for the nbn™ network

Your connection checklist
uilding Manager
I have checked with my Building Manager that they will
be available to allow the nbn™ approved technician access
to the communications room, and if any special requirements
exist for my building.
for the nbn network
onnection date
My service provider has informed me of my connection date
and I understand I need to be home for the appointment.
Fibre to the Building (FTTB)
I have received a new modem from my service provider
or have checked that I have a VDSL2 modem compatible
with the nbn™ network.
quipment check
I have checked with my device and service providers that any
devices I rely on, such as medical and security alarms, will work
over the nbn™ network.
Please use the space below to keep track of your appointment details
My connection appointment details
Date (I will need to be home) ________________________ between ___________ and _____________
I spoke with __________________ from (company) _________________________ on______________
For help & support
Contact your service provider
or visit
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Disclaimer: This document provides general information about the technical requirements for connecting to the nbn™ network and is correct as at
January 2017. Technical connection requirements may change due to factors such as legislative and regulatory requirements as well as advances in technologies.
For any queries about your particular circumstances or requirements, please consult your phone and internet provider or other equipment supplier.
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Connecting your
home or business
to the nbn network
Setting up
your equipment
When you contacted your phone or internet
provider to switch to the nbn™ network, they
should have arranged a time for your home or
business to be connected to the nbn™ network.
You should also have received instructions on
how to set up your equipment so that, on your
scheduled connection day, you should be all
set to start enjoying services over the
nbn™ network.
Your connection will be
delivered over Fibre to the
Building (FTTB) using
VDSL2 technology
FTTB is generally used for
connecting an apartment block or
similar building to the nbn™ network.
A fibre optic line is run to a node in
the building’s communications room
and from there, the building’s existing
in-building cabling is used to connect
each apartment.
To prepare for your service over the nbn™ network, simply set up your
modem using the instructions given by your service provider. This modem
should have been supplied by your service provider prior to your connection
date. If you already have a modem, it must be a VDSL2 modem compatible
with the nbn™ network.
Where should my modem go
inside my premises?
Your new modem will connect
to your existing telephone wall
socket, so you’ll need to find a
place close to this.
Do I require an appointment
with an nbn™ approved
Yes, on your connection day
you will need to be home for
your appointment.
The nbn approved technician
may need your help to access
your building’s communications
room and other areas of your
premises to activate and test
your service. Please advise
your Building Manager of your
upcoming connection and provide
the adequate notice that they
require based on your individual
building requirements. Once the
nbn™ network is active in your
Please note
• If you have not received
or do not have a VDSL2
modem compatible with
the nbn™ network before
your connection date,
premises, you will then need to
connect your modem following
instructions your service provider
will supply you with. Please note
it is not the responsibility of the
nbn™ approved technician to
connect your modem.
contact your service provider
as soon as possible.
• If you have ordered a phone
service, your phone will
need to be plugged into
the modem.
Standard setup
Depending on your needs, your standard setup will include some or all of the equipment shown.
Fibre optic
Preparing for the nbn™ network
wall socket
VDSL2 modem
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Frequently asked
What can I expect on my
connection day?
Do I need to install any cables
and outlets?
Can I run everything on a wireless
(Wi-Fi) network?
On your connection day, you will need
to be home for your appointment. You
may also need to help the nbn™ approved
technician gain access to your building’s
communications room where they will be
able to activate your connection. Please
advise your building manager of your
upcoming connection and provide the
adequate notice that they require based
on your individual building requirements.
Your service provider will be able to
provide any additional requirements.
If you are switching from an existing
broadband service, you are unlikely to need
any additional cabling. However, you may
find you prefer to have wired connections
for things like internet TV or your desktop
computer. If so, you can arrange for a
registered cabler to install additional
network points. (Charges may apply.)
Once your modem is connected to the
nbn™ network, you can run most devices
over a Wi-Fi network. If you find Wi-Fi
limiting, try connecting via an Ethernet
cable or speak to your service provider
who can let you know about other
available options.
Will there be any interruption to
my phone and internet service
during the installation?
On the day of connection, there is likely
to be an interruption to your phone and
internet service as your service is transferred.
Your service provider should be able to
advise you further based on your individual
circumstances. If you find your service isn’t
working, contact your service provider
for assistance.
Can I use more than one telephone
wall socket in my home?
