setup guide
Setup guide
2. Check your box contents
1. Check your activation date
2. Check your box contents
3. Location is everything
4. Find your socket and get ready
6. Plugging everything in
7. Getting to know your router
8. Your wireless password
Please note that it can take until midnight on your activation date before your connection goes active. If you are missing any of the items below please contact us on 0333 666 5555.
9. Getting connected
10.Wi-Fi Protected Setup
Ethernet &
ADSL Filter 2
Ethernet &
ADSL Filter 2 Filters
Install Guide
11.Getting the most out of your router
12.Frequently asked questions
13. Help and support
14.Return your router
15.Safety instructions
Line cables
Ethernet &
Line cables
ADSL Filter 2
0333 666 5555
Glide account Number: 36462
Thursday 2nd July 2015
Glide for tenants
Keep me safe
You have just moved into a Glide house powered by Ecotricity*. We know from experience, sorting out bills can be a real
pain, so we strive to make things as simple as possible.
Glide currently provide Gas and Electricity to your new home.
You are currently on a Glide Flexi account. A Flexi account is a temporary rolling account that bills tenants via a
deemed contract and assumed consumption. Please contact us today on 0333 666 5555 to discuss your options
and how to pay for your current usage.
Life’s simple with Glide.
RouterCard2017-AW Updated.indd 1
Wireless Network Name
1. Check your activation date
Wireless Password
29/06/2017 13:26
It’s up to you how many Glide services you choose. Be it the essential package or the full works, this allows us to bundle
all of your bills together and send a simple monthly bill to each individual housemate.
This means each housemate is only responsible for their personal share. No chasing housemates for money, no confusion
over who pays what, and no arguments over bills. Simple.
What to do next?
Contact Glide today and provide your latest meter readings and discuss how a Glide account will benefit you (more
on how to do this overleaf). You have no commitment to stay with Glide. You can either switch to Ecotricity directly or
an alternative supplier of your choice. It’s simple to arrange, just contact Glide and we’ll advise on the best options. For
further information then please visit or
If you’re close to your router, connect to the
5G network for faster speeds!
Kind Regards
Ethernet &
Congratulations on choosing Glide broadband!
Line cables
ADSL Filter 2
This guide is here to make sure you get online as quickly as possible.
• Check your activation date. You should receive your router on or
shortly before your activation date.
• Please check your activation date on your welcome letter.
Broadband set up guide
• Your router won’t work before your broadband activation date so
we recommend waiting until then before following this guide.
Broadband setup guide
Glide provides all the utilities and services a household needs (gas, water, electric, broadband,
telephone, and TV license).
Have a question or problem with your connection?
Our 24/7 Broadband Support Centre is here
for you anytime of the day. Call us on 0333 666 5555.
Sumara Syed
Glide Customer Retention Team
0333 666 5555
*Under the supply licence of The renewable energy company LTD (Ecotricity)
Glide is a registered trademark of
Glide Utilities Limited
Registered Office: Alpha Tower,
Suffolk Street Queensway,
Birmingham, B1 1TT.
0333 666 5555
Registered in England & Wales.
Registered Company No. 06194523.
VAT No. GB160731823.
Install Guide
Power supply
RouterCard2017-AW Updated.indd 2
Glide-10x80-router-sticker-2017-AW Updated.indd 1
29/06/2017 13:26
‘Keep me safe!’ cards
Welcome letter
29/06/2017 10:36
Support sticker
Need help?
Call us on 0333 666 5555
3. Location is everything
4. Find your socket and get ready
If we haven’t scheduled an engineer visit for you this
page won’t apply, please move to step 4.
The wrong socket can mean no broadband or really unreliable broadband. It is the
most important part of setting up your service.
1. First check that your telephone socket has one of the following logos on it.
Follow these top tips to make sure you get the best
service possible:
1. If an engineer is installing your service, make sure they install the master socket in a central location.
2. Your router needs to be as close to the centre of
your property as possible. Try to avoid narrow
hallways, bedrooms and cupboards.
If your socket has no logo or a different logo than those displayed above, check the
rest of your property to find the telephone socket with the right logo on it.
3. It needs to be away from anything large and
metal. Avoid locating your router on or near
kitchen appliances, radiators or TVs.
4. Keep it elevated from the floor. Your router works
better when it is at least 1 meter above the floor.
You can rest it on a table or shelf, but avoid hiding
it under your bed.
Master socket
Broadband set up guide
Blank socket
Extension socket
Blank socket
Extension socket
2. O
nce you have found your master telephone socket, please remove any old filters
or extension cables that may have been plugged in by previous users. Only use
the filters or cabling provided by Glide.
5. Sockets
6. Plug everything in
USB ports x2
Connect the modem
cable to this socket. This
is where your router
receives its internet so
make sure the plastic
tab on the connector is
facing up and you can
hear a click when you
insert the cable, to make
sure it’s nice and snug.
