«Initial Operation
of the D26»). Finally, install the dome and the outer shell.
Installation With On-Wall Set/On-Wall Set 10° (Accessory)
After drilling the holes for fixtures (see «Drilling Templates») attach the
On-Wall Set at the designated position using dowels and screws, then
lead the cabling into the On-Wall Set. Next, remove the mounting ring of
the D26, connect the cabling and install the camera on the On-Wall Set.
Finally, install the dome and the outer shell.
Installation With Cavity Wall Installation Set (Accessory)
After cutting out the hole (see «Drilling Templates»), remove the mounting
ring of the D26 and install the camera in the Cavity Wall Installation Set.
Next, connect the cabling and install the camera together with the Cavity
Wall Installation Set into the cut-out and fasten it using the winged cams.
Finally, press the decoration ring onto the camera and lock it in place using
the toothed wrenches.
Installation With Outdoor Wall Mount (Accessory)
Remove the cover plate of the Outdoor Wall Mount. After drilling the holes
for fixtures (see «Drilling Templates»), attach the Outdoor Wall Mount at
the designated position using dowels and screws, then lead the cabling
into the mount. Next, remove the mounting ring of the D26, connect the
cabling and click the camera into the clamps of the cover plate of the
Outdoor Wall Mount. Then attach the cover plate with the camera to the
Outdoor Wall Mount. Finally, install the dome and the outer shell.
Installation With Pole MOunt and Outdoor Wall Mount (Accessory)
Lead the cabling from the rear through the Pole Mount and attach to a pole
(using steel straps). Then attach the Outdoor Wall Mount to the Pole Mount.
The remaining installation of the D26 follows the steps under «Installation
With Outdoor Wall Mount (Accessory)» above.
Installation of the Vandalism Kit (Accessory)
Screw in the reinforced dome and set the four spacers onto the mounting
ring of the camera. Place the stainless steel outer shell onto the camera
and tighten it using the four security screws.
Inserting/Exchanging the SD Card
All camera models can use the integrated microSD card (SDXC) to record video data. In order to exchange the microSD card, please proceed as outlined
in the following instruction. For information on reliable SD cards, please see the MOBOTIX website www.mobotix.com > Support > MxMedia Library >
Planning in the document MicroSD Card Whitelist for MOBOTIX Cameras.
When replacing the SD card, make sure that recording has been deactivated in the browser (Admin Menu > Storage > Storage on External File Server /
Flash Device; activate recording again in the same dialog after exchanging the card).
1.Remove the SD Card
If a microSD card has been installed, gently press
with your finger as indicated by the arrow until
you hear a click. Then release the SD card. The
card is protruding slightly and can be easily
2.Insert the SD Card
Insert the microSD card and gently press with
your finger as indicated by the arrow until you
hear another click.
Make sure that the SD card is fully inserted.
Initial Operation of the D26
The initial operation starts with connecting the power supply (see section «Network and Power Connection, Additional Cables» in the D25 Camera Manual).
The first access follows the procedure described in the same manual in the «Initial Operation of the Camera» section. All other tasks require access to
the camera's user interface in the browser. Enter the camera’s IP address into the address bar of the browser.
1.Select the lens
Carefully turn the lens by hand (possibly with
a cloth, see Safety Warnings, "Never touch
the lens") in clockwise or counter-clockwise
direction until the red area of the focusing
aid is as small as possible.
Open the Admin Menu > Hardware Configuration > Lens Configuration dialog and select the
installed lens. This step is required to select the
proper special functions of the installed lens (e.g.,
for wide-angle lenses).
Once the focus is adjusted properly, deactivate
the focusing aid again (Focusing Aid quick
control, Disabled value).
2.Adjust the lens focus
Note: Due to the lens effect of the dome, the focus of the B237 tele lens is
shifting slightly once the dome has been mounted. Before mounting the
dome, the tele lens should be turned about 90° in counter-clockwise
direction (as seen from the lens' front). Make sure that you check the focus
of the live image in your browser with the dome installed and re-adjust
the lens, if required.
Remove the dome before proceeding.