This will depend on your individual
circumstances, so you should speak to your
service provider. As the modem will connect
to just one of your existing telephone wall
sockets, and your phone into the back of the
modem, you may need additional cabling
installed by a registered cabler to connect
the phone to other wall sockets. (Charges
may apply.)
What will happen to my services
in a power blackout?
Devices connected over the nbn network
will not work during a power blackout.
Consider having an alternative form of
communication handy (such as a charged
mobile phone). If you have a safety-critical
device (e.g. a medical alarm, monitored
fire alarm or lift emergency phone),
speak to your device provider about
alternative solutions.
If your service is not working
as you’d expect:
• Ask your service provider about
what speed plans are available
to you. If your family are using
multiple devices at the same time,
a higher speed plan may give you
a better experience.*
• Wi-Fi may be susceptible to
interferences, especially in
apartments where modems
are in close proximity. Consider
connecting your devices such
as your smart TV and computer
via an Ethernet cable instead,
or changing your modem
configuration. Speak to your
service provider for advice.
If your service stops working
after connection:
• Contact your service provider.
Will nbn be providing me
with equipment?
For FTTB connections, nbn does not typically
provide any equipment for your home or
business. It is the role of your service provider
to ensure that you have a VDSL2 modem
compatible with the nbn™ network.
*Please consult your service provider to find out which speed plans are available in your area. Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the
nbn™ network, depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like equipment quality,
software, broadband plans, signal quality and how the end-user’s service provider designs its network.
Preparing for the nbn™ network
© 2017 nbn co limited
Other devices that may be
affected by the nbn network
Connecting the nbn™ network may affect other devices in your home or
business.* Speak to your device providers to find out if your existing devices
will work over the nbn™ network.
Phone services over the nbn™ network
If you have ordered phone services, they
will be delivered via Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP). Speak to your provider
about how your new VoIP phone service
will be connected and if any additional
wiring or cabling is required.
To organise in-home wiring changes:
Call your service provider and ask:
Monitored medical alarm/
auto-dialler or emergency
call button
Before connecting to the
nbn™ network, contact your
medical alarm provider
and ask if your monitored
medical alarm/auto-dialler or
emergency call button will
work over the nbn™ network,
and if not, what alternatives
may be available. It is also
important that you register
your device online at
or call 1800 227 300. This
will help us identify homes
or businesses where support
may be needed to help
minimise a break in service.
Telephone devices
Your current phone should
work over an nbn™ fixed line
service unless it is a rotary dial
or pulse dial based phone.
Your phone may need a
converter or a new cable if
it has an old connector plug.
Your phone provider will be
able to confirm this.
Preparing for the nbn™ network
Security alarms
Fire indicator panels
Call your security alarm
provider to find out if your
device will work over the
nbn™ network. If necessary,
they can advise you on
what alternative solutions
are available.
If you have a fire indicator
panel in your building, please
register it with nbn and call
your fire indicator panel
provider to find out if it will
work over the nbn™ network
before switching. This will
help minimise any break in
service when the existing
network is switched off.
Register online at
or call 1800 227 300.
EFTPOS terminal
Call your EFTPOS provider
to find out if your device will
work over the nbn™ network.
Your device provider (such as
the bank that provides your
EFTPOS equipment) can
advise whether your terminal
will work over the nbn™
network and, if necessary,
what alternative solutions
are available.
Fax machine and
TTY devices
Please check with your
phone provider that fax
transmissions and TTY
devices are supported on
their phone service over the
nbn™ network.
• If they can arrange in-home wiring or
cabling changes; and
• What the cost will be.
Contact a registered cabler about
connecting your telephone wall sockets
to your landline phone service over the
nbn™ network. (Search online for ‘telephones
& systems – installation & maintenance.’)
Priority Assistance
For information on Priority
Assistance services:
• Call a phone or internet
provider; and
• Tell them you have a
Priority Assistance service
and that you need a
connection over
the nbn™ network.
*Services provided over the nbn™ network will be replacing phone and internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks, including
copper and the majority of HFC networks within the fixed line footprint. Services provided over existing fibre networks (including in-building, health and
education networks) and some special and business services may not be affected. To find out if your services will be affected, please contact your current
phone or internet provider. The switch off date is subject to change. For more information, visit or call 1800 687 626.
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