How to Properly Secure Your Bicycle
Make sure the U-lock passes through the center of the frame as well as both wheels!
1. Bike Rack
2. Front Wheel
3. Bike Frame
4. Rear Wheel
Detach front tire
Place front tire against side of bike frame near the crank and pedals
Thread the U-lock through the bike frame, the front tire, and the rear tire
If the seat is fastened with a quick-release mechanism, take the seat with you if
Improperly Securing & Locking Your Bicycle Makes It an Easy Target for Thieves
 Thieves specifically look for bikes vulnerable to parts removal. I.e unlocked quick-release tires
and seats
 Most thefts of bicycles occur because the lock being used is either a cable lock or is not secured
to a bike rack properly
Important Information to remember
 Know your bicycle’s serial number, make and model: If the bike is recovered, it will be easier for
police to return it to you.
 U of M students and faculty/staff can register their bicycles online in their electronic portfolio
accounts ( . By registering your property, you will increase the
chances of recovery should your property ever be lost of stolen.