Revised 11/13/14
DeskTop Ordering
Test – Beginning November 17th
We are excited to offer the convenience of online ordering for those busy days when
you may not have time to wait while your order is prepared, or when you need to send
someone to pick up lunch for you. We are launching Gumby Café DeskTop Ordering,
an online application that allows you to preorder and pay for your lunch with just a few
clicks and it will be ready to pick up at the time you specified! So easy!
You’ve been selected to be part of our Test Team to make sure the system is ready to
roll out to the rest of the building. The system is quite intuitive, but we’ve outlined basic
instructions for you below.
Setting Up Your Account
In order to use Gumby Café Desktop Ordering, you will need to set up your account
with a User ID, password and your payment information. Once this is done, you just
need to log into your account to place an order! The application securely stores your
payment information so you don’t have to enter it every time. The system will accept
credit or debit cards. At this time, it cannot accept Gumby Café prepaid cards for
DeskTop Ordering is operated from a third party website called CaterTrax.
Go to the Desktop Ordering application at: Gumby Cafe Desktop Ordering
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Revised 11/13/14
From the DeskTop Ordering home page, select “Need an Account?” and complete
the online form with your contact information and a password.
Set up your method of payment by clicking on the “Add/Remove” link next to
Online Wallet.
To Place An Order
Once you’ve set up your account, you are ready to place an order. You may place a
breakfast or lunch order for the current day, or any day later in the week. You must
place your order a minimum of ONE HOUR before you need to pick it up.
You can access the application by going directly to the CaterTrax link you used to
set up your account, or you can use our new Eurest/Gumby Café website: Gumby
Cafe Online (
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Revised 11/13/14
From the Gumby Café homepage, click on “desktop ordering” on the home page,
and then click on the “place an order” button and that will take you to the
CaterTrax site.
From the CaterTrax DeskTop Ordering website: If you are not already logged in,
enter your last name and password in the appropriate fields, and click on the
“Login” button.
Click on the “Create New Order” button on the right side of the screen.
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Revised 11/13/14
From the order screen, select the categories you’d like to order from and follow the
You will find our standard menu items on the order application.
Refer to our weekly menu for the Daily Specials options and most of the sides
available each day. (click on the “Daily Menu” link on the Gumby Café home
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Revised 11/13/14
If you want to order the specials from the Gumby Café weekly menu, refer to the
online menu for options and then type the description of what you’d like in the
“Special Instructions” field. Please include as much detail as possible, so we know
how to prepare your meal exactly as you like.
The site will prompt you to select your pickup time and your payment method. You
can select the card you already have on file, or enter a new one.
Be sure to follow all online instructions for completing your order.
To Pick Up Your Order:
At your pickup time, go directly to the Grill where your order will be ready and
waiting for you. Please wait for a Gumby Café employee to get it for you.
There is no need to go to the Cashier station unless you decide to purchase
additional items.
If you have questions, please email or call the
kitchen (x1972).
During the test phase, please also cc: You can
also call Jackie (x6927).
Things to Keep in Mind
Please keep in mind that we are testing the system, so everything may not go
perfectly out of the gate.
Your feedback is so important to us so please send us a recap after every order. It
will help us address any challenges and provide good instructions when we roll it out
to the rest of the building.
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