Electromagnetic Locks
DORMA EMDE is an All-in-One
delayed egress lock with a builtin sensor that detects pressure
applied to outward swinging doors.
Built-in sounder, voice, and CCTV monitoring combinations
make this ideal for applications requiring loss prevention, life
safety, and traffic control. The EMDE series is unique in that
there is no need to replace existing door hardware making this
an easy and affordable delayed egress solution.
DORMA Solutions
• 1200 lb (540 kg) holding force
• All-in-one delayed egress lock
• Built in sensor detects when pressure is applied to outward
swinging doors—no need to replace existing door hardware
• Field selectable 15 or 30 second release delay with field
selectable 0 to 3 second nuisance delay
• Provision for IBC, SBC, NFPA101, UBC, BOCA or NBC of Canada compliance
• Unique highly visible Red/Green light panel indicates status
of door (local)
• Available with built-in sounder, voice, and CCTV monitoring
• Camera comes with BNC and RCA video outputs
• Includes KS817 keyswitch for reset and override, 15 second
building code sign; base unit includes external sounder
• Built-in bond alert (BA) sensor feature indicates that the
door is closed and bonded
• Built-in sounder, voice, and discreet CCTV monitoring
• Field selectable to meet a variety of building codes
• Dry contact SPDT and DPDT relays­ provided for local and/or remote monitoring
• Autosensing voltage from 12 to 24 VDC
• Spanish and French voice modules available
How to Order EMDE Series
(VI/VC Models Only)
Voice Module, Spanish — VMS
Voice Module, French —
Clear Anodized
628 — Aluminum
SE — Delayed Egress w/External Sounder
Delayed Egress
SI — Delayed Egress w/Built-In Sounder
VI — Delayed Egress w/Built-In Voice
SC — Delayed Egress w/Built-In Camera
Delayed Egress w/Built-In
VC — Camera and Voice
Listings & Approvals
• UL/CUL listed under their continuing reinspection programs
and conforms to standards UL 10C and GWXT positive
pressure fire testing, 1-1/2 hour fire rated
• ANSI/BHMA 156.24, Grade 1 pending
• CSFM pending
• Contributes to U.S. Green Building Council, LEED® MR
Credits 2.1 4.1, 4.2, and 5.1
Optional Accessories
• Spacers
• Angle bracket • L bracket
• Filler bars
• Power supply
• Spanish and French voice modules
• 30 second building code sign
Available with a
discreet built-in camera
Available with a
built-in sounder
External sounder provided
with base model EMDE
Electromagnetic Locks
Housing Dimensions
Base Unit: 2-1/8" D × 2-7/8" H × 10-13/16" L (54 mm × 73 mm × 275 mm)
Base Unit with Voice/Sound Unit: 2-1/8" D × 2-7/8" H × 11-3/4" L (54 mm × 73 mm × 299 mm)
Base Unit with External Sounder: 2-1/8" D × 2-7/8" H × 14" L (54 mm × 73 mm × 355 mm)
(including 1/4" (6 mm) mounting bracket)
Armature Plate Dimensions
5/8" D × 2-3/8" H × 7-7/16" L (16 mm × 60 mm × 189 mm)
Auto sensing voltage 12/24 VDC
Tolerance ±10%
Power/Current Requirements
Camera Unit: Max 0.79 A @ 12 VDC Max 0.39 A @ 24 VDC
Voice/Sounder Unit: Max 0.66 A @ 12V DC Max 0.33 A @ 24 VDC
Base Unit with external sounder: Max 0.61 A @ 12 VDC Max 0.32 A @ 24 VDC
Holding Force
1200 lb (540 kg) pounds
Operating Temperature
Not for use in outdoor environments. Circuit board operating temperature 14º F to 140 ºF (–10º C to 60º C)
NOTE: This product is intended for use with Special Locking Arrangements which are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation and
operation instructions, the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101 of the National Fire Protection Association and the local authority having jurisdiction. Power for
this unit is to be provided by a Listed Class 2 power supply when designated as a Special Locking Arrangement (FWAX).
DORMA recommends frame reinforcement and our filtered, regulated DC voltage PS500 Series power supplies.
Function Descriptions
Nuisance Delay
Accommodates accidental triggering with settings of 0 to 3 seconds as defined by the local
building code.
Release Delay
Set at 15 seconds, this delay protects against unauthorized egress. It may be extended to 30 seconds with the
approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Light Panel
This full length feature is a highly visible red and green status indicator.
Sound Module
This built-in sounder pulses slowly during the short nuisance delay and sounds steady through the release delay
until the door unlocks. If forced open before the set release delay has lapsed, the sounder cannot be turned off
without switching the system power off.
Voice Module
Clear messages advise the exit status as follows: “Unauthorized personnel prohibited.”
“The emergency system has been activated. The door will unlock in a moment.”
“The door is now unlocked, please exit.”
If forced (before the set release delay has lapsed), the following warning is delivered: “Unauthorized access. Security personnel have been alerted and will arrive momentarily.”
Camera Module
Provides continuous video signal to DVR equipment (BNC and RCA connectors provided).
NOTE: All installations must be approved by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
DORMA also offers a complete line of Electromagnetic Locks, Electric Strikes, Door Controls, Power Supplies, Switches, Keypads
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