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Recommendations for Choosing
the Right Workstation Task Chair Before buying any chair consider its use. Lounge chairs are
for lounging, dining chairs for dining, and workstation task
chairs are for multi-tasking at the office.
A Workstation Task Chair should be:
Ergonomically correct for the task.
Economical to fit any budget – high, medium or low.
Comfortable throughout an average work day.
Fully adjustable from a seated position.
Fitted with a fully adjustable armrest, some cases it’s
When purchasing a task chair have vendor provide
instructions on operating the controls from a seated
position. Save the instructions under the chair so the
information is passed on. Some manufacturers provide
online instructions.
When sitting, keep your feet firmly on the floor or use a footrest.
Distribute your weight evenly in your seat pan, and rest your back against the backrest to support
your body. Don’t add pillows for lumbar support – this is an indication that the chair is not
providing back support. If necessary, adjust the chair or replace it with one with better lumbar
Use arm rest supports. They help relax your shoulders and keep your wrists free to move while
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1. As your mother would say, “Don’t slouch, sit straight and don’t dangle your feet.” Mom knows best poor posture greatly contributes to back problems in the long run.
2. Don’t assume your chair is correct. Assess your chair and workstation according to OEHS/OSHA’s
recommendations and make adjustments if needed.
3. Don’t place items under the desk; remove clutter. Obstructions can restrict the legs from natural
movements. You should be able to pull yourself all the way to your desk without interference.
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Revised: 6/09