Check the live image from the camera in the browser. Activate the focusing
aid in the browser (Focusing Aid quick control, Activated value).
3.Save the configuration
In the live image of the browser, select the Manage Settings quick control and set Store Entire Configuration as value. The camera stores the
configuration in the permanent camera memory so that the settings will
be applied at the next camera reboot.
Boot Options of the D26
By default, the camera starts as DHCP client and automatically tries to get
an IP address from a DHCP server. To start the camera in a mode different
from the default mode, you can activate the boot menu of the camera.
1 x
1.Preparing the Camera
2 x
• Remove the outer shell and the dome.
• Disconnect the camera's power supply.
3 x
• Reconnect the power supply of the camera.
2.Activating the Boot Menu
4 x
The red LED lights up 5 to 10 seconds after establishing the power supply and will stay on for
10 seconds. Briefly press the "R" key indicated
by the red circle in the figure. The camera enters
the boot menu, ready for selecting one of the
boot options.
Starts the auto configuration in order to
operate this camera as a door station (not
supported on all camera models).
Starts the camera with factory defaults
(factory default IP address, users and
passwords will not be reset).
Starts the camera as DHCP client and
tries to obtain an IP address from a DHCP
Automatic IP
server. If a DHCP server cannot be found or
no IP address can be obtained, the camera
starts with its factory default address.
Starts the camera with the recovery sysRecovery
tem, e.g., in order to recover from a failed
update of the camera software.
Auto Configuration
Phone ringing
Boing Boing
Alarm Sound
*Audio on D26 only in connection with ExtIO (MOBOTIX Accessory).
3.Selecting a Boot Option
The LED now flashes once and repeats the flash signal after pausing for one
second (the number of flashes indicates the current boot option). To go
to the next boot option, briefly press the "R" key again (< 1 sec). After the
last boot option, the camera returns to the first option (LED flashes once).
Press the "R" key longer (> 2 sec). The camera confirms the selection by
flashing rapidly three times. After 20 sec, the camera will confirm the selection by playing a sound according to the table above. If nothing is selected,
the camera will resume its normal boot process after a certain time.
The outer shell and the dome can be mounted again.
Important Notes
1.Safety Warnings
Network security: MOBOTIX products include all of the necessary configuration options for operation in Ethernet networks in compliance with data protection laws. The operator
is responsible for the data protection concept across the entire
system. The basic settings required to prevent misuse can be
configured in the software and are password-protected. This
prevents unauthorized parties from accessing these settings.
Notes on Installing:
• This product must not be used in locations exposed to
the dangers of explosion.
• Make sure that you install this product as outlined in
Chapter 2, «Installation» of the corresponding manual.
A faulty installation can damage the camera!
• When installing this product, make sure that you are only
using genuine MOBOTIX parts and MOBOTIX connection
• Only install this product on suitable, solid materials that
provide for a sturdy installation of the fixing elements
2.Legal Notes
Legal aspects of video and sound recording: You must comply
with all data protection regulations for video and sound monitoring when using MOBOTIX products. Depending on national
laws and the installation location of the D25, the recording of
video and sound data may be subject to special documentation
or it may be prohibited. All users of MOBOTIX products are
therefore required to familiarize themselves with all applicable
regulations and to comply with these laws. MOBOTIX AG is not
liable for any illegal use of its products..
Electrical installation: Electrical systems and equipment may
only be installed, modified and maintained by a qualified
electrician or under the direction and supervision of a qualified
electrician in accordance with the applicable electrical guidelines. Make sure to properly set up all electrical connections.
Electrical surges: MOBOTIX cameras are protected against
the effects of small electrical surges by numerous measures.
These measures, however, cannot prevent the camera from
being damaged when stronger electrical surges occur. Special
care should be taken when installing the camera outside of
buildings to ensure proper protection against lightning, since
this also protects the building and the whole network infrastructure.
Electrical and electronic products contain many valuable
materials. For this reason, we recommend that you dispose
of MOBOTIX products at the end of their service life in accordance with all legal requirements and regulations (or deposit
these products at a municipal collection center). MOBOTIX
products must not be disposed of in household waste! If the
product contains a battery, please dispose of the battery separately (the corresponding product manuals contain specific
directions if the product contains a battery).
