2018 bronco division rules

Whittier Pony Baseball
Bronco Division Rules
Rev. 1/18
9.1 Description
The WPB Board has adopted the following rules for the Bronco Baseball Season. These
rules will follow the general format listed in the Pony Baseball, Inc. Rules and Regulations,
Official Baseball Rules as released through the office of the Commissioner of Professional
Baseball and The Sporting News Edition. The WPB Board has chosen to adopt or modify
the following local rules for Whittier Pony Baseball.
9.2 Managers/ Coaches
A Manager may manage only one team, however, it is permissible to manage one team and
coach another, as long as they are in separate divisions.
Managers/Coaches are encouraged to praise their players along with the opposing team’s
Cell phones, pagers, or other communication devices are not allowed on the field of play.
“Boom boxes” or music devices are not allowed at the fields.
9.3 Selection of Players
Freezes: (3) Team player freezes are allowed in Pinto - plus brother options
Depending on registration, our goal is for no less than (11) eleven players and no more than
(12) twelve players per team. If a team drops below (11) players, we will add available
players from our waiting list.
The selection of players will be conducted on a draft basis after all players have
participated in a try-out. The Player Agent and Division Commissioner will conduct the
draft in accordance with league guidelines.
9.4 Uniforms
Whittier Pony Baseball supplies full uniforms to all players in our league; the uniform
consist of jersey, cap, belt, socks and solid grey pants with no piping or stripes.
Teams may pick the color of their sleeves that are worn underneath the jersey. Any
change in caps must match colors that were given to players, by the league, so all
players match.
Whittier Pony Managers and Coaches are required to wear a representative team color
jersey and/or cap, in order to identify them as a coach in the dugout, as well as on
the field
9.5 Equipment
Bronco players will use a regulation baseball at all practices and official games
Pitching distance: 50’
Base distance will be: 70’
Whittier Pony Baseball
Metal cleats are allowed in the Bronco division. *PITCHERS: Pitchers must wear rubber
cleats on portable mounds.
9.5.5 Team Managers will be issued appropriate equipment by WPB, Inc., including game balls,
catching gear, and batting helmets.
9.5.6 Managers are responsible for all issued equipment and will maintain control during the
regular season.
9.5.7 All players are recommended to wear a protective cup. Catcher’s are required to wear
protective cup.
9.5.8 Equipment must be returned at the conclusion of the season.
9.5.9 Six practice balls will be included in the equipment bag.
9.5.10 Non-wood bats must have the USABat mark. This is in accordance with USA bat
standards. Bat barrel is 2-5/8” maximum. Regulation wood bats are legal.
PONY Rule 8.J - No jewelry shall be worn by any player, except for medical
identification. Penalty: PONY Rule: 18. E (5) Any player refusing to remove jewelry
will be ejected from the game.
9.6 Game Balls
Each team will supply (1) one game ball per game.
Game balls are not to be used for practice.
If a manager does not have a game ball, he/she must purchase one at the snack shack for
9.7 Infield Practice
No infield practice will be allowed before the game on any field.
9.8 Home Team
The home team will be the team whose name or number appears last on the game schedule.
The home team will occupy the dugout on the third base side.
9.9 Playing Time
9.9.1 Defensively
A team will field (9) nine players.
9.9.2 In a season with a 12-player roster per team, (9) nine players are needed by both teams to
start a game. In a season with an 11-player roster per team, (8) eight players are needed by
both teams to start a game, with approval by the Player Agent.
The ninth position in line-up will be considered an out the first time through the line
up only, when playing with (8) eight.
Player shall not sit out 2 consecutive innings. (Exception: If player is injured or
becomes sick during the game or with consent of parent and Division
Commissioner/Field Director).
The infield fly rule will be in effect and will be called by the Umpire.
Whittier Pony Baseball
No more than (3) three players will huddle on the infield at any time during the
Umpires should discourage such huddling when it is tending to delay the game.
Intentional Walks
Intentional walks to be performed according to Major League Baseball Rules.
9.9.3 Offensively
All players will bat, teams will bat through their lineup continuously.
A half inning will conclude when the defensive team has made (3) three outs.
If for any reason, a player is removed from the batting line-up, it will result in an out
the first time around. No penalty for subsequent at bats.
A thrown bat is an out after the player has received (1) one warning. The umpire will
issue a warning to the player’s manager and/or coach.
Between pitches, batter must keep one foot inside the batters box, in order to speed
Base Running
Runners are permitted to steal and/or lead off all bases.
Please note that deliberately running into a fielder making a play at a base
or home plate may result in the ejection of the runner. The Umpire’s
judgment will prevail as to the deliberate action of the runner.
Scoring: the team that records the most runs will win the game. Pinch Runner: Pinch runners are only allowed for injured players during the game. A pinch
runner is the last recorded out. If runner is removed, they are removed from the line up.
See rule: 9.
Positive cheering towards your own team.
9.8.3 Penalty:
Failure to follow the Playing Time Rules will result in a forfeit and a one game
manager suspension.
9.10 Pitching
9.10.1 Mustang player individual pitch count is a maximum of (85) pitches per calendar day.
9.10.2 Pitchers’ minimum days of rest are determined by the previous game pitch count. See
chart below:
Daily Max Pitches
0 Days Rest
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days
9.10.3 Violation of any pitching rules will result in forfeiture of that game, suspension of the
manager for the next scheduled game, and the pitcher will be ineligible to pitch in the
next scheduled game. Any pitcher that delivers a warm up pitch from the mound must face at least one batter, until
the batter reaches base or an out is recorded. (Exception: pitcher may be removed at anytime,
if injured, and must sit out the remainder of the inning.)
