The DTC4500e offers fieldupgradeable options for migration
to higher levels of security in the
šš A
Wi-Fi accessory for Ethernetenabled printers, allowing you to
print anywhere, anytime.
šš A
n optional iCLASS SE encoder
that enables your printer to be
compatible with the HID secure
identity ecosystem.
šš T
his includes the ability to program
the HID PACS data in the printer.
The encoder provides an additional
layer of security to your identity
program by allowing for processing
of Secure Identity Object (SIO) data,
and enabling the printer to become
a Trusted Identity Platform (TIP)
šš C
ard lamination for applying over
laminates to produce highly-secure
cards that resist forgery and
increase card durability. Unique,
dual-sided simultaneous lamination
saves time with increased
šš A
dual-sided printing module that
enables you to add additional
company or cardholder information
and security features, such as
duplicate photos and digital
šš T
echnology encoding modules
encode data for magnetic stripe,
proximity, contact and/or
contactless technology cards, such
as iCLASS SE® and MIFARE which
enable access control or other
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Direct-To-Card Printer
šš H
igh-volume performance – Built for
organisations requiring robust, highvolume printing every day. Standard
features include high-capacity ribbon
supplies and dual-input card hoppers that
allow for maximum card input capacity
and management of multiple card types.
šš E
nd-to-End Control, Flexibility and
Security – The optional iCLASS SE®
encoder (part of the iCLASS SE open
encoder platform) can be fully integrated
into your printer, allowing you to create,
encode (read/write) and manage your
secure credentials from start-to-finish.
Design personalised ID badges locally
and then program them to work with your
current physical access control system
(PACS), streamlining your ordering,
inventory management, and issuance
šš H
ighly versatile – The modular design
enables organisations to build on their
investment by adding field-upgradeable
modules for dual-sided printing,
lamination and technology card encoding.
šš M
aximum protection – Protect blank
card stock and printed/encoded cards
with optional locking card hoppers.
šš E
arth friendly – ENERGY STAR® certified
for efficient energy consumption and
eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons.
The versatility of the DTC4500e is unsurpassed. Driven by an extremely robust and reliable print
engine, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility rolled into one.
High-capacity ribbons enable the DTC4500e to print twice as many full-colour cards as most
printers before the ribbon has to be changed, providing continuous high-quality card printing and
The DTC4500e combines high security and convenience to easily print what you need,
šš B
uilt-in security with password-protected
printer operation and fluorescent panel
printing for a cost-effective and dynamic
increase in card security.
šš S
martScreen™ graphical display provides
easy-to-follow prompts so you’ll always
know printer status.
šš F
ARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility
facilitates printer maintenance. Its Colour
Assist™ tool matches spot colours.
ensuring accurate prints of graphics, such
as company logos.
šš Increase security with optional locking
card hoppers.
šš F
ully compatible with Asure ID® card
personalisation software for badge
design, database management and
technology card encoding, as well as
šš Easily integrates into existing IT
EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management
infrastructures through the built-in Ethernet
and USB connection, allowing for
centralised or remote ID card issuance.
šš S
tandard dual-input card hopper
increases capacity or management of
multiple card types.
The FARGO® DTC4500e is built with Genuine HID® technology and is fully interoperable with
other products in the HID ecosystem, enabling organisations to leverage their existing technology
Print Method
Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) continuous tone
Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades per pixel
Print Ribbon Options
• Full-colour with resin black and overlay panel, YMCKO*, 500 prints, more economical and eco-friendly refill ribbon for cartridge (ECO only)
• Full-colour half-panel with resin black and overlay panel, YMCKO*, 850 prints, ECO only
• Full-colour with two resin black panels and overlay panel, YMCKOK*, 500 prints, ECO only
• Full-colour with fluorescing, resin black and overlay panel, YMCFKO*, 500 prints, ECO only
• Full-colour with fluorescing, two resin black panels and overlay panel, YMCFKOK*, 400 prints, ECO only
• Full-colour with two resin black panels and overlay panel, YMCKK*, 500 prints, ECO only
