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CO2RT instructions
85 mm
CO2 - sensor for wall mounting
To remove the front cover, use a 3 mm flat-blade screwdriver to depress the
locking tounge in the lower part of the casing (see arrow in figure). Press and
twist the screwdriver and at the same time pull the bottom part of the front
outwards. When the bottom end of the front is free from the casing bottom
part, slide the cover towards the top of the casing to free the hooks holding
the upper edge of the front cover.
CO2RT is a room sensor for measuring carbondioxide, CO2 concentration in
indoor environments. Measuring range 0 … 2000ppm (CO2RT) or 0 … 5000ppm
(CO2RT-5). Output signal 0 … 10 V for the full measuring range.
CO2RT also has a temperature signal, 0 … 10 V DC for 0 … 50°C. Apart from the
above mentioned temperature signal CO2RT also has a PT1000 temperature
sensor with separate terminals.
CO2RT is intended for wall mounting.
100 mm
CO2RT is also available with built-in LCD display showing both CO2 concentration and temperature. (CO2RT-D).
A version (CO2HRT-D) showing both CO2 concentration , temperature and
relative humidity is also available.
Technical data
IMPORTANT: Read these
instructions before installation
and wiring of the product.
0 … 2000 ppm
0 … 5000 ppm
Inaccuracy at 20°C
<±50 ppm + 2% of the measured value
<±50 ppm + 3% of the measured value
Temp. influence
type 5 ppm / K
Long term stability
type 20 ppm / year
Time constant
< 90 seconds
Warm up time
< 5 minutes
0 … 50°C
10 … 90% RH
±3% (30 … 70% RH)
±5% (10 … 90% RH)
CO2RT should be mounted in a location with good air circulation and one that
can be expected to give a representative readings.
Ambient temperature
Degree of protection
Supply voltage 24 V AC ±15%, 50 … 60 Hz or 15 … 35 V DC
Consumption 3 W
Terminal 1
Supply voltage 24 V AC/DC
Terminal 2
System neutral
Terminal 3
1 … 9 V DC out. CO2HRT-D only
Humidity, corresponds to 10 … 90% RH
Terminal 4
0 … 10 V DC out. Temperature,
corresponds to 0 … 50°C
Terminal 5
0 … 10 V DC out. CO2 corresponds to
0 … 2000 ppm (CO2RT) or 0 … 5000 ppm
Terminal 6 Signal neutral
Terminal 7 & 8 PT1000 temperature sensor
N.B. System neutral and signal neutral are internally connected.
After applying power to the CO2RT, it will be a few minutes before it starts to
show correct values.
CO2RT is calibrated before delivery and does not need to be calibrated during
It is not possible to field calibrate the CO2RT, it must be returned to the factory.
Calibration interval is normally better than 5 years.
EMC emissions & immunity standards
This product conforms with the requirements of European EMC standards
CENELEC EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-3 and carries the CE mark.
-5 … 50°C
0 … 90 % RH non condensing
CO2RT may be mounted either on a wall-box Ø60 mm or straight on the wall.
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