9.10.4 If protested by the opposing manager the game will continue and be played under protest.
Whittier Pony Baseball
9.10.5 A pitcher that is withdrawn from the mound will not be eligible to return to the mound as
a pitcher in the same game. A pitcher who hits (3) batters in one inning will be withdrawn from the mound.
9.10.6 Intentional walks are according to MLB rules.
Balks will be called, with one warning per pitcher per game. A warning will be issued to the
pitcher and noted in official scorebook. Umpire must notify manager of warning.
A warning will be issued to the pitcher and noted in official scorebook. Umpire must notify
manager of warning.
9.10.8 Pitching of an illegal player will be a forfeit. If protested by the opposing manager
the game will continue and be played under protest.
9.11 Length of Games
9.11.1 Game time starts at the scheduled game time.
9.11.2 Games will be a maximum of (2) two hours and (15) fifteen minutes.
9.11.3 Mercy rule is when the home team is ahead by 10 runs by 4 ½ innings, or when the visitors
are ahead by 10 runs by the 5th inning.
9.11.4 No new inning after 2 hours. Game length will be in the time limit or 7 innings, whichever
comes first. In the event of a tie, if time permits, extra innings are permitted. A team will have 15 minutes to field a team after the start time. After 15 minutes the team will forfeit the game. The 15-min. waiting time will be subtracted from the total official playing time.
9.11.5 Players arriving after the team has batted through their rotation will not be eligible to play in
the game.
During Standard Time weekday games at Granada will begin at 4:30 pm. At Granada,
games called for any reason during standard time will be considered complete. If
game is called, due to rain before 4 innings are complete, this game will continue from
stoppage point. Elapsed game time and the pitch counts still apply and should be noted
in scorebook. Games called for any reason during daylight savings time will be considered complete
if the home team is ahead after 3 ½ innings or the visitors are ahead after the 4th inning.
9.11.7 During Daylight Savings weekday games at Granada will begin at 4:45 p.m., for the 1st week of
the season in March. Remainder of season will start at 5pm as scheduled. Games called for any reason during daylight savings time will be considered complete if
(4) four innings have been completed.
9.11.8 Granada only-games played during standard time will end at the sound of a horn due to
If the home team ties the game or takes the lead in the 4th thru 7th inning and the horn blows,
the game ends and is considered a complete game.
If the visitors are at bat in the 4th inning and the horn blows, the game is NOT
considered a complete game and must continue at a later time from where it left off.
Whittier Pony Baseball
(I.e.: Same line up, same positions, same batter up to bat, same pitch count, same
If the game is passed the 4th inning (5th, 6th, 7th) and the home team does not
complete their at bat and does not tie or take the lead and the horn blows, the game
will revert back to the previous inning and will be considered a complete game.
9.12 Time outs
9.12.1 One visit per pitcher, per inning. A pitching change must be made on the second trip/time
out on the field by a coach/manager. (Exception: injury or umpire time outs). Umpire will have the official scorekeeper note such timeouts in the scorebook.
9.12.2 Batter time outs will only be permitted one per half inning.
9.13 Official Scorebook
9.13.1 Ten minutes before the start of the game, all players on the team roster must be listed in the
official scorebook.
9.13.2 List reasons why any player is absent.
9.13.3 All pitching changes must be given to the scorekeeper.
9.13.4 The home team will have the official scorebook.
9.13.5 All changes to the line up will be given to the scorekeeper from the playing side of the
9.13.6 The official scorekeeper must be notified of all substitutions.
9.13.7 If a player arrives after the line up card has been submitted to the scorekeeper, ten minutes
prior to the game, the player shall be placed at the end of the line up. If the player does not
arrive by his/her time at bat, they will be scratched. No penalty.
9.13.8 Last game of the day, the home team is to turn in the scorebook to the field director or to
the snack shack.
9.13.9 Scorekeeper must submit “The Box Score Report” to the snack shack, immediately after
each game.
9.14 Game Reports
9.14.1 Game Reports must be turned in at the end of each game, in the file tray, at the Granada snack
shack. For York Field, there is a file box, please file by division.
9.14.2 Failure to submit game reports will result in Manager being suspended from next
scheduled game. (Managers will be given one written warning.)
9.15 Rainouts
9.15.1 Check the website for Stormwatch updates.
9.15.2 For York Field call (562) 567-9436.
9.15.3 Rainouts will be made up on the next available day, as scheduled by the Player Agent.
9.16 Protests
9.16.1 All written protests must be accompanied by a $100.00 cash deposit.
Whittier Pony Baseball
9.16.2 All written protests must be submitted to the Division Commissioner.
9.16.3 All written protests must be submitted within 24 hours of game in question.
9.16.4 The $100 deposit is refundable only if the protest is upheld.
9.17 Ejections
9.17.1 Failure to leave the field will result in forfeiture of the game. The Manager/Coach
will be suspended for the next scheduled game and have to meet with the Disciplinary
Committee. Ejections will result in the following: once ejected from the game, the
manager/coach/player/parent/spectator must leave the field immediately. The ejected
person must leave the facility and wait in the parking lot until the game is finished.
The person ejected from the game will be suspended for their next scheduled game.
9.17.2 If anyone is ejected from the team, the manager will also be ejected.
No one may take the place of any ejected Manager or Coach for that game. The
disciplinary committee may suspend manager for next scheduled game, as well.
9.16.3 Any reports of game misconduct by managers/ coaches will be reviewed.
9.18 Suspension
9.18.1 To be reinstated from a suspension/ejection you must meet with the Disciplinary
Committee before you can return to the field.