User instructions Setting the time 1. Adjust the

The second counter
8 2
In the centre of the dial, apart from the hour and minute
hand, is another hand called the second counter.
This counter indicates the number of seconds in the
measuring period. The number of seconds is read on
the outer main dial indicated through the mid-line
index with a total of 60 divisions. 1 round for the second
counter = 1 minute.
The minute counter
User instructions
Setting the time
1. Adjust the watch crown, situated on the side of the
case at the 3 o’clock mark, out from Operating Position
1 (P1) to Set Position 3 (P3) where the crown is fully
extended at the second adjustment click. You will notice
the second hand stops ticking.
2. Turn the crown clockwise to the desired time.
DO NOT turn the crown anti-clockwise.
3. When the time is set, push the crown back to the
Operating Position; the second hand will resume.
Setting the date
1. Adjust the watch crown out from Operating Position
1 (P1) to Set Position 2 (P2) where the crown is half
extended at the first adjustment click.
2. In Set Position 2 (P2) the watch will continue ticking
during adjustment. Turn the crown clockwise until the
correct date is displayed.
3. When the date is set, push the crown back to the
Operating Position.
Please note: The date should be set before 12 noon so
that the calendar indicator changes in sync at twelve
midnight and not twelve noon.
Please note: Whilst the crown is in either Set Position
1 or 2 the watch is not moisture resistant.
Chronograph operation
This chronograph watch features traditional watch
functions: hours and minutes, jumping second hand
right sub dial (1) and date indicator (2), plus a stopwatch
measuring minutes and seconds.
The left sub dial (3) shows the number of minutes in
the measuring period. Each time the second counter
completes one rotation, the counter hand moves one
step forward equal to 1 minute. This sub dial uses a line
index with a total of 30 divisions. 1 round for the minute
counter = 1/2 hour.
Function: chronograph
All the functions of the chronograph are controlled
through the two push buttons: (A) and (B). Push button
(A) has two functions: (START) and (STOP). Push button
(B) also has two functions: (SPLIT) and (RESET).
When you need to measure a specific event, push
button (A) once. You will see the second counter hand
in the centre moving forward. When the timed event is
over, you must push button (A) again. The chronograph
hands stop and you can read the result.
Function: reset
After you have read the time, the chronograph hands
must be returned to the default position. Push button
(B), the hands will now return to position 0 also know as
zero position. The chronograph is now ready to time
another event.
Function: split
The movement has another important function
called (SPLIT), used for timing intermediate times
during an event.
Start the timer by pressing button (A). When you reach
the instant you wish to read an intermediate time
(without stopping the chronograph and only ‘freezing’
the time on the dial) push button (B). The second
counter hand stops moving. You can now read the
(SPLIT) time result whilst the chronograph movement
continues to record the event.
When you have finished reading the (SPLIT) time, push
button (B). You will notice now that the hands move at
a faster rate for a short while until they have caught up
with the current timed event. Once this has happened,
they will continue to move as normal. You may repeat
the (SPLIT) function more than once in one timed event.
When the timed event has ended, press button (A) as
normal to read the total timed result, then return the
chronograph hands to the zero position by pressing
button (B).
Function: tachymeter
The chronograph function of this watch includes a
tachymeter scale. The tachymeter can be used to
convert elapsed time in seconds per unit to units per
hour in order to calculate speed, distance or units per
hour over a maximum duration of 60 seconds.
Start the timer by pressing button (A). When you reach
the instant you wish to read a value from the tachymeter
(i.e. 1km travelled or 1 unit produced), push button (A)
again to stop the timer.
The value is read off the tachymeter between the
central seconds hand and the corresponding scale.
For example: 20 seconds timed corresponds to 180
units on the tachymeter scale (i.e. 180km/h or 180
units produced per hour).
Once the value has been read, return the chronograph
hands to the zero position by pressing button (B).
Setting the hands of the chronograph
After a battery change or if the function is affected by
a severe knock or exposure to a strong magnetic field,
the hands of the chronograph should be reset to zero
Resetting the second counter hand
and minute counter hand
Adjust the crown to Set Position 3 (P3). Push and hold
both chronograph buttons (A) and (B) for at least 2
seconds. After which the seconds counter hand will
perform 1 complete rotation. The chronograph hands
are now in resetting mode.
By means of short, successive pushes on chronograph
button (A), turn the second counter hand back to zero.
Push chronograph button (B) to select the next
chronograph hand. Pushing chronograph button (A)
will now reset the next counter hand.
By means of short, successive pushes on chronograph
button (A), turn the next chronograph hand back to zero.
Once all chronograph hands are reset to zero position,
push the crown back to Operating Position 1 (P1).
Please note: DO NOT push the crown back to Operating
Position 1 (P1) until all chronograph hands have been
returned to zero position.
Please note: DO NOT keep the crown in Position 2 (P2)
for more than 20 minutes.
Watch care
Your Uniform Wares watch requires a certain amount of
care. The following guidelines will enable you to ensure
its reliability and protect its appearance over time.
Please use a clean, lint-free cloth with warm water
or, if required, a mild detergent diluted in water to
remove any dirt from the case. To clean the lens use
a clean chamois cloth. Avoid submerging the watch
case in water.
Your watch’s power source is a Swiss-made Renata cell
which has an estimated lifespan of 54 months. The life of
the battery will depend upon the frequency with which
you use the chronograph functions. When your battery
requires replacing, please refer to the Uniform Wares
website for information
on battery replacement.
Water resistance
This watch is designed to withstand everyday use and
has a 5ATM water resistance rating. Exposure to high
humidity and light rain showers is acceptable. However,
you should avoid wearing the watch whilst showering,
swimming, diving or during any other activity where
it may be subjected to abnormal water pressures or
environments where abnormal heat and moisture are
present (e.g. saunas or hot Tubs). This combination
may have a negative effect on the seals and gaskets
of the watch.
If your watch experiences a sudden change in
temperature or pressure, a slight condensation may
appear under the sapphire glass. This mist should
disappear by itself and will not affect the functioning of
your watch. If the condensation persists, please contact