• Resin black and overlay panel, KO*, 1250 prints, ECO only
• Dye-sublimation black and overlay panel, BO*, 1250 prints, ECO only
• Resin black (standard and premium), 3000 prints, ECO only
• Resin green, blue, red, white, silver and gold, 2000 prints, ECO only
• Rewrite technology - no ribbon required
Print Speed**
6 seconds per card (K*); 8 seconds per card (KO*); 16 seconds per card (YMCKO*); 24 seconds per card (YMCKOK*)
Accepted Standard Card Sizes
CR-80 (3.375˝ L x 2.125˝ W / 85.6 mm L x 54 mm W); CR-79 Adhesive Back (3.313˝ L x 2.063˝ W / 84.1 mm L x 52.4 mm W)
Print Area
CR-80 edge-to-edge (3.36˝ L x 2.11˝ W / 85.3 mm L x 53.7 mm W); CR-79 (3.3˝ L x 2.04˝ W / 83.8 mm L x 51.8 mm W)
Accepted Card Thickness
Print only: .009˝ - .040˝ / 9 mil - 40 mil / .229 mm - 1.016 mm; print / lamination: .030˝ - .040˝ / 30 mil - 40 mil / .762 mm - 1.02 mm
Accepted Card Types
PVC or polyester cards with polished PVC finish; monochrome resin required for 100% polyester cards; optical memory cards with PVC finish; rewrite
Input Hopper Card Capacity
Dual-input card hopper (200 cards)
Output Hopper Card Capacity
Up to 100 cards (.030˝ / .762 mm)
Reject Hopper Card Capacity
Up to 100 cards (.030˝ / .762 mm) - same-side input/output card hopper or lamination module required
Card Cleaning
Card cleaning roller integrated into ribbon cartridge; cleaning roller is automatically replaced with each ribbon change
Software Drivers
Windows® XP / Windows Vista® (32 bit & 64 bit) / Server 2003 & 2008 / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 (32 bit & 64 bit)/
MAC OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/ Linux*** (Available Soon)
USB 2.0, optional Ethernet with internal print server
Operating Temperature
65° to 80° F / 18° to 27° C
20–80% non-condensing
Single-sided printer: 9.8˝ H x 18.1˝ W x 9.2˝ D / 249 mm H x 460 mm W x 234 mm D
Dual-sided printer: 9.8˝ H x 18.7˝ W x 9.2˝ D / 249 mm H x 475 mm W x 234 mm D
Printer + lam: 18.9˝ H x 18.7˝ W x 9.2˝ D / 480 mm H x 475 mm W x 234 mm D
Single-sided printer: 9 lbs / 4.1 Kg; dual-sided printer: 11 lbs / 5 Kg; printer + lam: 20 lbs / 9.1 Kg
Agency Listings
Safety: UL 60950-2, CSA C22.2 (60950-07), and CE; EMC: FCC Class A, CE (EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024), CCC, BSMI, KC
Environmental Features
ENERGY STAR® qualified card printer (base models only without encoders and lamination module) and refillable supply cartridges (ECO)
Supply Voltage
100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 1.6 Amps max.
Supply Frequency
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Printer – three years; Printhead – three years, unlimited pass with UltraCard®
Encoding Options
Supported smart card and magnetic stripe technologies: 125 kHz (HID Prox) reader; 13.56 MHz (iCLASS® Standard / SE / SR / Seos, MIFARE Classic®,
MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE DESFire®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1, ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693) read/write encoder; contact smart card encoder reads from and
writes to all ISO7816 1/2/3/4 memory and microprocessor smart cards (T=0, T=1) as well as synchronous cards; ISO magnetic stripe encoding,
dual high- and low-coercivity, tracks 1, 2 and 3
Supported Access Control
Credential Programming
iCLASS® Standard/SE/SR/Seos, MIFARE Classic™, MIFARE DESFire® EV1, HID Prox
Single wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for inline printing and encoding (note: single wire Ethernet encoding is only available for iCLASS® , MIFARE®, and
contact smart card encoding) - Ethernet-enabled printer supports wireless accessory; dual-sided printing module; smart card encoding modules (contact/
contactless); magnetic stripe encoding module; printer cleaning kit; ethernet with internal print server; secure proprietary consumables system
Swift ID™ embedded badging application, FARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility with Colour Assist™ spot-colour matching
User friendly, SmartScreen™ graphical display
Printer Security
Printer access password protected
* Indicates the ribbon type and the number of ribbon panels printed where Y=yellow, M=magenta, C=cyan, K=resin black, O=overlay, B=dye sublimation black.
** Print speed indicates an approximate print speed and is measured from the time a card drops into the output hopper to the time the next card drops into the output hopper. Print speeds do not
include encoding time or the time needed for the PC to process the image. Process time is dependent on the sise of the file, the CPU, amount of RAM and the amount of available resources at the
time of the print.
***Linux versions: Ubuntu 12.04, Debian 7.0, Fedora 18, Mandriva 2011, Red Hat 6.4, Open Suse 12.3
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