Tempest XYZ Mount - AV-iQ

Tempest XYZ Mount - AV-iQ
Tempest XYZ Mount
This sturdy accessory
attaches safely to
any vertical 2”/50mm
diameter pipe or
horizontal pipe or truss,
NEW! for flexible positioning
Now there’s a Tempest XYZ
Mount for horizontal pipe
or truss — use it on your
next show!
and aiming in a variety
of applications: smokefilled night clubs, lecture
halls, art projects,
factories, where
accurate positioning and
protection from weather
or airborne particulates
For Use with:
All Tempest Blizzard projector enclosures
Part #s: 6500.XYZ
XYZ Mount for Vertical Pole
6500.XYZ.T XYZ Mount for horizontal pipe/truss
Adjustment Range:
is required.
Now Tempest’s popular Blizzard
projector enclosures and
Lighting enclosures are even more useful! This mount
+60° to -90°
is easy to install and allows you to hang the enclosure virually
Roll ± 10°
anywhere, at virtually any angle, without sacrificing the great
Heavy Guage Steel
Black epoxy powder coat
protection offered by your Tempest enclosure.
Safety Collar
Collar fits to bottom of vertical pole, requires a hole
Whether installing outdoors for weather protection, with Blizzard
(3/8”/10mm) drilled through for safety bolt.
Center of Gravity
HUSHTM for silent running in classrooms and lecture halls, or in
Mount attaches to Unistrut rails on Blizzard base,
heavy industrial locations where dust and smoke are the enemy,
and adjusts to enclosure center of gravity.
the XYZ Mount allows you to project what you want, where you
H: 30”/762
W: 33”/838
D: 8”/203
Vertical adjustment is 60° (up) to 90° (vertical down), subject to
Fits Any pole/pipe 2”/50mm OD
the permissible installed angle of your projector. Please check
Pole must be securely mounted and well braced
User Instructions
See Blizzard/Thunder User Manual
want, in any environment.
with your projector manufacturer.
The Blizzard XYZ Mount features a safety collar that bolts
through the hanging pole (by others), with 360° horizontal rotation and positive locking.
In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice
Tempest Lighting, Inc
13110 Saticoy Street, Unit C, North Hollywood, CA 91605, USA
www.tempest.org [email protected]
t: +1 888 649 6743 f: +1 818 982 5510
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