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Philips Daily Collection
Hand blender with ProMix
blending technology
550 W, plastic bar
0.5-l Beaker
1 speed
Healthy homemade food made easy
For perfectly blended soups, purees and shakes
The Philips Daily Collection Hand blender combines 550-Watt power with a uniquely
designed blending foot, giving a wonderfully smooth result for soups, purees and shakes.
Preparing healthy food has never been so easy!
A smooth result in seconds
• Triangular shape for optimal flow and blending performance
Easy to use
• 2-button release system to easily remove the blending bar
• Single switch
• Slim-grip to fit any hand
For perfect soups, purees and shakes
• Strong 550-W motor
Hand blender with ProMix blending technology
550 W, plastic bar ProMix, 0.5-l Beaker, 1 speed
ProMix blending technology
Single switch
• Beaker: 0.5 L
Design specifications
Colour(s): White
Material bar: Plastic
Material housing: PP and rubber
Material beaker: SAN
Material blade: Stainless steel
General specifications
• Detachable shaft: With 2 buttons
• Speed setting: 1
Technical specifications
The Philips hand blender ProMix technology was
developed together with the prestigious Stuttgart
University. It is an advanced technology for more
consistent and faster blending. The unique ProMix
blending technology of Philips hand blenders uses a
triangular shape to create an optimal flow and gives
maximum performance, making silky-smooth soups
and smoothies.
Single switch for easy use.
2-button release system
The Daily Collection Hand blender has a slim-grip to
fit any hand.
Strong 550-W motor
With the Philips hand blender's 2-button release
system it is easy to remove the blending bar for easy
Strong 550-W motor for the toughest ingredients.
Issue date 2015-09-03
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EAN: 08 71010 35928 08
Cord length: 1.25 m
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 550 W
Voltage: 220 V-240 V
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