Managing the Risks Size matters!

Managing the Risks
Size matters!
The smaller the shred the higher the security
Topwood Shredding offers a choice of shred sizes depending
on your industry’s requirements. How do you know what
shred size you need?
A standard shred size is suitable for most commercially
sensitive documents. However, regulations and corporate
governance can stipulate higher security levels. When
destroying restricted or classified documents a smaller
shred size will be specified.
For example the UK
Government’s CPNI Standard covers the destruction of
sensitive documents on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. It
states paper documents must be cross cut.
Our destruction process uses state of the art shredders that
completely destroy unwanted documents. In the UK the
most referred to shredding standard is EN15713 but other
standards for measuring shred size are used. For example
the DIN Classification 66399 classifies shred sizes from P1
(largest) to P7 and is used in the specifications of office
EN15713 security level 4 (DIN Level P-1)
For most industry requirements a
standard shred is ok. Documents are
shredded to EN15713 Security Level 4
(the average shred is about the size of a
large paper clip). This level is also
suitable for ID cards, CDs, tapes, hard
drives and x-rays.
EN15713 security level 6 (DIN level P-4)
The smallest and most secure shred size in
EN15713 is level 6 (average shred size is
about the size of the head a push pin).
Topwood have high security shredders
that will cross cut documents to approx.
160mm sq.
Unlike most shredding companies, we have shred trucks
that will cross cut documents for maximum security
In addition to the shred size all the millions of tiny paper
pieces are mixed in the back of the shred truck making
impossible to reconstruct documents.
Topwood operates its document and data shredding services to
information security standard ISO 27001. This standard
incorporates EN15713 so you can be 100% confident that our
service is safe. Call us and we can help safely dispose of your
confidential documents.
The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) have a
handy guide to shredding standard to EN15713 – to view
the standard click here. | | 01948 770 152
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