Never touch the lens: Due to the high performance of the
D25, the area of the image sensor can get quite hot, especially
when the ambient temperature is also high. This does not
affect the proper functioning of the camera in any way. For
this reason, the product must not be installed within the reach
of persons without the dome.
MOBOTIX AG does not assume any responsibility for damages,
which are the result of improper use or failure to comply to the
manuals or the applicable rules and regulations. Our General
Terms and Conditions apply. You can download the current
version of the General Terms and Conditions from our website at www.mobotix.com by clicking on the COS link at the
bottom of every page.
Power off before opening the camera: Make sure the power
supply to the camera is disconnected before opening the camera housing (e.g., when inserting or exchanging lenses, lens
units and SD cards).
Technical Specifications D26
Lens Options
MX-B036 to MX-B237 (20 to 135 mm in 35 mm format),
103° to 15° horizontal angle of view
Digital pan/tilt/zoom; max. zoom 8x (continious)
• Color sensor (day): 0,1 lx @ 1/60s; 0,005 lx @ 1s
• BW sensor (night): 0,02 lx @ 1/60s; 0,001 lx @ 1s
Image Sensor
1/1,8“ CMOS, 6MP (3072x2048), Progressive Scan
Temperature sensor, shock detector (with firmware version
5.0.1 and higher), other sensors/IO via MxMessageSystem,
notification via e-mail, FTP, IP telephony (VoIP, SIP), visual/
sound alarms, pre- and post-alarm images
Max. Image Size
6MP (3072x2048)
Intelligent Video
MxActivitySensor, video motion analysis, MxAnalytics
Image Formats
Freely configurable format 4:3, 8:3, 16:9 or customized
format (image cropping), e.g., 2592x1944 (5MP), 2048x1536
(QXGA), 1920x1080 (Full-HD), 1280x960 (MEGA)
Ethernet 10/100, IPv4/IPv6, MiniUSB;
audio, inputs/outputs and RS232 with optional accessory
Max. Frame Rate
• MxPEG: 42@HD (1280x720), 34@Full-HD, 24@QXGA,
15@5MP, 12@6MP
• M-JPEG: 26@HD (1280x720), 13@Full-HD, 9@QXGA,
5@5MP, 4@6MP
• H.264: 25@Full-HD, 20@QXGA
User/group management, HTTPS/SSL, IP address filter,
IEEE 802.1x, intrusion detection, digital image signature,
EN55022:2010; EN55024:2010; EN50121-4:2006;
EN61000-6-1:2007; EN 61000-6-2:2005; EN61000-63:2007+A1:2011; EN61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011; AS/ NZS
CISPR22:2009+A1:2010; CFR47 FCC part15B
Power Supply
PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
Video Codec
• MxPEG, M-JPEG, JPEG (max. output format 6MP)
• H.264 (max. output format QXGA; bandwith limitation
• Camera-internal via microSD card (SDXC, SDHC preinstalled)
• External on USB device
• External on NAS
• Full image recording regardless of live image zoom
• Pre-alarm and post-alarm images
• DVR monitoring with error notification
Videomanagement Software MxManagementCenter
Image Processing
MxLEO, backlight compensation, automatic white
balance, image distortion correction
Power Consumption Typ. 3,3 W
Protection Classes
–30 to 50 °C/–22 to 122°F
Diameter x Height: 160 x 86 mm; weight: approx. 350 g
Standard Delivery
Housing (high-resistance composite, PBT), white, shock-resistant dome (transparent), mounting supplies, wrenches,
50 cm patch cable, MicroSD card (installed)
Drilling Templates
100 mm/3.94 in
100 mm/3.94 in
5.5 mm/0.22 in
Installation with mounting ring
(without accessories)
On-Wall Set/
On-Wall Set 10°
Cavity Wall Installation Set
Outdoor Wall Mount
Manuals and drilling templates: www.mobotix.com > Support > Manuals > IP Camera Systems > Dome D26
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