You can connect your flash storage devices to your router to use as local shared
storage devices.
Gigabit ethernet x5
For wired connections to your internet, simply
connect an ethernet cable to 1 of the 5 available
gigabit ethernet sockets.
1. Once you have found your master telephone socket
please mark it with the Glide support sticker we have
supplied in your box. This will help you locate it in
future and keep our details handy if you ever need to
contact us.
0333 666 555
-AW Updated
2. Please follow the diagram below. The cabling setup must match the socket
you have or the router will not work.
RJ11 Network Cable
Master socket
Power socket
Reset button
If your router isn’t working as
it should be, you can reset it
when the power is turned on
by pressing and holding down
the reset button until the status
light turns orange. Once the
status light has turned orange,
release the reset button and wait
at least 10 minutes for the status
light to return to green before
attempting to connect to your
router again.
Broadband set up guide
Plug your Glide supplied 12V power
adaptor into this socket to give your router
its power.
RJ11 Network Cable
Power button
You can turn your router off and on by
pressing this button. We recommend
leaving your router turned on at all times.
When you turn your router on, please wait
at least 10 minutes for it to start
working again.
Master socket
3. Once you have connected your router and turned on the
power socket, your router needs 10 minutes to start working.
Your broadband will be ready to use when the status light
on your router turns green.
7. Getting to know your router
This indicates if your router is connected to our network
Off - No signal, check your telephone socket is the master telephone socket
Flashing -Signal but no connection, check your cabling for loose connections or
faulty wiring.
Wi-Fi Button
Green - Wireless internet is available
Solid green - Your router is connected to our network as it should be,
check the status light.
Off - Wi-Fi is off, press the button for 30 seconds then release
to turn the Wi-Fi function on.
This indicates if your
internet service is working.
Green - Internet access
Red - No Internet access
Off - No Internet access
For support getting online,
see section 12.
Off - you have no devices connected to the router by ethernet
Solid/flashing green - You are using one of the 5 available
ethernet sockets to connect one or more devices by ethernet
Connect to your router faster and securely without a wireless password.
This feature is only available with compatible devices. Check your own
device to make sure it is compatible. Instructions on using this feature
can be found in section 10 of this guide.
Wireless 2.4 Ghz
Connect to this network for better performance
over longer distances.
Wireless 5 Ghz
Connect to this network on 5G compatible devices
for faster speeds over shorter distances.
Off - Press the wireless button on the top of the
router for 30 seconds then release it to turn your
wireless on.
This indicates if you can access the internet.
If your broadband light is green but your
internet light is not, you will need to check
your cabling setup before calling our
support team.
Red - Your router needs its unique username
and password. If you pin hole reset the
router it should collect these automatically
(see section 5).
Flashing/solid green - Internet access.
Flashing/solid green - Your router is broadcasting,
connect to your wireless network using the wireless
login details provided on the back of the router.
Broadband set up guide
8. Your wireless password
9. Getting connected
You will need your wireless password to connect to your Glide network with a
wireless enabled device.
The indicator lights on the top of your router next to “Wireless 2.4 GHz” and “Wireless
5 GHz” should be lit.
If you are close to your router, we recommend connecting to the 5G wireless
network for fastest speeds. At longer distances, we recommend connecting to the 2G network.
If you can’t see your wireless network name on your wireless enabled device, ensure
that the wireless light on your router is lit. If not, push the Wi-Fi button for 30 seconds
then release.
If these wireless lights are off, please go back to step 8.
Windows 7
Click on this icon to search for
your Glide wireless network
You can find your network name and password on:
• Your ‘Keep me safe!’ card (pictured below).
• Your welcome letter.
• The bottom of your Glide router next to the wireless key.
Search for your Glide network,
click it and then click “Connect”
The password is made up of capital letters and numbers.
You must type the password in capitals.
Wireless Network Name
Wireless Password
If you’re close to your router, connect to the
5G network for faster speeds!
Have a question or problem with your connection?
Our 24/7 Broadband Support Centre is here
for you anytime of the day. Call us on 0333 666 5555.
Enter your wireless password and
select “OK” or press and hold the
WPS button on the side of your
router for a few seconds
(We’ll show you how to connect on Windows
29/06/2017 13:26
and Mac computers on the next few pages.)
RouterCard2017-AW Updated.indd 2
Broadband set up guide
Windows 8 and Windows 10
Click on the wireless icon from
the panel on the Charms bar
Click on this icon to search for
your Glide wireless network
Search for your Glide network
and click it
Search for your Glide network,
click it and then click “Connect”
Enter your wireless password
and select “Join”
Enter your wireless password
and select “OK” or press and
hold the WPS button on the side
of your router for a few seconds
Broadband set up guide
10. Wi-Fi Protected Setup
11. Getting the most out of your router
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) lets you connect to your Glide network securely without
typing in a wireless password.
