iMac VESA Mount Adapter
NOTE: Read the entire instruction manual before you start installation and assembly.
Component Checklist
IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have received all parts according to the component checklist prior to
installing. If any parts are missing or faulty, telephone your local distributor for a replacement.
• Do not begin the installation until you have read and understood all the instructions
and warnings contained in this installation sheet. If you have any questions
regarding any of the instructions or warnings, please contact your local distributor.
• This mounting bracket was designed to be installed and utilised ONLY as
specified in this manual. Improper installation of this product may cause damage
or serious injury.
• With the VESA Mount Adapter installed, you can use your 24-inch and 27-inch
iMac with a variety of VESA-compliant mounting solutions, Use the adapter only
VESA adapter
with a VESA mount that can support the weight of your 24-inch and 27-inch iMac.
Package M
M6x16 (x2)
TORX tool
M5x10 (x4)
4mm Allen key (x1)
Follow these instructions to install the mount adapter on the back of your 24-inch or 27-inch iMac.
You can attach your iMac to a VESA-compliant mounting solution.
1. Removing the stand
TORX tool
access card
1. Turn off your iMAC and disconnect the power cord and all cables.
2. Turn your iMac so that the back is facing you, and then rotate the top forward until it won’t go any further.
3. Release the latch by inserting the access card in the space directly above the top of the stand.
6. Remove the 8 screws with the TORX tool. Retain 8 screws for later use.
7.Remove the stand and put it in a safe place in case you want to reattach it.
The access card should go into the space at a slight upward angle for about 3/4 of an inch. If it goes in
farther, you’ve missed the latch, so try again.
2. Attaching the VESA Adapter to the Connector
4. Rotate your iMac forward another 10 degrees until the 8 screws on top of the stand are visible and the
stand is locked in place.
Important: Keep your iMac upright until the stand is locked in place.
5. Set a cloth on a flat, level surface that will support the weight of the screen. place screen face side
Tighten two screws with a 4mm Allen key.
3. Installing the VESA Mount Adapter on Your 24-inch or 27-inch iMac
4. Attaching iMAC to VESA-compliant Wall Mount
VESA mount adapter
Tighten all screws with a proper
TORX tool
Connect the power cord and cables to your iMac after finishing the installation.
Align the hole in the VESA mount adapter with the pin on the back of your iMac, and then use the
TORX tool and the 8 screws you removed from the stand to attach the VESA mount adapter.
• Check that the bracket is secure and safe to use at regular intervals(at least every three
• Please contact your distributor if you have any questions.