In-Service Support
Maximum service, minimum investment
Out-of-Production Aircraft support is about lasting relationship and joint
effort based on mutual trust, as keeping the aircraft in the air is most
beneficial for all parties. Partnership is built on increased affordability,
availability, reliability and predictability.
The Aircraft In-Service Support program is developed to deliver worldwide 24x7x365
the correct vital spares, repairs and technical support, when and where needed at
predictable and competitive cost at the service level you expect.
Fokker Services introduces the
Aircraft In-Service Support
program to take care of your
parts flow and related activities
with a true service attitude.
The program provides a
sophisticated analysis and
support solution to keep
optimum inventory levels:
maximize service levels and
minimize investments in all parts.
To sum up, the Aircraft In-Service
Support program offers:
- an optimal parts investment
per flight hour with guaranteed
service levels,
- in-service support with
guaranteed lower operational
Fokker Services is dedicated to
innovation and excellence in
service level improvement to
keep your aircraft in continued
competitive operation.
Fokker Services conduct a sophisticated inventory analysis based on:
- criticality, seasonality and number of locations,
- consumption rate and order frequency,
- lead-time and cost of parts, to provide insight in your optimal inventory levels.
In addition total parts availability is tailored to operator’s dynamics:
- aircraft configuration, utilization and network,
- process control,
- specific service levels requirements.
Every year an Inventory Optimization Analysis will be done to jointly resolve today’s
parts service issues and prepare for tomorrow’s parts maintenance events for each
aircraft in any location.
Product description
The Aircraft In-Service Support program contains five interrelated elements:
Inventory Optimization Analysis
- Yearly sophisticated evaluation of inventory performance levels.
- Continuous explore opportunities balancing surplus and
- Insight in the optimum between investment and availability.
- Joint forecast effort between operator and service supplier.
- Service solution tailored to operator’s dynamics.
Surplus Trader Agreement
- Support to unlock your capital tied-up in surplus inventory.
- Selling your pre-owned surplus at a market competitive price
- Direct upload of surplus inventory on the largest Fokker
- We take care of the transaction and final delivery to the
Component Availability Program
- Avoid downtime with nose to tail guaranteed worldwide
availability, any time, any place of critical components.
- Dedicated single point of contact for your reconditioning service
and exchange program at predictable cost.
- Thorough reliability monitoring and pro-active action to track
down the best and most cost effective way of repairing a part,
including redesign, PMA parts and DER repairs.
For Continued Competitive Operation
Consumable & Expendable Service
- Having the correct parts, at the right quantity, time, and location
against the service level you expect.
- Reduce yearly parts spend by lower inventory levels, write-offs
and AOG situations.
- Consignment inventory ‘pay when used’ with web based direct
- Rely on the largest back-up parts inventory in the world to tackle
infrequent demand patterns.
In-Service Support
- On-site dedicated logistic representative for all your service
- Reduce administration burden and logistics cost via ERP direct
- Warranty, configuration and interchangeability management.
- Field support via cost reduction and maintenance programs.
- Assist in setting-up your warehouse equipment, logistics and
parts handling process.
- Instant access to all your aircraft tooling without upfront
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The Aircraft In-Service Support program is part of FLYFokker, our full service Life
Cycle Support program. FLYFokker comprises a package of four solutions: Take Off,
Take Care, Take Over and Take Next. Start-up operators can Take Off with their
operation in six weeks instead of typically six months. For mature Fokker operators
Take Care is a complete solution to increase Technical Dispatch Reliability (TDR),
reduce Direct Operating Cost (DOC) and improve passenger comfort. Operators
moving to other aircraft types are supported by Fokker Services in the Take Over
of the continued competitive operation of their Fokker fleet. The fourth solution
is a package for a mean and lean transfer of aircraft to the next operator, called
Take Next.
Using FLYFokker makes economic sense. .