block-up - Steffen Spiele

block-up - Steffen Spiele
Building game for 2 players aged 9 years and above by Fred Horn
Game materials
40 blocks in two colours
The players together create a free structure of continuously built blocks. At the end of
the game, the winner is the player who can count more squares of his/her personal
coloured blocks from the top view of the finished structure.
Each player receives his coloured blocks to keep ready. The first player is nominated
and places his first block in the middle of the game area.
How to play
Phase 1:
In Phase 1, exactly four blocks are built. Both players take turns to place one of their
blocks. One block must be positioned horizontally, the other vertically. The order is
random. Newly placed blocks must always make full side contact with blocks already in
position. Blocks only touching at the corners count as not connected.
The rule in Phase 1: One side of every newly arranged block must be in contact with the
table surface and at least one other block of any colour.
Phase 2:
From now on, the players take turns to place two of their blocks after each other; and as
before, one block must be horizontal and the other vertical. The order is random.
The rule in Phase 2: During building, the sides of at least two other blocks of any colour
must be in contact. It is still allowed that a new placed block has contact to the table.
Phase 3:
The players place their final two blocks individually again – arranging one
horizontally, the other vertically and in random order.
The rule in Phase 3: The sides of at least two other blocks of any colour must be in
contact when building.
Building limit
In all 3 phases of the game, players are not allowed to place two blocks horizontally so
that one block is exactly superimposed on top of the other.
When both players have used up all their 20 blocks, the squares of each player’s
personal coloured blocks are counted from the top view of the finished structure.
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