Many devices
1. Check your wireless device is WPS compatible. This information can be found in
your device user manual.
If you are able to connect to your router over
ethernet cable, we recommend that you do this.
PCs and laptops usually have better wireless
performance than tablets, phones, game
consoles, smart TVs or streaming TV boxes.
You can now connect to the internet with a range
of different devices but not all are created equal.
Press the WPS button on the side of your
router until the WPS light on the top of your
router starts flashing orange.
Sharing the load
You can now add a large number of devices to
your network. The speed of your service is shared
across all of your devices. To ensure everyone
receives a great service, please consider your
housemates when using the internet.
Press the WPS button on your device within 2 minutes. The devices should pair and allow
you to access the internet from the router.
Broadband set up guide
12. Frequently asked questions
13. Help and support
This page provides a list of questions we frequently get asked.
The first things to check are:
My activation date is today, when will my service go live?
Your broadband will go live any time up to midnight on your activation date. As the
work is completed by engineers at the telephone exchange or your cabinet, we won’t
be able to give you a more exact time. Please leave your router plugged in. Your
internet service will be accessible when the status light on your router turns green.
How will I know when my internet service is working once I have connected my
router and turned it on?
The status light on your router should be green. If the status light is off or orange, you
may need to restart your router to get online.
If connecting wirelessly please also check:
What if one of the items in my box is missing?
Give us a call on 0333 666 5555 to order a replacement.
How do I find my telephone number?
Have I plugged everything in correctly to the master BT telephone socket?
Have I checked my activation date?
Do I get a dial tone when my landline telephone is plugged into my master
telephone socket?
Is the status light on my router green?
Is the internet light on my router green?
Does the wireless network name you see match what is printed on your keep me
card? If you just see “Glide-2G” you may need to leave your router for 10 minutes
to allow it to finish setting up. You’ll be ready to connect when your network
name matches the name printed on your keep me card.
Is the wireless on my computer turned on?
Have I entered my wireless password correctly using capital letters?
Your telephone number is available on your welcome letter.
Still not working?
Can I make and receive telephone calls from my landline?
We’re here to help so please call us on 0333 666 5555 or visit us online at
If you’ve signed up with Glide directly, you can make and receive telephone calls
from your landline. Calls incur additional charges. All you need to do to get started is
to plug a landline telephone into your telephone socket.
Please ensure you’re at home in front of your computer with access to your router
when you call us.
Please see for our call prices.
If your landlord has signed up to Glide, you can’t make outbound telephone calls.
When do I start paying for my service?
We only charge you for your service from your activation date.
Broadband set up guide
14. Return your router
15. Safety instructions
If you ever decide to leave Glide, you’ll need to return your router to us.
Your Glide router has been manufactured to meet international safety standards but
you must take care if you want it to perform properly and safely.
Please return your router to:
Glide Returns
1 First Avenue
Maybrook Business Park
B76 1BA
We will charge for any routers not returned to us, so please remember to return it.
We can provide a returns bag for you, so you don’t have to pay any postage.
To request a returns bag, please e-mail us at
Please put your router in its box and then put the box into the returns bag. You’ll then
need to take the bag to your local Post Office. The postage is already paid for but
please retain your proof of postage and keep it safe.
If you have received a router as a replacement for a faulty router, to avoid being
charged please return the faulty router to us within 14 days of receiving the
replacement. If the router isn’t working because of accidental or deliberate damage a
charge will still apply.
Warnings and conditions
Remember that contact with 230V AC mains can be lethal or can cause a
severe electric shock.
To avoid risk:
• Do not attempt to repair or disassemble your Glide router
• For repairs, please contact us on 0333 666 5555
• Make sure that all electrical connections are properly made
• Do not connect your Glide router to the mains supply until you have properly
connected all other leads
• Your Glide router is intended for use in moderate climates. Do not store your
Glide router in hot, cold, damp or dusty places
• Do not cover any ventilation slots. Ensure that ventilation slots do not become
impeded with items such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains or similar items
• Do not place your Glide router close to sources of heat such as a heater
or direct sunlight
• The maximum temperature should not exceed 40°C (104°F)
• Do not put anything on your Glide router that might drip or spill into it such as vases
• Never use this product near water such as near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink,
laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool
• Never place naked flame sources, such as lit candles, on top of your Glide router
• Unplug your Glide router from the wall socket before cleaning
• Do not overload mains supply outlets and extension cords
• Avoid using your Glide router during an electrical storm
• Do not use your Glide router to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak
• Unplug your Glide router from the mains supply if the power supply or router are
damaged or frayed and report it to us on 0333 666 5555
Broadband set up guide
0333 666 5555