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headphone assistant
Sinch is created with a
passion for good design
and smart engineering.
Insert headphone plug into Sinch
Leave a little slack
To release headphones
Sinch is flexible. Pull the grip to stretch
it open.
The amount of slack will control where the
microphone and ear buds land.
Just pull the ear buds up and away.
Slide Sinch onto plastic housing
Wrap around device
To store cord bundle
Make sure Sinch is attached ABOVE the
metal plug.
Hold the cord in
place and wrap.
Slide the bundle off your device to store.
Pull for quick release
and easy use.
Plug headphone into device
Try a different wrap
Keep it handy
You are now ready to live tangle-free.
Use two fingers for
a small bundle...
Store it on…
What’s its secret?
Sinch uses the magic of
magnets to control your
cords and make life a
little easier.
Wrap and strap to
your device.
Fold Sinch to secure
the wrap.
Remove wrap for
handy storage.
live tangle-free
or your hand for a
larger bundle.
For bottom headphone plugs
Wrapping hint?
Intellectual property
Uses rare earth magnets
The amount of slack will control where
the microphone and ear buds land.
For wider devices, try less slack and for
narrow devices use more slack.
Invention and design are our passion
and mission. We abide and respect all
patent and copyright law and expect
our competition to do the same.
Volume button engaged?
Dune Road Design actively protects its
proprietary designs with U.S. and
International Utility Patents, Design
Patents, Design Registrations,
Trademarks, Shape Marks, Copy Rights
and Trade Dress enforcement.
Sinch contains magnets. Do not swallow.
Magnets in the body may cause serious
or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical
attention if swallowed or inhaled. These
magnets may also interfere with
To prevent dangling, position the folded
Sinch along the bottom of your device or
use the Sinch disc (sold separately).
Hand wrap
Keep in mind the volume control
when you wrap your headphones
around your device. If the volume
button is activated, just adjust
the wrap.
No sound?
Sinch may be obstructing your
headphone plug. Make sure it’s
attached to the plastic housing ABOVE
the metal plug.
Use a hand wrap to store bundled cords
without a device.
Try a vertical wrap for tablets
Loose cord wrap?
If any product infringes on our patents
and trademarks, we will aggressively
pursue court orders to stop its sale, and
seek substantial monetary damages.
We are safeguarded by the best I.P.
enforcement around the world.
or off your device.
Keep your headphones safe,
snug and tangle-free.
Sinch is a potential choking hazard.
Please keep it away from children under
three years of age.
Sinch’s magnets will not harm your
device. It may disrupt GPS, compass and
other functions of the magnetometer.
This is normal and your device will simply
prompt you to recalibrate your
magnetometer with a few gestures.
To tighten the wrap around your device,
tug on the ear buds to create more
tension or re-wrap your headphones to
minimize the amount of dangling cord.
Want more tips?
Go to
Designed in NYC.
Manufactured in Canada.
Position Sinch along the top edge of
your device.
© 2011 Dune Road Design, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Manufactured for and distributed by Dune Road Design, LLC.
US D636,659S and other patents pending.