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P l a s m a
D i s p l a y
M o n i t o r
P D M - 4 21 0
Natural Black Drive System and ALIS Method Panel Technology Take Home Theater to a New Level.
42” Plasma Display Monitor that Delivers Incredibly
Smooth, High-Definition Image Quality for an
Exceptional Home Theater Viewing Experience.
Plasma Display Monitor
Movies have never looked better in the home than they do on this extraordinary plasma display monitor.
HDTV and even other TV broadcasts will also look superb. For the finest in home theater viewing, as well as
superior control, convenience and versatility, the PDM-4210 is the clear choice.
ALIS Method Panel
This plasma display panel uses an advanced
ALIS (Alternate Lighting of Surface) Method
to deliver a sharp, clear picture with the
smooth, high-definition quality you see in a
movie theater. The ALIS Method employs a
screen surface comprised of vertical
channels of continuous phosphor material.
The pixels are defined electronically rather
than physically, allowing each picture
element to be smaller than normal. This
creates a higher pixel count for a smoother,
seamless picture, with edges and curves
clearly defined.
The PDM-4210 uses the latest ALIS
Method technology, which features new
plasma gas and luminescent material that
are more effective than previous types. The
result is a brighter picture (1,100 cd/m2) and
higher color temperature, which makes
white areas such as clouds in the sky stand
out more vividly. The panel can also display
a wider range of colors (16.7 million), with
enhanced color purity.
The ALIS Method Panel
Front Glass
New Plasma Gas
Back Glass
• •
New Luminescent
(Green, Blue, Red)
with small details clearly visible. The
contrast ratio is an outstanding 1,000:1,
making it possible for the PDM-4210 to
deliver sharp, natural-looking images.
HDTV Capability
The PDM-4210 is fully HDTV capable,
meaning that 1080i high definition images
can be displayed line for line without
vertical scaling. The 1,024 x 1,024
resolution provides a completely clean
HDTV picture, with no noise at the edges.
Other signals, such as 720p HDTV signals
and conventional broadcasts, are converted
up to 1080 progressive lines by a 1080p
processor, for much higher image quality
than with conventional displays.
Yamaha’s Natural Black Drive System
automatically determines the brightness of
the screen and applies the gray scale
(contrast) best suited to the scene in order
to reproduce both bright and dark areas
The Natural Black Drive System allows the PDM-4210
to outperform other plasma displays with deeper
blacks and sharper overall contrast.
Another benefit of the new ALIS Method is
lower power consumption and longer
panel life. The PDM-4210 will provide high
quality images for 60,000 hours,* about
twice as long as a typical CRT monitor.
* Until panel brightness reduced to 40%. Yamaha
Conventional Panel
ALIS Method Panel
1/60 sec
1/60 sec
Two rows of
phosphors emit
light together.
True HDTV Picture Quality
1080i Input
1080 lines
Natural Black Drive System
Long Life of 60,000 Hours
Screen 95%
1024 lines
ALIS Method Panel
1024 pixels
1080i is the HD broadcasting standard. However, it uses
overscanning, so the actual screen is 95%, or 1024
lines. Therefore, the ALIS Method panel, with 1024
pixels, reproduces the true image, without noise at the
Digital Linear Color Control
Digital Linear Color Control continually
maintains the ideal balance between the
three main colors (red, green, blue) for
optimum color reproduction in every scene
from very dark to very bright. The
sharpness and tint of each color are
independently controlled, so you can adjust
tint more precisely. Reception Quality
Adaptive Noise Reduction and
Luminance/Chrominance Transient
Improvement technologies also help to
ensure optimum picture quality.
1/60 sec
1/60 sec
Phosphor rows emit
light alternatively,
doubling the life of
the panel.
Mode Selection for Best
Picture Quality
The PDM-4210 offers several modes that
allow you to adjust the picture to obtain
maximum quality. There are two Picture
modes (Day and Night), four White
Balance modes (Normal, Cool, Warm,
Black-White), and a Film mode for
watching movies.
High Quality Sound
A digital amplifier supplies
12W x 12W of low-distortion stereo
sound. SRS TruBass and Matrix Surround
are provided, as well as four audio modes
(Movie, Music, Speech, Favorite).
Other Notable Features
• Side-by-Side Picture
• Picture-in-Picture
• Multi-Language On-Screen Display
• Timer Functions
• Five Video and Five PC Size Modes
• Simple Remote Control Unit
PDM-4210 Inputs
PDM-4210 Main Specifications
Effective Display Area (H x V)
Aspect Ratio
Number of Pixels (H x V)
RGB Inputs
DVI + audio
RGB/Y, Pb, Pr + audio
3.4mm stereo mini jack
Control Terminal
Video Inputs
CVBS/Y, Pb, Pr + L/R
CVBS/RGB/Y, Pb, Pr + L/R
CVBS and S-Video + L/R
91 mm
1,030 mm (40-9/16”)
Component Signal
PDS-242: Stand
Speaker Output
A/V Output
Picture Modes
White Balance Modes
Sound Modes
OSD Languages
Side by Side Picture
Picture in Picture (PC)
Wide Mode (Picture Size)
713 mm (28-1/16”)
636 mm (25-1/16”)
Pixel Pitch (H x V)
Number of Colors (gray levels)
Transmission of Front Filter
Brightness (white peak)
Contrast Ratio (Panel)
Video Signal
Analog RGB Signal
DVI RGB Signal
700 mm (27-9/16”)
922 mm x 522 mm, 1,060 mm diagonal
1,024 x 1,024 pixels
(ALIS Method panel)
0.90 x 0.51 mm
16.7 million colors (256 gray levels)
Dark tint face 32%
Panel brightness: 1100 cd/m2
480i/480p, 576i/576p, 720p (60),
1080i (50/60), 1035i (60)
VGA-UXGA, 1080i (50/60)
H: 31-60 kHz
V: 56-85 Hz
Dclk: 20-80 MHz
L+R (12W+12W at 6 ohms)
1 (CVBS+L/R): RCA pin
2 (Day, Night)
4 (Cool, Normal, Warm, Black-White)
4 (Movie, Music, Speech, Favorite)
English, French, Spanish
AV-input & AV-input
(main) PC, (sub) Video-X: X=1, 2, 3, 4
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Wall-hanging brackets
Video modes: 5 (Panoramic, Zoom,
Cinema, Full, 4:3)
PC modes: 6 (Full, Real, Normal,
Zoom1, Zoom2, Zoom3)
365 W
Less than 3 W at AC100-AC240V
1,030 x 636 x 91 mm (monitor)
40-9/16” x 25-1/16” x 3-9/16”
35.2 kg; 77.6 lbs.
• TruBass and the SRS symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs., Inc. • Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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