Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Chip PC Windows CE-based OS
Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Xtreme PC CXN 2321U high performance thin client/virtual desktop is
the perfect desktop for users that require high-end functionality;
supporting DVI-D and VGA video connectivity it offers high
resolutions, best-picture quality and user convenience.
Highlights at a Glance:
Cross OS upgrade to Linux-based Thinx OS (optional)
Cross OS Upgrade means that this platform supports
The Xtreme PC CXN 2321U owns a small OS footprint (less than 25
MB), Microsoft Native RDP 6.0 and supports Citrix® HDX
MediaStream (multimedia redirection). HDX MediaStream leverages
Operating Systems, simplifying purchase, reducing
the processing power of the device to render the multimedia content
costs and providing utmost flexibility on the fly for
sending the compressed multimedia information directly to the device
in its native format. Supporting integrated video redirection via Citrix®
HDX MediaStream support, the in-session video is redirected to be
run locally. Such redirection contributes greatly to highest video
Strong Performance:
Strong performance devices supporting latest Citrix
HDX features
Outstanding In-session Performance, including video
and sound
Powerful Multimedia Capabilities:
(multimedia redirection)
Highest, demonstrated local video performance
Powerful Media Player supporting a wide range of
video formats
Feature-rich, Windows-CE OS:
Small OS footprint Windows CE 6.0 R2 (below 25 MB)
performance levels.
The Xtreme PC CXN 2321U draws as low as 3.5 watts of power at
maximum load featuring on-board multimedia acceleration; with its
design centered on ease-of-use it provides seamless integration into
cloud, desktop virtualization and server-based computing
The Xtreme PC CXN 2321U offers an industry-leading management
and monitoring solution via the Xcalibur Global, with intelligent
application of Microsoft Policy-based, Active Directory rules and
Microsoft Native RDP 6
Secure OS offering data integrity & security, virusimmunity, no security patches required
Value-Added Management:
permissions structure. Xcalibur Global provides complete, centralized
Fully managed via Policy-based, value-added Xcalibur
Global management suite
Manage devices in any environment (LAN, WAN,
Remote site)
Green Devices:
small, medium install bases to the richest, largest, most complex
Lowest power consumption, only 3.5W power
Best power/performance ratio
Smallest form-factor assures minimum carbon footprint
and maximum recycling potential
Power by monitor option with Chip PC USB power
Features at a Glance:
Desktop Form Factor
RMI 1250 RISC Processor, 528 MHz, including local
multimedia acceleration
256 MB Flash/256 MB RAM DDR2
4 x USB 2.0 ports, DVI-D & VGA Video, 1 Serial port,
Resolutions: up to 1920x1200px @ 64K (16 bit) colors
management and monitoring of thousands of devices from the data
center; It offers ultimate manageability, monitoring and scalability from
cloud, server-based and virtual desktop environments.
The Xtreme PC CXN 2321U offers a powerful desktop unit supporting
heavy in-session applications and providing full function multimedia
video performance in a 3.5 watt ultra green platform. The combination
of very low power consumption, state of the art hardware design and
unparalleled management software position it as the ultimate desktop
of choice for enterprises and organizations around the world.
Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Chip PC Windows CE-based OS
Product Specifications Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
RMI Au 1250, 528 MHz RISC
256 MB DDR2
Mass Storage
256 MB Disk-On-Chip with FFS
10 years data retention
Digital video DVI-D connector
VGA –type video (DB-15)
Up to 1920x1200 Pixels @ 64k (16 bit)
Video Player
DivX HD CODEC (hardware accelerated)
MPEG4 (hardware accelerated)
Stereo Audio Output - 3 mm (1/8 inch) Audio-Out Jack; 16-bit Stereo
Microphone Input - 3 mm (1/8 inch) Audio-In Jack
Software volume / mute control
Display Support
Audio Support
Operating System
4 x USB 2.0 ports; 1 Serial port
Windows CE 6.0 R 2, Small OS footprint (below 25 MB)
Cross OS Upgrade supported to Linux-based Thinx® OS
ICA 10 with Citrix HDX MediaStream (multimedia redirection)
Microsoft Native RDP 6
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Internet Explorer
Chip PC VDI broker (optional)
VPN Client
These Clients are modular and can be added/removed as plug-in to save memory and have only
needed applications available on the device
10/100 Fast Ethernet, twisted pair (RJ-45) with Auto-negotiate TCP/IP with DNS and DHCP
Extended Warranty for years 4 & 5, optional, to be obtained during first year after purchase
Device input: 5V DC 2A max.
Normal power consumption:3.5W
Wall-mount power supply input: Universal 90 – 240V AC 50-60 Hz input (included)
Optional USB power (no AC/DC is required)
Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Chip PC Windows CE-based OS
Product Specifications Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Physical Characteristics
Regulatory Compliance
Optional Software Plug-
Dimensions: 8(W )x15.8(D)x3.4(H) cm / 3.15(W )x6.22(D)x1.34(H) inch
Device weight: 180 gr. (6 oz.)
Shipping Weight: 0.65 Kg. (1.43 lbs.)
Temperature range: Operating - 32ºF to 104ºF (0ºC to 40ºC)
Storage: -46ºF to 163ºF (-20ºC to 70ºC)
Humidity: Operating - 20 to 80% non condensing; Storage - 0 to 90% non condensing
Altitude: 0 to 42,000 ft
Safety: UL 1950, cUL, EN/IEC60950-1
EMI/EMC: FCC Class B, CE Mark, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1, VCCI
Visit www.chippc.com to download /purchase
Visit www.chippc.com for an updated list
Ins (for an additional
Optional Accessories
(for an additional cost)
Enclosure Color
Midnight Gray and Silver
Monitor, keyboard and mouse - to be purchased separately
Xcalibur Global & Plugin licenses - to be purchased separately
Above features are supported in latest firmware image version released
Actual display support is dependent on display hardware and cable quality; some of the resolutions and display modes described
above may not be supported by certain displays or cables
Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice
Xtreme PC CXN 2321U
Chip PC Windows CE-based OS
The Company
Since its inception, Chip PC has been a world leader in servercentric-computing. A private company with branches in Europe
and the U.S., Chip PC develops and manufactures, top notch,
thin client technology and management systems to integrate
seamlessly with any cloud, server-based or virtualization
Chip PC’s team of dedicated researchers and developers have
combined their years of experience to yield novel ideas and
deliver an outstandingly innovative family of thin client
With the award winning Xcalibur Global management system
and innovative thin client units, Chip PC maintains a leading
market position with its end-to-end solution.
The End-to-End Solution
Chip PC is aimed at solving the thorny problem of
combining intelligent thin client networking with
sophisticated management and control. Chip PC’s
unique solution constructs a ground-up thin client
network from the revolutionary Jack PC that fits into
a standard wall jack, through the Xtreme PC Series,
miniature Plug PCs and powerful EX PCs.
comprehensively managed by Chip PC’s Xcalibur
Global. The Xcalibur Global Management System
simulates an Active Directory environment with
intelligent usage of its management principles of
policies and tools and offers flexible management
that applies down to the specific needs of every particular client unit or user.
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