Antenna - ISET Chile
12.5 dB 1800/1900 MHz
Yagi Antenna
PART# 301124
Slim and unobtrusive
Pipe mounting hardware included
Installs Easily
How it Works
RF Signal
Wilson Electronics 12.5 dB, 1800/1900 MHz, Yagi Antenna will collect the cell tower
signal and send it through the cable to a Signal Booster or directly to the cell phone
or cellular data card. When the cell phone or cellular data card transmits, the signal is
transferred to a Signal Booster or directly to the antenna and transmitted back to the
cell tower.
Yagi External
Cell Tower
Antenna Adapter
An 18-inch external adapter is required to connect the cell phone or cellular data card
to the Yagi Antenna. The external adapter is cell phone/data card specific and may be
purchased through a local retailer. Refer to Wilson Electronics Adapter Guide to identify
the right adapter for your cell phone or cellular data card. The Adapter Guide is available
through a local retailer. It is also available on our website,, or
you may call Technical Support at 866-294-1660.
Adjusting the Antenna for Maximum Performance
To adjust the Yagi Antenna for best performance, connect it to your cell phone with an
external adapter and a length of cable. External antenna adapters and cables are sold
separately. Put the cell phone in test mode and turn the Yagi in 10-degree increments while
checking the cell phone’s signal level. At each point you may need to wait a 10-30 seconds
as your cell phone updates. To find your phone’s test mode, visit
Signal readings usually appear as a negative number (for example, -86). The larger the
number, the more powerful the signal (-75 is stronger than -84). See graph below.
Signal Strength
Signal Strength
Signal Strength
Package Contents
Wilson Electronics Yagi (#301124) contents include (A) Yagi antenna with N-Female End
Connector, (B) 1 - U-Bolt, (C) 1 - Pipe Bracket, (D) 2 - 1/4” Split-Lock Washers, (E) 2 1/4”-20 nuts.
Drip hole on bottom
Cell Tower
Antenna Installation
The Yagi Antenna should be mounted horizontally with the elements vertical. The
included mounting bracket is adjustable and will accommodate pipe diameters from
1.25” to 2” (pipe sold separately part#901117). Mount the Yagi so that there is 3 feet of
clearance in all directions around it. Position the Yagi so that it has the most unobstructed
line of sight to the cellular service provider’s strongest signal. If you are using a wireless
Signal Booster, make sure the Yagi is not pointing across your own roof.
Warning: Lightning protection is recommended for all installations, sold
separately (Wilson Electronics Part #859902). Take extreme care to ensure that
neither you nor the antenna comes near any electric power lines.
Important: If you are using a wireless Signal Booster, be sure the Yagi is not
pointing across the building in which you are trying to get coverage. The antenna
should point away from the building to help prevent oscillation (feedback).
Once you have obtained the strongest signal fully, tighten the mounting hardware. After
the Signal Booster and the rest of the system is installed and performing correctly,
weatherproof all connections.
Ultra low loss cable is recommended for lengths 20’ or greater to prevent significant signal
loss. Wilson Electronics offers Wilson 400 ultra low loss cable in several lengths from
20-100 feet. Wilson Electronics also offers a wide range of phone adapters to connect
your cell phone to a Signal Booster or directly to the antenna. To find the adapter for your
phone, visit or call toll free 866-294-1660.
Disclaimer: The information provided by Wilson Electronics, Inc. is believed to
be complete and accurate. However, no responsibility is assumed by Wilson
Electronics, Inc. for any business or personal losses arising from its use, or for
any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from
its use.
Copyright © 2011 Wilson Electronics, Inc. All rights reserved.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
All Wilson Electronics products are protected by Wilson Electronics 30-day moneyback guarantee. If for any reason the performance of any product is not acceptable,
simply return the product directly to the reseller with a dated proof of purchase.
90-Day Warranty
Wilson Electronics antennas are warranted for ninety (90) days against defects in
workmanship and/or materials. Warranty cases may be resolved by returning the
product directly to the reseller with a dated proof of purchase.
Antennas may also be returned directly to the manufacturer at the consumer’s
expense, with a dated proof of purchase and a Returned Material Authorization
(RMA) number supplied by Wilson Electronics. Wilson Electronics shall, at its
option, either repair or replace the product. Wilson Electronics will pay for delivery of
the repaired or replaced product back to the original consumer.
This warranty does not apply to any antennas determined by Wilson Electronics
to have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, or mishandling that alters or
damages physical or electronic properties.
RMA numbers may be obtained by phoning Technical Support at 866-294-1660.
Antenna Specifications
Part Number
Number of Elements
Frequency Range
1710-1880 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
50 ohms
9.1dBi 1710-1880 MHz / 12.5 dBi 1850-1990 MHz
Maximum Power
25 watts
Length (w/ mount)
16.8 in / 43 cm
Weight (w/ mount)
3.0 oz / 0.086 kg
Wind Surface Area
< 100 cm²
Part #103014 AIG_YAGI-C_REV16_11.09.11
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