User Instructions for Secure Universal Alarm SUA-1

For Use as a Pad Alarm,
Seat Belt Alarm or Personal Alarm
Revised: 07/07/17
Model # SUA-1 & SUA-1Y Yellow • Made in PRC
Bed Pad • Chair Pad • Seat Belt or as a Personal Alarm
The Secure® Universal Alarm was created by and for longterm care professionals. This alarm is currently used in
thousands of concerned care facilities across the U.S. The
alarm features:
• Always “ON” for resident safety.
• Flashing alert light will instantly identify
roommate in need…day or night.
• OSHA approved 80-decibel sound level.
• Alerts staff without frightening resident.
• 9 volt battery included.
• Low battery indicator light.
• Test & reset button.
1. Install 9 volt battery (included) in alarm by opening
battery cover with screwdriver (included). Replace battery
cover and tighten screw. PLEASE NOTE: Alarm will
immediately sound once battery is installed. To silence
the alarm press and hold Test & Reset button on front
of alarm until alarm stops sounding. The alarm will
automatically reset and be ready to use.
2. Affix Secure® Alarm Holder (AMH-1) to bottom or back
of bed or chair out of sight and reach of resident. Simply
wrap Velcro® strap with rubberized non-slip backing
around railing or frame of bed or chair. CAUTION: Do not
affix alarm to a PVC rail. The strap may permanently
stain the rail. Holder placement should be easily
accessible to staff.
Note: If not using an alarm holder remove the paper
backing of Velcro® strip attached to back of alarm.
Affix the alarm to bed, chair, wheelchair or nightstand
using the adhesive backing of the Velcro® strip.
3. If using with Bed Pad: see instructions printed on Bed Pad.
If using with Chair Pad: see instructions printed on Chair Pad.
If using with Seat Belt: see instruction sheet included with
Seat Belt.
4. Insert metal pin of pad/seat belt being used into opening
at top of alarm. CAUTION! ALWAYS remove sensor
pad pin from alarm by pulling straight up on the
white “PULL” tab. DO NOT attempt to remove pin
For resident and patient
safety & to make this
alarm as tamper-resistant
as possible you must
press & hold the TEST &
RESET button until the
alarm stops sounding.
The alarm will
automatically reset.
any other way or you may
damage pin and void warranty.
Put alarm in holder and fasten
Velcro® closure of holder to
secure alarm in holder.
Secure excess cord of sensor
pad to avoid damage.
Place resident so that resident’s buttocks or shoulder are
in center of bed or chair pad.
To test the alarm press & hold the Test & Reset button
on the front of alarm. The alarm will sound 4 times, stop
sounding and automatically reset to sound in the event
of an exit attempt. Alarm will allow for normal patient
movement. However, if patient gets off of pad the alarm
will sound to alert staff of an exit attempt. When patient
gets back on pad the alarm will automatically reset.
When staff moves patient from pad the alarm will be
activated and will sound. To stop the alarm from
sounding press and hold the front Test & Reset
button until the alarm stops sounding. The alarm will
automatically reset for the next exit event.
The alarm must be checked prior to each use for proper
functioning. The Test & Reset button also functions as a
battery tester. In addition the Low Battery Light on the
front of the alarm will light up when it is time to change the
Please note: If using as a personal alarm with Pin/Cord
& Clip, adjust cord to desired length. Insert pin at end
of cord into opening at top of alarm. Attach cord to
resident’s clothing with locking clip. When resident moves
beyond desired range, pin will come out and alarm will
alert staff.
WARRANTY: Personal Safety Corporation warrants this
product to be free from factory defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one year from the date of
purchase. Warranty is void if this product is misused, abused
or damaged. No warranty or responsibility of use expressed
or implied.
This product is not a restraint. It will not prevent a resident from getting out of their bed or chair.
This product is designed as a monitor, alerting the staff when the resident has risen from their bed or chair.
This product is to be used in conjunction with a total fall prevention program
Please see our complete line of Secure® fall/wandering prevention & patient safety products
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